50th Birthday Party Ideas to Celebrate Special Day

50th Birthday Party Ideas
50th Birthday Party Ideas

50th Birthday Party Ideas: And then you turn fifty… A milestone that is certainly true and therefore worth a party. What can you do to celebrate this happy fact? And is your partner or maybe one of your parents turning 50? Of course, you can also organize a surprise party! And of course, don’t forget a beautiful Sarah or Abraham in front of the house!

50th Birthday Party Ideas

Families and groups of friends are used to ‘pampering’ a fifty-year-old with a party. Now that’s not a surprise. But of course, keep to yourself what you will do at the party. In general, it will be a nice outing. Think about what the birthday person likes because it should mainly be their party. The possibilities are, of course, countless, but to give a few suggestions:

  • High Tea with the friends club
  • Cruise with good food (during or after the trip)
  • Sporty outing to the snow track, with a pleasant après ski
  • A puzzling tour with, for example, old cars (some providers take care of such things)
  • Tour on scooters

Rent a room

Very simple perhaps after the suggestions above, but you can also just rent a party room. Or arrange this yourself as a birthday boy. Of course, a surprise by your friends and a party by yourself is a double celebration! Make sure you have the right ingredients to make it a fun party! So think about:

  • Nice invitations and that you don’t forget anyone!
  • Will the catering be provided or do you have to do it yourself?
  • Music!
  • The kids! Make sure they don’t get bored
  • A nice decoration (if possible)
  • As a guest: are you going to give a speech or put together something else fun for the birthday boy or girl?
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birthday decorations

Want to keep it a little more intimate? Of course, you can also decorate the living room, bedroom or party room. Of course, you do that with all kinds of attributes for fifty-year-olds for sale! Think of balloons, streamers, tablecloths, napkins, paper tableware, etc. Special party packages are also for sale, so you are ready in 1x.


It is your 50th birthday, and still, you must have thought about how many days until my birthday and must be as excited as you were on the 25th. Sending an invitation is much more fun than just sending an app! Invitations can be ordered as standard, but nowadays, you can also design very nice online yourself. Of course, you can also print them yourself, but then we are talking about a different quality.


Catering is included in many rooms. But there are also rooms for rent where you can choose what you want or where there are simply no catering facilities. After all, you can also rent a room at, for example, a church or the scouting. When taking care of the catering yourself, don’t just think of drinks but also tasty snacks; maybe a warm bite is nice too! Often a lot cheaper! Well, then you have to go after things a lot more yourself.

Coffee is often also appreciated. Our village has a liquor store where you can order drinks; if it is still closed, you can return it. That way, you can stock up on plenty, so you don’t miss out on anything. But can that luxury be found everywhere? You will have to check with people in your area!

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Are you going for a live band or hiring a DJ? A DJ, but also an artist, will respond much more to the atmosphere of the evening than a pre-prepared playlist. In addition, the reproduction of the sound will probably be better! Of course, you can also play music via a playlist from Spotify or YouTube, but a professional entertainer often makes more of it, which is certainly mood-enhancing.

Do you find it difficult to choose between a DJ or live music? DJs are collaborating with musicians. Then you have both worlds at your party. They do their thing alternately and sometimes even together. Because putting on a nice record and letting the saxophonist play along is also wonderful to hear.

Entertainment for the kids

Are there children with the guests? Then think of these guests. Make sure they have something to do! Nice for them, and you prevent whining because they are bored. You can vary a lot with this, which also depends on which location you are in and at what time your party is being held. Is it during the day, and do you have an outdoor area at your disposal? Then an air cushion is, of course, a nice idea. Just a ball and a few goals can also be fun.

Perhaps you have a friend or family member who enjoys working with children. Maybe they can think of something fun this person will do with the children—a workshop for the kids. For the inside, you provide fun crafts or drawing supplies.

Incidentally, people can also be hired for this! Can it be even bigger? Then why not have a clown come by or in the winter months, Sinterklaas or a Piet? Or Santa Claus, of course. A magician is also a great idea, especially if they also entertain the big guests!

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Give a speech

Like at a wedding, you can now opt for a nice speech. Or you sing a song you made yourself, with the same goal! You can also hold a quiz with the guests, where knowledge about the birthday boy or girl is tested. Or organize a spectacular flash mob. Of course, the birthday boy or girl is taken for a ride.

Birthday? Get out!

Don’t you like all that nonsense, and would you rather disappear for a few days? To do! Take your children and your partner and leave. Enjoy each other for a few days and then hope that your crazy friends don’t surprise you with a nasty party.

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