5 Inspiring Graphic Design Game-Changers

5 Inspiring Graphic Design Game-Changers
5 Inspiring Graphic Design Game-Changers
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Graphic design has been forever revolutionized by the advent of Artificial intelligence. Tools like Jasper AI, Midjourney and Prisma have taken over the design scene, resulting in high-quality graphics within a matter of minutes or even…seconds!

With all these developments in graphic design you may be wondering, so am I done for? Will AI replace designers?… The answer is absolutely no.

AI at best is a tool for expanded creativity and high-level optimization of work. As a designer, you can always upscale yourself in this game-changing software by means of an industry-oriented design course.

Are you ready to dive into the world of graphic design and significantly impact the industry? Look no further than the design courses London offers you, where creativity and innovation meet, often resulting in pioneering trends in graphic design. 

In this article, we’ll explore the game-changers that have emerged from the vibrant design scene in the world.

5 graphic design game changers to look out for!

  • Astrid Stavro: Stavro graduated in graphic design from London’s Central Saint Martin and The Royal College of Art. She is known for her work that can connect with the audience on a deep emotional level. Her art uses simple concepts and minor elements to create a deep emotional impact. 
  • Wang & Söderström: These Copenhagen-based artists merge 3D software and animation to achieve a surreal effect like no other. Their goal is to create mind-tickling -unexpected experiences.
  • Kristel Brinshot: Also known as Kriz Tonian is a name you want to watch out for weird and whacky surreal designs. She is known for her otherworldly art inspired by enigmas which you can never understand but only experience.
  • Laura Coombs:  A Graphic designer and art director who studied Graphic design at Yale. Her artwork is a medley of colour and complexity with every principle in the handbook of graphic design employed perfectly. She is based in New York.
  • Pontus Törnqvist: The creator of 3D objects using potato starch. He makes cutlery using 3D printing and potato starch. These products are as hardy as plastic however, they disintegrate after being disposed, of within 2 months’ time.
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Why London Design Courses Stand Out 

  1. Innovative Curriculum: London’s design courses are known for staying ahead of the curve with cutting-edge curriculum updates. The Design courses have incorporated the latest industry trends like AI tools, mid-journey etc. This can be a great icebreaker for your career in the current age.
  1. Global Exposure: With its international student community, London provides a global perspective crucial for modern graphic designers. Students from all around the world flock to London for education and this cultural diversity can help you build your interpersonal and cognitive skills in a global arena. 
  1. Industry Connections: London’s design schools often have strong industry ties, facilitating internships and job placements. These industry connections are very prevalent in Unger graduate programmes and can greatly benefit you as a fresher.


London’s design courses have produced some of the most influential graphic designers globally. By enrolling in one of these programmes, you become part of a legacy of creativity and innovation. Your journey starts here, so seize the opportunity to be a game-changer in the graphic design landscape.

Enrol today and begin your career evolution!

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