5 Teeth Care Mistakes to Avoid for an Attractive Smile

Oral Hygiene
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Teeth are very important for your smile confidence. Often, people compromise on their teeth care routines that can completely destroy that smile confidence. From yellowing teeth to chipped frontal teeth and even completely falling out teeth, many problems are actually quite common. Surprisingly, only by getting your home teeth care routine right, you can avoid most of these problems.

For complex problems like gum infections, chipped or damaged teeth, procedural dental treatments are often required. These may include procedures like teeth crowns, implants or more. Not only do these cost a lot but some will take quite a bit of time for complete healing. So, here are some of the most common teeth care mistakes that you should definitely avoid for a better smile:

1: Missing That Nighttime Toothbrush Routine

You get this one a lot from parents and elders in younger years. It is for good reason too. Make sure to brush your teeth twice a day. Brushing early in the morning gives you a fresher breath, something you need to smile better. Also, brushing early freshens up the start of your day too.

Nighttime teeth brushing is very important. During the day, there can be so much bacteria growth and food particles that might stay in your mouth. All these can cause problems like teeth and gum infections. When left unchecked, these can quickly become bigger problems.

Avoid the teeth care mistake of sleeping without your nighttime toothbrush. Use a soft bristled toothbrush and reach everywhere you possibly can. Brush the walls of the mouth, your tongue and everywhere you are comfortable. Get as much plaque out of the mouth as you can.

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2: Ignoring Flossing Your Teeth Daily

So, you develop the habit of brushing teeth twice a day. It is so easy to think that is all you need to do. Those smallest of spaces between your teeth can actually hold food particles and plaque. These can give rise to bacteria growth and infections underlying.

Flossing your teeth might look a laborious activity. But, trust us, it is well worth the time. Your definitely need to floss at least once a day. Usually, flossing after that nighttime toothbrush is the best time. Get all food particles stuck between your teeth out before sleeping.

Also, it is important to floss the teeth right. Wrap a good length of floss on index fingers of both hands. Keep wrapping up used floss on the fingers an only use fresh one between all teeth. Do not touch the floss on your gums at all. Gums will bleed if floss gets to them.

3: Not Using the Right Toothpaste and Mouth Wash

Using the right toothpaste and everything that goes on your teeth is very important too. Human teeth have an outer layer of enamel. This is what keeps the inner more sensitive layer protected. Also, when damaged, you will feel pain sensations on your teeth from hot or cold foods and drinks.

There is no compulsion on using any single brand of toothpaste or other teeth products. Make sure to get a quality fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash. Anything that is local regulatory body approved, should be good enough as long as it has fluoride in it.

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Fluoride is known to strengthen your teeth enamel naturally. Also, make sure to use mouthwash after big meals or any bitty foods. Get most of what is not good in your mouth out as often as you can. Use a quality fluoride mouthwash for best teeth and smile results too.

4: Too Much Sugary, Carbonated and Alcoholic Drinks

Are your teeth yellowing up too quickly? Natural discoloration of the teeth can be expected as we age. But it is very slow. However, many people experience yellowing teeth in early ages as well. There can be many reasons for it including ones that are not genetic.

Sugary drinks like colas, shakes and even fruit juices can leave high amounts of sugars on your teeth. Also, too much consumption of alcoholic drinks like beers, wines and others can dissolve teeth enamel as well. Sugars end up dissolving your teeth enamel too.

So, you are always better of drinking plain water. Eat your fruits whole and not in juiced form. These teeth care mistakes will end up yellowing your teeth. Avoid such drinks and keep your teeth bright and white for longer periods of time. This will also help avoid other teeth infections and problems too.

5: Eating the Wrong Foods for the Body and Teeth

Do you eat a lot of prepared meals like pizzas, burgers and others? All these have sauces, cheeses and many other processed food ingredients. These are quite inviting. But, when you look deeper, processed foods might not be so healthy for the body and your teeth as well.

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Instead, eat more fresh organics and greens like celery, cucumbers, carrots, spinach and others. Cook these organics without much prepared ingredients. These foods are rich in fiber that help strength your teeth enamel and also the root. Eat right and stay healthy while keeping your smile prettier.

In addition to making, you smile better, fresh organic foods will keep your weight in check as well. Lot of people who make these teeth care mistakes of eating prepared foods too often, end up developing underlying teeth problems. Make sure to eat fresh and enjoy longer lasting natural teeth.

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