5 Key Differences Between Wigs and Toupees

5 Key Differences Between Wigs and Toupees
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Our hairstyles reveal a lot about our personalities and self-perception. It might even be a reflection of our wellbeing and attitude. For others, a person’s appearance and confidence can be made or broken by their finest achievement. It makes sense why those who have bald patches, receding hairlines, or thinned-out scalps would go to such lengths to locate the ideal hair loss treatment.

The most popular solutions are wigs and toupees. Unlike drugs and hair transplants, they are harmless, pose no risk to the wearer’s natural scalp or health. But honestly, what makes a toupee different from a wig? Let us clarify the differences, so you may choose what works best for you. Is there still a better answer, though? Read on to find out!

A Wig Covers the Entire Head, While
a Toupee Covers Bald Spots Or Parts Of The Scalp With Thinning Hair

A wig is a single-piece item that completely encloses your head. It is constructed of synthetic fiber, human hair, or animal hair. Wigs are more suitable for persons with no hair at all or hair that is no longer than 5 cm.
Wigs typically have a cap foundation or a lace base. 

The base of full-cap wigs is typically constructed of rubber, resembling swim caps (but much softer and more comfortable, you won’t be able to feel it). On the other hand, lace wigs have adhesives placed on the underside of a lace base that are attached to urethane strips.

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Monofilament wigs, like lace wigs, have a cap made of nylon or polyester micromesh to which hair strands are hand-tied. Thin-wefted cap wigs, often known as “cap-less” wigs, have hair strands that are spaced more loosely so that natural hair peeks through.

Toupees, on the other hand, cover bald spots or areas of the scalp where the hair is thin or scant. They are made from human, synthetic, or animal hair, such as that from horses, yaks, or buffalo, just like wigs. Low-grade acrylic or synthetic fibers and polymers are used in toupees.

Wigs Are Worn By Females And Males Alike
Toupees Were Originally Created For Males With Premature Baldness

In the beginning, wigs were worn by both men and women. The ancient Egyptians were the original wearers. They wore them on their shaved heads to shield their heads from the scorching heat of the sun. In later times, the ancient Greeks and Romans wore wigs as a form of fashion. Also, people all over Europe and Asia wear wigs for religious, cultural, and religious reasons.

On the other hand, the toupee was a later invention, beginning in the 18th century. The phrase “tuft of hair” or “a lock of hair at the top of the head” is how the French term “toupet” is translated into English. It was first called a “partial wig” because it was worn by men who wanted to hide “partial baldness.”

What is a toupee? Women wear toupees for the same reasons that men do. In contrast, they are referred to as toppers, wiglets, hair enhancers, or just toppers. They are applied similarly to toupees but are specifically made to add volume to thin or fine hair.

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Typical Wigs Can Be Worn/Taken Off Easily, No Glue/Bonding Necessary
Toupees Use Adhesives/Bonding Agents To Keep Them Firmly In Place

The trickiest part of wearing a wig is making sure it stays in place. Make sure your hair is flat and brushed properly underneath a wig cap before placing the wig. A wig cap guards against breakage of the real hair and keeps the wig from looking bulky on your head.

Using adhesives or bonding chemicals, however, is the best way to keep a toupee in place. Your preferred hair attachment method will depend on what suits you the best.

Strong bonds serve as the toupee’s superglue. Even in humid environments, hard-bonded hairpieces hold their position the longest, up to six weeks on average. Soft bonding is completely safe, even though it sticks a little less than hard bonding. The toupee is secured for up to 4 weeks using flexible glues and sticky tapes.

You could choose weaving, which is distinct from the hair weaves we are familiar with from popular culture, if you don’t want adhesives to be used on your toupee. This process, which involves weaving real hair through the toupee and tying it to the wearer’s hair, can be uncomfortable every time it’s done.

A Wig By Any Other Name…well, It’s Still Called A Wig
A Toupee Is Also Called a Hair Replacement System (HRS)

In addition to wigs, the term “toupee” can also refer to a Hair Replacement System (HRS). The hairpiece that comes with hair systems is also referred to as a toupee because the majority of customers who purchase them are men. But, a lot of women also utilize HRS!

Getting an HRS is not like buying a wig, which you would take off at night, put back on in the morning. HRS gives you the whole system, which includes the toupee or hairpiece, professional services, and maintenance studio visits.

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When you wear a wig, someone else’s hair covers your entire head. A hair system, on the other hand, combines your own hair with a toupee that looks very much like your own hair.

During hair restoration, a skilled hairdresser puts in the toupee in a quick, painless process. You might leave the studio with a brand new head of hair in less than an hour and a half.

Wigs Have To Be Removed When Showering, Swimming, or Sleeping
You Can Treat Your Hair Replacement System Like Your Natural Hair—and It Looks Like It, Too!

Depending on the quality, wigs in China typically cost $150 or more. The more organic and natural-looking it is, the more expensive it is. Wearing your delicate wig while sleeping or taking a shower isn’t a good idea because you want it to last for a long time.

But, if you have a toupee professionally installed, you won’t need to make any lifestyle adjustments or live in continual fear that the hairpiece may come off. Like natural hair, toupees can be shampooed, styled, and clipped. Even when you go swimming or to the gym, you don’t even have to take it off. The toupee hair will not go flat. A toupee for men can endure through a lot of extreme sports.

Nonetheless, a toupee might need to be changed every so often due to normal wear and tear and contact with the skin’s natural acids. If the toupee isn’t thoroughly cleaned, some wearers may experience itching or flaking. Also, the accumulation of oil will make it sticky and look bad, which makes it quite uncomfortable to wear.

Why Contact New Times Hair for Toupees and Hair Replacement Systems

The major goal of hair replacement is to make it look so natural that no one can tell it is a wig or toupee. High-quality components and craftsmanship are therefore essential. At New Times Hair, they provide a full-service hair system with all the bells and whistles, not just toupees for men.

While some hair salons might be more affordable. Notwithstanding what you may have been informed, you might not receive the best services or products, for example, if less adhesives are used than what is necessary.

Feel free to get in touch, if you have any inquiries about wigs, toupees for men, or hair replacement systems. Their friendly staff would be delighted to speak with you and assist you in setting up the full head of gorgeous hair you deserve NOW! 

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