7 Mistakes To Avoid While Doing Commercial Window Film Installations

7 Mistakes To Avoid While Doing Commercial Window Film Installations
7 Mistakes To Avoid While Doing Commercial Window Film Installations

This post was most recently updated on March 30th, 2023

Are you looking forward to boosting the productivity of your employees at work by reducing the sun’s glare? If your answer is yes, then commercial window film installations are the best thing for you to go for.

The window tinting industry in the U.S. is worth over $525 million. And the demand for commercial window film services is rising rapidly. Gradually, more businesses realize the true potential of quality window films. 

Commercial window tinting entails the installation of thin window films, which are treated with a reflective coating. Depending on your preference, you can do commercial window film installations on your windows’ exterior or interior. 

However, to reap maximum benefits from commercial window film services, you should be wary of the standard commercial window tinting mistakes. 

If you are unsure about those mistakes, you have come to the right place. In this comprehensive blog post, we will discuss these missteps in detail so that you can avoid those while opting for commercial window film services. So, let’s begin with it:

1. Choosing An Inexperienced Commercial Window Film Company

Always look for a reputable company with the required experience in this field for your commercial window film installation needs. It is a great way to ensure that your project is accomplished flawlessly. 

You will make a big mistake if you choose any random commercial window film services that do not have the right experience. Selecting an inexperienced company could lead to multiple errors and issues that may be expensive to rectify. 

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You should devote sufficient time to check their work history, which will help you to determine their skill set and experience. Check for their area of specialization. You can also look at their online reviews and testimonials to get an idea about their services’ quality. 

Communicating with them is also a good idea as it will provide an overview of whether they can meet your requirements well.

2. Settling For the Cheapest Alternative

You should avoid choosing the cheapest window films as, in this case, the quality can be compromised. Instead, it would help if you are looking for cost-effective options that match your expectations and project requirements. 

Although it is crucial to stay on your budget, opting for the cheapest alternatives will not save you money in the long term. These options require frequent maintenance, look unprofessional, and even have damaging effects on your windows. 

So, it is best to choose commercial window film services that offer good quality and fair-priced window films expected to last for years.

3. Avoiding Cleaning Your Commercial Windows 

Before you begin the commercial window tinting procedure, you should ensure that your office windows are in good condition. Commercial window film installations on dirty windows do not look good and can lead to the inefficiency of window films. 

So, it becomes crucial for you to clean your windows thoroughly by devoting adequate time to ensure that they are ready for the commercial window tinting procedure. Focus on removing stains from your window to ensure flawless operation.

If you plan to carry out the cleaning task by yourself, then it is recommended to avoid using alcohol as it could leave a residue. It makes it difficult for the window films to be affixed to the windows. It is a good idea to rely on a reputed commercial window film installation company that knows the best ways to do that.

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4. Not Researching Various Window Film Options

In the market, you will find the availability of a wide diversity of options for window films. But choosing any random option you come across is not at all suggested. Instead, it would help if you did thorough research to select an alternative that best suits your unique project requirements. 

One of the best things you can do is consider the purpose of your window films, which will aid in narrowing down your search. For example, choosing a shatter-proof film is an excellent idea if you prioritize security. 

Similarly, if you are searching for an option that offers enhanced sun protection, you can go for solar window films. Different tints are designed to serve different purposes.

If you are still trying to settle on any particular choice, you can seek the assistance of commercial window film services. They will be able to guide you on the right path. You can even consider specific factors like the window tinting procedure and maintenance needs to decide between the commercial window film options.

5. Going Too Dark

One of the most common mistakes people will likely make in commercial window film installations is choosing too much dark or the wrong shade. Most people think selecting the darkest one will offer them more excellent protection from UV rays. But it is not the case. 

Instead, clear window films are known to block about 90 percent of the harsh UV rays of the sun. One of the biggest problems you are most likely to experience with dark options is that these can cause your office rooms to be too dark and causes distraction to your employees. 

Natural light plays a crucial role in uplifting the mood of your employees and thereby enhancing workplace performance. So, it is not a good decision to pick a darker shade. When in doubt, seek professional advice before investing in commercial window film installations. 

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6. Overlooking Air Bubbles

During the commercial window tinting procedure, there are high chances for the formation of air bubbles. It mostly happens when you carry out the installation process by yourself. It would help if you focused on removing these as soon as possible. Or else you will see bumps on your window films that look bad.

Go for professional commercial window film services to avoid such situations. They have the expertise and skills to carry out this procedure smoothly.

7. Skipping Warranty For Window Films

There are high chances for you to skip warranty options when you go for commercial window film installations. You may think that it may help in saving your money. But, it is not the case. A window film warranty ensures you are covered if any problem arises. So, with a warranty, you can get peace of mind which also saves you money when seen on a long-term basis.

You should check that the commercial window tinting costs include a warranty. As a part of it, you need to check what the policy covers and does not cover closely. For instance, severe weather events and other natural calamities may not be included.

You need to clarify all these details from the commercial window film installation company you are focusing on choosing at the beginning. This way, you can avoid any future hassles. 

Another important thing to check for is that there are no hidden fees and the warranty duration. Sometimes, you may have to consider additional coverage to cover all costs, from installation to defective window films.

Wrapping Up

Thus, all enlisted in the above section are the most common commercial window tinting mistakes you must avoid for your upcoming project requirements. The best way to achieve top-notch outcomes is to look for a professional commercial window film company like Tint By Masters. They are a renowned company that is always dedicated to offering top-notch services. 

For more details, get in touch with them today.

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