5 Industries That Use TIG Welders 

Tig Welding
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Welding is a field in which skilled workers are in high demand, and that need only increases yearly. These craftsmen work primarily with metal, using heat to fuse two pieces together, forming a solid bond. This skill is valuable when repairing metal components, even filling holes as necessary. If you are interested in becoming a welder search “tig welder for sale” to get a feel for the type of equipment. Their services are also helpful when creating new items, whether for commercial sale or use during the construction of buildings, ships, pipes, and other essential projects.

Due to the minimal requirements to become a welder, the high necessity for these skilled workers, and a high-paying salary, welding is an excellent field for those seeking a new, exciting, easy-to-enter field for a new career. There are even several different types of welding, including Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW/MIG), Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW), and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW), also known as TIG welding.

The latter is our topic of discussion today, as TIG welding is a popular form highly sought after in several industries.

What Is TIG Welding?

TIG stands for Tungsten Inert Gas and is a nickname for the official title for this type of welding: Gas Tungsten Arc Welding. As a form of arc welding, this technique forms the highest quality meld but requires a high degree of precision and accuracy, especially because TIG welders must use both arms in carefully orchestrated conjunction, moving the torch with one hand and the filler material with the other to complete the weld.

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TIG welding work most commonly uses steel, stainless steel, copper, and aluminum but is not limited to only these metals. This versatility is one of the significant benefits of the technique; plus, the welds produce almost no slag, meaning more excellent durability and fewer defects in the world. The high-quality weld results in little cleanup required on the work once it is complete.

5 Industries That Use TIG Welders

While TIG welders can often find a home in any industry that uses pipe welding, there are a few exciting fields where they come in handy, especially when it comes to precision, high-quality welding needs. 

Here are five industries that often employ TIG welders to get the job done:


Just the name “Aerospace” conjures images of a cool job working on spaceships, airplanes, and rockets. These are, more or less, what working in the aerospace industry involves! Companies such as NASA and BOEING, for example, are in the air transportation business and want only the highest quality, precision welding to ensure that their aircraft, internal components, and supporting structures will hold during even extreme duress. In some fields, this work even involves work on guided weapons systems such as missiles.

As TIG welding is durable and precise, the aerospace industry often looks for these welders to perform the highest-quality melds that ensure the greatest stability and reinforcement for their components. After all, if you are going to engage a helicopter or aircraft, you want to know that you can trust this equipment with your life, especially considering you may be flying tens of thousands of feet above the air if a malfunction occurs.

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The standards and requirements in the transportation field are constantly fluctuating, becoming more demanding in an attempt to reduce the vehicle’s weight and become more environmentally friendly. As a result, lighter metals such as aluminum play a more significant role in integral components than steel. 

TIG welders work particularly well with aluminum, and while other options are available, those companies seeking premium welds generally turn to these professionals to get the job done.


The food and dairy industries require strict adherence to sanitation rules and other guidelines to ensure food and beverages meet safety standards. These companies use many different pieces of equipment to meet these needs, from storage tanks and transfer pipes to processing equipment and various kitchen machinery.

Stainless steel features heavily in these works, but what often provides the edge for TIG welders in this field is, once again, the high-quality melds. The superior bead ensures a more stable result with fewer defects, ensuring that all equipment maintains safety specs while eliminating a host of problems that could lead to the risk of contamination.

Bicycle Construction

Aluminum and other light metals make a return here, which serves TIG welders well in this field. However, the most common reason businesses turn to these consummate professionals is the precision bead. Many bike components are light and require a high degree of aesthetic appeal. The capability to produce a clean, meticulous arc results in a solid fusing while maintaining the artistic integrity that draws consumers to choose one company’s model over a competitor’s fare.

Petrol and Nuclear Energy

Many of the above fields use TIG welding because the welds have a higher degree of perfection, ensuring no defects that can cause safety risks. No areas have more stringent restrictions and quality assurance requirements than the oil, gas, and chemical energy fields.

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These fields work with hazardous materials (and nuclear energy!), so if there is ever a field in which a precise, trained hand is required, these energy services are the place. As a result, they turn to TIG welders to help them meet code and provide the most efficient and superior work on their pipes, storage containers, equipment, and supporting structures. As it is, working with irradiated materials presents a challenge even for such a clean weld.

The Bottom Line

While these five examples provide an excellent example of the diversity of industries that seek the services of a talented TIG welder, they are by far not the only ones. Any field requiring delicate, precise work can benefit from the exceptional joining power of this type of weld, and most industries use pipes and have jobs that require a careful hand. In addition, the versatility of metals suitable for melding makes TIG welding a top choice for industry experts, especially when there are strict guidelines or restrictions to meet adherence to safety standards. 

As you may expect, many of these fields provide lucrative salaries for employed welders, so if you are looking for a versatile and highly technical field where you can make an excellent living, consider adding the art of TIG welding to your arsenal. 

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