6 Benefits of Investing in A Dog Kennel

6 Benefits of Investing in A Dog Kennel

A dog may enter your home, but they soon take place in your heart too! If you’re on the verge of bringing home a furry friend, there are several things to keep ready before his arrival. One of these includes a dog kennel. For those of you who aren’t convinced about bringing home a dog kennel, here are seven reasons that advocate the use of a kennel for your furry friend. 

Promotes Outdoor Activity

We all want our pets to be active, and healthy. Dog kennels do exactly that. Heat and humidity can lead to quick burnout for your dog during outdoor play. Having a kennel ensures your dog has a little nook to tuck himself into every time he needs a break from activities. Kennels give dogs plenty of time outdoors, ensuring they have access to fresh air and sunlight. This is pivotal to their development and health. It also promotes your dog’s natural exploratory instincts by encouraging him to spend more time outdoors.

Helps Your Dog Relax

A dog kennel gives your furry friend the solace and quiet that is necessary to recharge himself. For newborn or displaced dogs, excessive noise can lead to anxiety, lack of sleep and even depression. The best way you can help your new pet to slip into comfort in your home is by offering them a comfortable, calm and relaxing atmosphere at home. Avoid any loud noises, sudden movements or excessive lighting post-sunset that can overstimulate dogs. Instead, create a soothing and relaxing atmosphere that puts all your dog’s senses at ease. What better way to do that than to invest in a dog kennel? Choose a kennel that is suitable to your dog’s temperament and size. Ensure the kennel has plenty of ventilation and shade to keep your dog cool and comfortable. For all of these features and more, head to https://www.mydogsupplies.com.au/ for the best kennels offering quality, durability and functionality. 

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Avoids Hazardous Exposure

Imagine leaving your dog out in the open with no place to rest. There can be so many dangers he is exposed to such as sharp objects, cleaning agents, open electronic sockets, hanging wires, accessible lighting pieces, any glassware, cosmetics – the list is endless. An open dog who is in deep slumber is also an open invitation for other animals such as wild cats, owls, vultures, rats and rodents. Any bodily fluids or excreta of these animals when in contact with your dog can be detrimental to his health. A kennel gives your dog a safe space to tuck himself away when he is alone outdoors.

Promotes Independence & Cleanliness

We all want our dogs to be capable and independent pets. A great way to get started on that is to invest in a kennel. A kennel allows your dog to explore his instincts, make his judgments and even take care of his environment. It gives dogs knowledge of spatial boundaries and helps them quickly understand how to keep their surroundings clean. While grooming your dog is very necessary, teaching them above their environment and how to keep things clean is also necessary. A dog left open with no directive on where to rest, where to poop or where to sleep will make a mess of himself and his surroundings. Use positive reinforcement for your dog every time he makes an effort to keep his kennel clean. Also, model this behaviour by keeping your surroundings and room clean. It gives dogs a sense of ownership of their space, there promoting independence. 

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Ensures Privacy

Yes, even your adorable and ever-so-clingy dog requires some privacy now and then. A kennel gives you and your dog much-needed privacy in situations when you want your dog to leave the scene. For example, you may want to make guests who are fearful of a dog comfortable by sending your dog away for a bit. Too much activity around the house can be confusing, overwhelming and overstimulating for your dog. Putting your pet away in a safe space can ensure safety for him as well as everyone around.

Helps In Setting Up A Routine

Having dedicated kennel and outdoor time every day for your dog helps him understand the importance of a routine. It also helps him understand that this is his time alone and he is responsible for himself. A well-stimulated outdoor time leads your dog to become tired and hungry, thereby building up an appetite and aiding digestion. This ensures your dog eats and sleeps well and on time, promoting an overall healthy routine and good health for your furry friend. 

Wrap Up

We hope the above ideas give you plenty of inspiration on how you can make your dog fall in love with his kennel!

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