5 Tips to Choose the Perfect Serviced Office

5 Tips to Choose the Perfect Serviced Office
5 Tips to Choose the Perfect Serviced Office
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Moving to a new office is an exciting and often nerve-wracking affair, fraught with dozens of moving parts and scheduled tasks. However, moving to a serviced office alleviates some of the stresses and provides a more comfortable experience. That is not to say that this option doesn’t carry its own risks and difficulties. 

If you want to make your operations at a serviced office as smooth as possible, you should put the proper care into the selection process. Hopefully, the following tips will help in this endeavour.

1. Consider future growth opportunities

The right amount of space needed for your office can be tricky to pin down and calculate, especially when you look toward the future. After all, if you rent a space that can house your current staff and no more, expanding your on-site workforce will become a huge challenge.

That is why many of those who follow the serviced approach opt to rent their spaces in facilities where they can expand further down the line.

2. Invest in prep time

Moving to a serviced office is certainly easier and faster than creating a facility from the ground up or moving into an empty space, but it’s still nowhere near-instant.

Thus, if you want to make the process as efficient and painless as possible, you can start preparations weeks or months ahead of time, organising inventory, creating task lists, etc.

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3. Read the fine print

We recommend being as thorough and diligent in your negotiations and paperwork as possible because the list of conditions advertised on a property owner’s website and the ones you will see on paper will probably have huge differences.

Know which types of occurrences you can be held liable for and which protections your business is entitled to when you rent the property.

4. Analyse the location

A location that looks good on a map is not always the best choice for a company. For example, a city centre is a great spot to be in theory, but for an ordinary commuter, getting through the daily traffic jams in this congested area can be a huge hassle.

Thus, you should try to pinpoint common routes that your workers face and look for suitable options in the points of contact.

5. Be wary of upsells

Some office providers offer additional services for extra payment, such as a dedicated IT staff, reception staff, repairmen, etc. While there is nothing wrong with this, these upsells are often overpriced.

To save on operating costs, you may just choose to hire staff in-house or share some specialists with any other companies operating in the same building.

Even after making your choice and moving into your new workplace, you may find some aspects of it that require improvement, and this is fine.

Even serviced offices will rarely be perfect in any way, so it will be up to you to fill in the gaps and get your site up to your level of expectations. However, if you make a smart choice in the first place, it will be so much easier to get to this final destination.

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