5 Marketing Ideas to make your Business Brand unique 

5 Marketing Ideas to make your Business Brand unique 
5 Marketing Ideas to make your Business Brand unique 

Smartphones are everywhere and have a huge influence on modern consumers of all ages. The mobile trend has led to an incredible increase in digital content distribution and consumption. 

The first thing people will do nowadays when they look for something is to search the web via search engines. How are businesses found there? 

A website or rather online presence of course. To build one, businesses rely on SEO and marketing to rank their website in top search results pages (SERPs). 

This requires content marketing through local or international publications that are relevant for the industry or niche the business operates in. The chances here lie in original and unique stories and news to gain massive exposure, reaching a wider audience. 

So, how to go about that successfully? Read on to discover how your brand can be marketed uniquely with tailored content in premium publications. 

Reach a Wider Audience with Unique Content

Online publications and magazines allow brands to reach a broader audience they would otherwise never reach. But to get published and get to the right readers the content must be tailored. Depending on the publication of your choice and their guidelines, you should pitch content ideas that incorporate relevant keywords with a twist to ignite consumers’ interests while maintaining credibility. For example, if you have a special discount for teachers available, you can creatively include it in an article about the best teacher presents, which lifestyle magazines may cover around Christmas or the end of term. 

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Make your Brand Recognizable and Credible

If you manage to get your business mentioned in a premium publication or magazine that is well-respected among your business audience, your target audience can become familiar with your brand, and trust is elevated. Whenever they find your business, products, or services somewhere else, they will slowly begin to recognize and remember your brand every time they come across it. Getting featured in popular publications also builds brand loyalty. Rather than investing in paid advertisements published in larger publications and magazines, you should focus on recommendations from industry experts or guest appearances in magazine features or podcasts or even shows. 

Look for Instant & Effective Exposure

Online business publications and magazines offer the ability to publish your stories and news instantly and by that combine your content marketing and PR efforts. Once your article or feature is published successfully, it can be distributed throughout the whole world, depending on the reach of the website. As a result, your brand can be marketed as fast and effectively as possible. As many news publications have a huge readership across the globe, you can get your content in front of a far wider audience. 

Boost your Brand’s Reputation 

Fake news have become a common problem for modern digital consumers and internet users. They have made people cautious about content published online, especially if the sources are not well established. Stories and news published in well-known and trusted local or international magazines are usually considered as a source of information that has been screened and approved by editors. They are therefore more likely to be trusted, so it is desirable to get a brand mentioned here. Your audience will find an article about your business published in a popular UK business news magazine more credible than in a less-known magazine. The magazine’s editors and journalists may be renowned public figures active on social media and therefore your publication with them can boost your brand’s exposure and reputation.  

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Publish Impactful & Easily Consumable Content

Typically, premium publications present high-quality content in different content forms like text, images, videos, and infographics, etc. This allows you to present your business brand in a variety of unique ways, using different formats to make your content easy to consume for the target audience. Readers will consume and engage with your brand on a deeper level and business stories published in digital magazines or publications are easily trackable to reflect the engagement. This allows you to identify which topics and content formats they love to engage with for your next tailored business publications to market your business brand effectively and help you achieve better marketing outcomes. 

Now you should be prepared to get your business brand out there with unique marketing ideas tailored to your products or services. Go ahead and get started with your guest contributions in renowned and trusted premium publications and your business shall expand and be more recognized. 

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