6 Ethnic Embroidery Kurta Patterns Which Looks Timeless

Embroidery Kurta

Kurta sets have become a fashion revolution among all the other fashion trends. The vibrant colours, elegant prints and accessibility of various festive kurta sets for women have made them the top festive choice. But have you ever wondered how its craftsmanship is truly a blessing in disguise? If not, then you must know all the credit goes to its artisans who work tremendously hard on hand crafting various embroidery art forms. As a result, the kurta sets an ultimate example of grace and sheer beauty. Whether it’s the block prints, zardozi, and mirror work, they all look elegant embroidery prints. Keep reading to know more about various embroidery patterns you must look for in festive kurta sets.

Elegant embroidery art forms you must look for in festive kurta sets:


The famous Chikankari embroidery is the pride of the nawabs of Lucknow. This traditional embroidery pattern includes delicate craft patterns from engraving to several stitches. Thus, with fabrics like georgette, silk and cotton, Chikankari embroidery goes perfectly well. Though it is a very old art form, it never fails to steal hearts. The gorgeous stitched shadow work formed from thick threads on kurtas looks alluring.

Moreover, beautiful pastel shades like pink, white and indigo in kurta sets give a sheer finesse. Thus, this embroidery adds a royal touch to your look altogether. A heavy Chikankari dupatta will bring out your femininity and grace effortlessly.


Bandhani embroidery is a famous hand-crafting art form of Rajasthan and Gujarat from over 5000 years ago. It involves the art of tying & dyeing the fabrics in magnificent colours with threads at several points. Further, it creates beautiful patterns on the kurtas like Chandra Kala, shikari, etc. The colours opted to craft a bandhani kurta set are usually bright shades of red, maroon and tangerine. 

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They are considered auspicious for the onset of any new beginning or celebrating festivals. You can wear a bandhani embroidered kurta on all occasions because of its comfort and colourful figurative designs. Moreover, artisans use cotton fabric to imprint the bandhani embroidery. Therefore, it’s easy to maintain the rich feel of the festive wear kurta sets.

Block prints

The sublime hand block print embroidery has its earliest origin in china. However, the Indian textile industry recreated the art of block printing in the most elegant way. The state of Rajasthan has glorified the method of hand block printing in India. From Kalamkari block prints to Sanganeri block prints, more have reset the ethnic fashion goals. 

The process involves stamping small wooden blocks on fabric after carving and applying the ink. They have an aesthetic charm bringing you closer to the roots and uniqueness of India. These days traditional block prints have been on the radar for women. Since it is the perfect blend of fashion and comfort, you can wear them to small family gatherings and day functions. Accessorize your look with antique jewellery pieces to complement the look.


The famous Kantha embroidery found its roots in the colourful states of Bengal, Orissa and Bangladesh. This embroidery is truly a work of art where artisans use running stitches. Further, they embellish the fabric with elegant prints of flowers, animals, leaves, etc. The festive kurta sets for women in Kantha embroidery are popular because of their intricate and unique style. Slowly, the complex geometric patterns and mandala artworks have refurbished the Kantha embroidery.

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Moreover, the new motifs look urban and earthy to wear these days. For instance, you can style up a plain kurta with a heavy Kantha embroidered dupatta to have an edgy look. Moreover, the traditional cotton fabric used for imprinting Kantha artwork makes it a perfect choice to celebrate your festivities.

Kashmiri Aari

The Kashmiri Aari is one of the oldest embroidery art forms discovered during the Mughal period in Kashmir in India. It is a work of delicate thread work performed by hands and portrays the traditions of Kashmir with utmost beauty. The fabrics like velvet, linen, silk, and wool have a rich and royal feel. 

Therefore, they are ideal fabrics to embellish with the Aari work. Moreover, the famous Aari embroidered kurtas are not only in demand among Indians but have also stolen the hearts of folks globally. You can wear beautiful long kurtas with a cape crafted in Aari embroidery. They are perfect for occasions, parties, events, etc. 


The gorgeous mirror-work embroidery patterns were a gift from Persia back in the 13th Century. Later, in the 17th Century, Rajasthan popularized the famous Balouchi mirror work. It still looks vibrant and trendy to date. The mirror-work is done by cross-stitching the mirrors on the cotton fabric. 

This artwork seems exceptionally attractive in the bright coloured fabrics. It depicts the colourful traditions of India beautifully. The exquisite mirror is used on various fabrics like cotton, silk, georgette, etc. The extremely comfortable and fashionable cotton fabric is a delight to wear. You can style your festive wear kurta sets with chiffon dupattas for a divine look. 

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These flawless embroidery patterns will amp up your style for festivities. You can wear Kurtis in various unique and elegant ways to get a glam look. You can create a style statement by wearing a straight line Kurti or a printed sharara kurta set. Moreover, a kurta with dhoti pants is the new quirky way to style up your kurta set. They will look drop-dead gorgeous at festivities and weddings. Look for kurta sets in chiffon, georgette, satin and silk fabrics, as they are ideal choices to complement comfort and fashion. Style your gorgeous kurtas with ethnic jewellery pieces and dazzle them with some bangles. Lastly, don’t forget to complete your look with a pair of classic silhouettes. With these aesthetic embroidered kurta sets, you can make a graceful impact easily.

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