5 Common PC Gaming Problems And How to Fix Them

5 Common PC Gaming Problems And How to Fix Them
5 Common PC Gaming Problems And How to Fix Them
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Engaging in video gaming on a personal computer offers an abundance of freedom compared to consoles. However, due to the intricate nature of PCs and the absence of standardized components like those found in consoles, encountering graphical glitches, performance issues, and other complications is a frequent occurrence.

The prevalent challenges encountered during PC gaming generally fall within several broad categories. Let us explore some of the primary predicaments you may come across while gaming on a PC and discover effective solutions to address them.


When objects are in motion, screen ghosting becomes apparent as the lingering presence of pixel remnants. It is often confused with motion blur, but this phenomenon is referred to as a “ghosting monitor.”

The occurrence arises from the limitation of LCD panels to promptly refresh physical pixels in synchronization with the updated images provided by processors. Optimal performance is achieved by combining powerful processors capable of delivering high frame rates with monitors boasting low response times.

While the marketplace offers monitors with refresh charges as excessive as 360Hz, most rapid-paced video games can run smoothly on shows with a refresh price of 144Hz.

To keep away from overspending, it is important to choose a screen that aligns with your processor’s skills. Going for a monitor with an excessively high refresh rate may prove unnecessary.

It is worth noting that ghosting monitors do not stem from physical defects, which means there is room for adjustment in settings. You can follow this guide to fixing ghosting in gaming.

Pay attention to settings like Dynamic Contrast, Perfect Clear, Noise Reduction, and Motion Smoothing. These settings can contribute to the presence of ghosting issues. By experimenting with enabling or disabling these settings, you may find a resolution to the problem.

Visual Anomalies and Distorted Graphics

The term “visual anomalies” pertains to significant distortions in visual media. When it comes to video games, these anomalies can manifest in various graphical abnormalities. Examples include missing or distorted shapes, peculiar textures, flickering elements, and similar phenomena.

The majority of these problems typically stem from the GPU (graphics processing unit), an essential component responsible for rendering and transmitting visual content to your screen. To tackle this issue, it is vital to prioritize the regular updating of your graphics card drivers.

If you continue to encounter graphical glitches in gaming despite having the latest drivers, it is possible that excessive heat within your system is causing the problem.

It is suggested to bodily clean your computer if it has now not been accomplished lately, as an accumulation of dirt can contribute to elevated heat degrees, doubtlessly unfavorable to your video card and different components. Additionally, make certain that your PC is satisfactorily ventilated. If you’ve got overclocked your GPU, reverting it to its default settings may additionally be well worth considering.

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You can utilize PC diagnostic tools to effectively monitor the temperature of your graphics card and other vital components. While there isn’t a specific operating temperature that universally applies to all scenarios, as a general guideline, an idle graphics card should hover around 30-40 degrees Celsius.

During gaming classes, it’s far taken into consideration every day for the temperature to vary between 60 and 85 degrees Celsius. However, if the temperature exceeds ninety or a hundred ranges Celsius, it’s far indicative of immoderate warmness and ought to be addressed.

Additionally, conducting a stress test on your GPU can help identify potential issues. If you observe visual artifacts and other irregularities during the test, it is likely that your video card is experiencing a failure. In such cases, it is advisable to explore the possibility of a warranty repair if available, or alternatively, start considering a replacement.

Severe Online Latency

Latency refers to the delay that occurs between your actions in an online chat game and the server’s response to those actions. If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated when you believed you aimed directly at an opponent in an online shooter, only to witness them smoothly evading your bullets while they collide with the wall behind them, you have encountered latency.

The performance of your internet connection greatly influences the level of latency you encounter, emphasizing its crucial role in this regard. Therefore, when confronted with latency issues, it is advisable to prioritize closing any bandwidth-intensive tasks that may be running on your network.

Cease all ongoing downloads and video streams, and ensure that no torrents are active. Additionally, it is crucial to optimize your router settings for enhanced gaming performance.

Latency is a more prevalent issue when dealing with an unstable internet connection. If you are currently engaged in online gaming using Wi-Fi, it is recommended to contemplate transitioning to an Ethernet connection for an improved gaming experience.

In cases where a direct wired connection is not feasible, exploring the option of utilizing powerline adapters is worth considering. These adapters enable you to establish an Ethernet connection between your PC and router by utilizing the power lines within your household.

Understanding Network Latency

When troubleshooting network lag, it is essential to have a clear understanding of network latency, often measured by ping. Ping is a metric that quantifies the duration, typically measured in milliseconds, required for your actions to traverse from your device to the server and return. A higher ping value signifies delayed inputs, which can result in a less responsive gaming experience.

