7 Drills to Improve 3-Point Shooting

7 Drills to Improve 3-Point Shooting

Shooting 3-pointers is a big part of the basketball game in this day and age. The game has evolved beyond the old-fashioned 2-point shots and inside the paint. Great basketball teams have proven that if you can make outside shots, you will be successful.

Reaching the level of being a great three-point shooter is not as easy as it seems. You need to practice and develop your skills. But the drills you use to develop your skills must be well designed. If you’re coaching basketball shooting, you need to choose the right drills in order to maximize your players’ development. In this article, you will find seven effective drills that can help you improve your 3-point shooting.

What is 3-point shooting?

A three-point shot is a field goal that is worth three points. The shot must be taken from behind the three-point line on the basketball court. Usually, the basketball court is divided into two parts by the three-point line. The three-point line is 22 feet (6.7 meters) from the sideline.

3-point shots were first introduced in the NBA during the 1979-1980 season.

Benefits of 3-point shooting

The 3-point shot is a powerful weapon for teams and players. Here are the benefits of being a great three-point shooter:

  • It’s easier to make a long-distance shot than a layup or a jump shot. A good shooter can make more shots than any other player.
  • 3-point shots are a good option for when you are behind in the fourth quarter.
  • 3-point shots are a good way to distract the opposing team.
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Drills to improve 3-point shooting

1. Paired shooting

This drill is best used when working with a partner. Have the players stand close together, about two feet apart. Then the players should shoot the ball back and forth. The players should use the same method each time, whether it’s a set shot, a jump shot, or a dribble shot. Make sure to give adequate time for the players to set their feet and get set up correctly.

2. Paired move-and-shoot

This drill is similar to the paired shooting drill. The difference is that in the move-and-shoot drill, the players will have to first move before they shoot. The players should move in any direction, with the idea being to make the shot as difficult as possible. After the shot, the players should move again in some way.

3. Three-player shooting

This is similar to the two-player shooting drill, except there are three players. This drill is best used with two offensive players and one defensive player. The defensive player should play tight defense, trying to make the offensive players go to a different spot on the floor. This drill can be made more difficult by forcing the offensive players to shoot on the move.

4. Four-minute drill

This drill is usually used to work on a team’s shooting in a timely manner. The team will divide itself into two groups, with one group shooting and the other group rebounding and passing to the shooter. The drill can be designed to be scored in a particular way, with each shot made counting as a point. The drill can also be timed, with the players trying to make as many shots as possible within four minutes. In this case, each shot made will be worth two points.

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5. Spot-shooting drill

In this drill, each player will shoot at a different spot on the floor (e.g., the free-throw line, the three-point line, and so on). This drill can be performed using either a machine or by a coach who is taking shots.

Players practice more than just shooting at the goal. In order to shoot well, a player needs to move well, have fast reactions, and develop a good aim to shoot at the goal.

6. Conditioning drill

This drill is used to help a player get in shape and ready for practice. A shooting trainer basketball will designate a spot on the floor, and the player will sprint to the location, make a shot, and sprint back to the starting point. The coach can make the drill more difficult by increasing the distance the player needs to go, lengthening the drill time, and so on.

7. Interval track workout

This workout is meant to work on a player’s endurance. A player will perform a series of agility exercises that will be repeated for a certain amount of time, rest, and then repeated again. The agility exercises can be cones, different types of jogging, and so on.


We have covered seven drills that every basketball player should practice in order to become a great three-point shooter. These drills will help you to improve your shooting, along with your overall shooting skills. Some of the drills will require the aid of a basketball shooting machine. The best way to go about getting a shooting machine is to compare the prices of different brands. You can do this by comparing the Dr Dish shooting machine price to the price of the Shootaway machine.