5 Things to Consider Before Moving to India

5 Things to Consider Before Moving to India
5 Things to Consider Before Moving to India
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Are you planning on relocating to India?

There’s no reason to put off this major move any longer! With the cost of living settling to a reasonable rate and new opportunities available to ex-pats, more and more people are interested in moving to India. Although there are risks involved with picking up and moving halfway across the world, the benefits far outweigh the risks.

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1. Cost of Living

Accommodations can be expensive when you live in India. Rental prices vary depending on location, with Indian cities at the higher end of the spectrum. For example, metro fares in larger cities can be fairly affordable, but owning a car can be expensive due to the need for insurance and rising fuel prices.

Grocery prices are highly localized and will vary from store to store, with basic products being within reach of most budgets. Eating out also varies in price, with many different options available for any budget.

2. Climate and Geography

India has a tropical climate with

mainly hot and humid weather and a long monsoon season. Northern parts of India experience cold winter seasons, while the south has more moderate temperatures.

India is a large and diverse country geographically. It is home to lofty mountain ranges, densely covered jungles, flat river plains, and a long coastline. Living in India can be a big change, and knowing the country’s climate and landscape helps you to plan accordingly.

3. Cultural Adaptation

The culture of India is greatly diverse, and the way of life can vary greatly according to the specific region. It is important to familiarize yourself with local laws, customs, and etiquette to ensure you can make an easier transition to your new surroundings.

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Learning the local language, such as Hindi, can make things easier, as well as build a network of people for social support. Familiarize yourself with the religions and beliefs of the region you will be living in, as they can impact various aspects of daily life.

4. Language Barriers

Before looking for flats for sale in India, language barriers can be a major source of stress and communication obstacles. India has dozens of languages spoken around the country, the two most prominent being Hindi and English.

Though English is widely spoken in cities, those living in rural areas will have a difficult time understanding the language. Learning a few keywords in Hindi would be beneficial for those planning a stay in India for an extended period of time.

5. Transportation and Infrastructure

The local modes of transport, such as auto-rickshaws, metro rail, and buses, are generally unreliable and are often overcrowded. One must also take into account the weather conditions, which can heavily impact the availability and reliability of transportation.

India is also home to a vast network of waterways, including the Ganges, so if you are considering taking the aquatic route – some research needs to be done. Additionally, healthcare and energy infrastructure in India can be unreliable and inefficient – though this is gradually improving.

Learn About Moving to India

Overall, moving to India is a great experience that can offer many advantages. Be sure to research the culture, climate, cost of living, healthcare, and any other aspects that may be relevant to your lifestyle.

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Take time to explore the new place, make friends and enjoy the new environment. If you are ready to begin your journey of living in India, consult a relocation expert to ensure a smooth transition and safe transition.

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