5 Tips to Buy Machine Vision Cable

Machine Vision Cable
Machine Vision Cable

This post was most recently updated on September 8th, 2022

The machine vision system is one of the remarkable solutions for ensuring optimum industrial processing. The machine vision system has been extended to a new level with several advanced features and specifications. So, it also calls for suitable machine vision cables to work with for sustainable system integration. 

The machine vision cable is also of different types, shapes, and sizes designed for specific purposes and is compatible with particular situations. It becomes hard to select the appropriate cable according to the connector and industrial requirements. 

So, if you are also struggling with selecting suitable China machine vision cables, this article is for you. We will provide you with some tips and tricks to guide you in choosing the qualitative machine vision cable according to your need. So, let’s get started. 

What are machine vision cables? 

Machine vision cables and connectors are vital parts of the machine vision system. The demand for machine vision cables is increasing as it ensures strong integration and connection between the devices, which is significant for optimum production. Cables are more crucial for this system as these are used to connect the machine vision appliances to the machine vision system comprised of computers or PCs for monitoring and verifying the extracted data. 

Tips for buying machine vision cables: 

Following are some of the tips to consider before buying machine vision cables for the system: 

1. Check Transmission speed  

The foremost step is to check the cable’s transmission rate as some cables guarantee long-distance transmission, and others are only compatible for shorter distances. For instance, shineindustrygroup.com offers the fastest electrical connection at long distances without any extensions, and CoaXPress ensures rapid electrical transmission at a short distance. 

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2. Flexibility test: 

The rotating and revolving machinery requires flexible cable connectors, so the consumers can ensure it by conducting a test before buying it. Such as, the users can test the cables for robotic cameras by repetitive movements in different directions to check the cable’s flexes. Consumers can also ensure the flexibility of the machine vision cable by confirming the presence of drag chains. 

3. Check lock screws and seals to ensure integration: 

It is significant to check the locked screws and seals for safe and secure electrical connection between devices. Consumers should know that the industrial connectors are properly caped and sealed to avoid any inconvenience following electrical shocks or fluctuations. It will also aid in maintaining the integrity of the connectors as cables connect the system. For example, camera link angled connector and Hirose flange industrial connector, to name some. 

4. Angles for bending in tight situations: 

Consumers require connectors for specific spaces and machinery. Some places also call for angled cables that can be flexibly bent or molded around the connectors. Here, 90-degree and 180-degree machine vision cables come into use. 

5. Choose cables suitable to environmental conditions: 

Outdoor industries are prone to severe environmental challenges, so consumers generally look for machine vision cables that are compatible with such atmospheres. There is a range of available cables designed to sustain a particular atmosphere. Such as high temperature, gas emission, liquid or oil resistance, and many more similar atmospheric conditions require varying features. 


In short, machine vision cables constitute a significant part of the machine vision system. Various cables are suitable for different devices and conditions, so it is significant to choose appropriate cables. This article notes that consumers should focus on cable material and length. They should also consider the angles, size, and compatibility with the weather to ensure the optimum and qualitative working of the machine vision system and connected devices.

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