5 Tips for DevOps Interviews

Image Source- Adobe
Image Source- Adobe
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Looking at the list of DevOps remote jobs, every specialist hopes to receive at least one offer from an employer. When it finally happens, many people get excited. It is usually related to the desire to present oneself from the best side and to avoid common mistakes.

You can achieve the goal if you organize preparation for the interview. In the article, we will consider some simple tips that will help at this stage. They will be useful both for those considering DevOps freelance jobs and for candidates for office positions.

Prepare Some Success Stories

It is about the projects you have successfully implemented. Every employer needs to see an applicant who has the necessary skills for the job, and most importantly, experience. This is rather significant because most employers are not interested in spending time on DevOps Training and upskilling.

They want to find a person who can immediately perform tasks. That is why, at the interview, you should provide as many confirmations as possible that you will be able to handle the job. To do this, you can tell about all your successful stories of project implementation.

Research the Specifics of the Company and Learn About the Interviewer

Before the interview, it is also worth studying the company’s activities, philosophy, and values. The received information will help you better navigate during the interview and demonstrate a genuine interest in cooperation. Respect for the same values is one of the decisive factors when selecting candidates. That is why their knowledge can be a significant advantage over other applicants.

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Prepare a List of Possible Questions and Find the Answers

Interviewers pay attention not only to the answer itself but also to behavior. If the candidate doubts his words, gets confused on certain questions, or confuses concepts, then the probability of receiving an offer decreases. To prevent this from happening, you need to prepare in advance to confidently answer questions.

Demonstrate Professionalism

It is not only about professional skills and experience but also the ability to present yourself as a person with high values. If you give negative comments and feedback about the previous place of work and its management, this will automatically reduce your chances.

Show Respect

This can be done by performing a simple preparation. It consists in choosing appropriate clothes. It doesn’t have to be a white shirt and jacket. However, you should not go to an interview in a T-shirt with holes and wear shorts either. If it is a video conference, then you should also take care of cleaning the background. There should be no distractions behind.


An interview is a step that significantly brings you closer to getting your dream job. That is why you need to prepare for it in advance. In the process, you can prepare probable questions and answers to them, analyze the company’s activities, learn about the future employer, as well as remember all the successful stories and make a detailed description of them.

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