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The majority of online PC gaming provides an option to showcase your real-time ping on the screen, allowing you to evaluate the strength and stability of your connection. In general, any ping value exceeding 100 is likely to cause noticeable lag. Conversely, if your ping remains 50 or below, your connection is considered relatively stable.

It is important to recognize that the geographical distance between you and the game servers significantly impacts ping.

For example, if you are located in the United States and playing on European servers, you can anticipate higher ping due to the increased travel distance for your inputs. Hence, it is recommended to select gaming servers that are geographically close to your location whenever feasible, as this helps minimize latency and ensures a more optimized gaming experience.

Game Freezing, Hanging, and Stuttering

Encountering issues with games freezing, hanging, or stuttering can be incredibly frustrating. If you frequently experience sudden freezes in offline video video video gaming, followed by a slowdown followed by the resource of the game looking to “capture up,” it’s far probably that one or greater components of your machine are inflicting a bottleneck.

To troubleshoot this trouble, there are a few steps you could take. Firstly, remember to lower the graphical settings in the sport to reduce its useful resource needs.  This can alleviate the strain on your system.

Additionally, close any unnecessary programs running on your PC to free up RAM and CPU power, ensuring that the game has the necessary resources to run smoothly. It is also important to ensure that you have sufficient free disk space, allowing the game to function without constraints.

If these measures fail to solve the freezing trouble, it is endorsed to evaluate your contemporary PC hardware and verify whether or not it meets the sport’s specifications. There are diverse methods available to decide if your PC is capable of strolling a particular title.

In some instances, upgrading your hardware can be important if your gadget falls quickly. For instance, investing in an SSD can significantly improve load times compared to an older HDD. Additionally, you could require extra RAM to maintain a smooth gameplay. If you’re unable to attain a consistently easy frame charge, it could be a demonstration that a new image card is needed.

By addressing these hardware considerations, you can enhance your gaming experience and mitigate freezing, hanging, and stuttering problems.

Screen Tearing: Addressing Visual Distortions

Earlier, we discussed various visual artifact issues, but screen tearing deserves special attention. This particular visual problem occurs when your screen displays multiple frames from a game simultaneously, resulting in misaligned segments.

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Unlike many other PC gaming issues, screen tearing is not solely attributed to a specific component. It arises when the signal transmitted from your video card to your monitor fails to synchronize properly with the monitor’s refresh rate. Essentially, your video card submits a new frame before the monitor completes displaying the previous one, resulting in a fragmented image.

To tackle this, most gaming incorporates a feature called VSync (vertical synchronization). Enabling VSync prevents the video card from updating the display until the monitor finishes its current refresh cycle. While VSync helps mitigate screen tearing, it can introduce another challenge—input lag, as previously discussed.

Troubleshooting PC Game Crashes

Encountering visual and performance issues in PC games can be frustrating, but when it comes to persistent crashes, the situation takes a whole different turn. Game crashes not only disrupt gameplay but can also result in the loss of progress, making it even more aggravating. In severe cases, the game may not even launch properly.

Fortunately, some of the recommendations cited in advance may be implemented to cope with sports crashes. Firstly, ensure that you have the present-day video drivers installed and that your device meets the endorsed requirements for the game. Restarting your PC is likewise a very good idea to rule out any transient problems and recall to maintain your sport updated.

Moving forward, let’s explore additional steps to troubleshoot game crashes effectively. Consider disabling antivirus software and any other applications that might interfere with the game’s smooth operation. Running the game as an administrator is another option that can potentially resolve crashing problems.

If the problem continues to persist, a potential solution involves performing a reinstall of the game to ensure proper installation of all files. If none of these steps prove a success, undertaking a brief Google seek at the precise game identification can provide insights into whether or not others have encountered comparable issues. In a few cases, you can need to enforce specific workarounds for that precise recreation, which includes modifying a configuration report.


We have explored various typical PC gaming issues and discussed potential solutions for them. With any luck, you have been able to effectively address these problems and can now resume the joy of playing your beloved games.

It’s important to note that the aforementioned problems are general in nature, and you may encounter game-specific glitches that affect visuals or hinder your progress. Fortunately, developers often release patches in future updates to resolve such bugs.

If the general troubleshooting methods fail to resolve your issue, it is advisable to conduct a specific Google search pertaining to your problem. This can lead you to more tailored solutions or insights from others who have encountered similar challenges.

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