8 Easy Ways to Cool Your Steel Building Garage Without Windows

8 Easy Ways to Cool Your Steel Building Garage Without Windows
8 Easy Ways to Cool Your Steel Building Garage Without Windows
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If you’re a steel building garage owner with no windows, you’re likely aware of the challenges of maintaining a comfortable temperature, especially during the hot summers.

It can be stressful, but it’s important to remember that metal buildings offer many benefits, including affordability, durability, and fire resistance. However, they can also get very hot in the summer, harming the items you store inside.

Luckily, solutions are available to help you regulate the temperature and maintain a comfortable environment inside your steel garage.

In this blog, you will explore eight different methods that can be used to cool down your steel garage kits without windows.

So, keep reading to learn about the options available to help you beat the heat and protect your valuable possessions.

How to Cool a Garage With No Windows?

Two primary solutions are available for cooling down a garage with no windows: portable and permanent cooling units. Both options effectively regulate the temperature inside your steel building garage. Both solutions bring four ways to cool down the prefab garage kits.

So if you’re looking for a cost-effective portable solution or a long-term investment in a permanent cooling system, you are in the right place!

Let’s explore each method one by one!

4 Movable Solutions for Prefab Garage Cooling

Once you’ve done your research and determined that a portable cooling solution is the best fit for your needs, you can choose from four effective and affordable concepts that you can implement immediately.

These budget-friendly solutions make them an excellent choice for those looking for cost-effective options to cool down their steel building garage.

1.    Let Mother Nature Get Involved

It may sound incredibly simple, but opening your garage door to circulate fresh air is an easy and cost-effective way to improve air quality. If your garage is on the north side of your property, the cooler air can help to cool down the space.

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Consider opening both entrances if your garage has separate doors for pedestrians and vehicles for optimal ventilation. This will allow for better airflow and circulation, promoting better air quality and reducing the risk of moisture-related damage.

2.    Add Portable Fans

If natural ventilation is insufficient to keep your garage well-ventilated, adding portable fans can be an effective solution. When selecting a fan unit, it’s important to choose an industrial-strength fan that can cover the area of your metal garage. For larger garages, you may need to purchase more than one fan.

To optimize the fan’s performance, install it near your garage door, facing inside. Opening the garage doors while the fan is running can enhance ventilation by drawing in fresh air from outside rather than simply circulating the warm air inside the garage.

3.    Install a Dehumidifier

Installing a portable dehumidifier is another effective solution to improve steel garage ventilation. High humidity levels can make the space feel warmer than it is, promote mildew and mold growth, and even lead to rust.

Using a dehumidifier in your steel garage can regulate humidity levels, reduce moisture in the air, and protect your belongings from humidity-related damages. It also cools the space, promoting a longer lifespan for your garage kit and a more comfortable environment.

4.    Invest in an Air Conditioner

Contrary to popular belief, air conditioning units don’t necessarily have to be installed permanently. Reasonably priced portable units are available in the market that you can use in your garage while working. These units can also be easily moved to other areas of your home.

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Portable AC units usually come with a venting kit that allows you to exhaust the hot air through a door or wall, preventing moisture buildup in your garage. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of air conditioning without needing costly and permanent installations. Using portable coolers is another option to consider for cooling your steel garage. These units can be filled with water, and you can even add ice to the tank for an extra cooling effect.

4 Permanent Solutions for Steel Garage Kits Ventilation

If you use your garage space regularly, opt for the permanent solution to keep the temperature optimal.

Now let’s explore the permanent methods for your garage.

1.    Get a Fan Installed

Consider installing a ceiling fan instead of using a portable fan all day. With various sizes and strengths, you can effectively cool down your steel building garage regardless of size.

Also, installing a ceiling fan can improve air circulation in your garage kits, leading to better ventilation and a more comfortable working environment.

Fan installation even cut down the hassle of setting up a portable fan. 

2.    Add a Window AC Unit

No windows in your steel garage don’t mean that you cannot use a traditional window AC unit.

All you have to do is cut a hole in the wall, and you can install the unit and enjoy fresh air all day. However, you must have the skills to properly use tools like a reciprocating saw and frame the space.

The effort is worthwhile when you can use your garage even on the hottest days.

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3.    Try a Mini Split AC Unit

Another effective way for a permanent solution is Mini Split AC units. They are a ductless cooling solution that can be installed directly into a wall of your steel building kits. These units contain all the necessary components to cool the room and ventilate it through the walls, making them convenient.

Although these mini split AC units can be costly and require professional installation, they offer long-term benefits from cooling to ventilation of the space.

4.    Insulate Your Prefab Garage

Insulation keeps a space warm during the winter and prevents the sun from heating your steel building garage.

Bi-blown cellulose insulation is one way to install insulation even after building your garage. This Insulation method in your steel building garage not only helps to keep the space cooler and prevent the sun from heating it, but it can also improve energy efficiency, leading to lower energy bills.

Final Thoughts on Cooling Prefab Steel Building Garage

If you’re finding it challenging to lower the temperature of your prefab steel building garage and want to prevent the growth of mold, mildew, and rust, several options are available to you.

You can try the abovementioned solutions, such as insulation, ventilation, and investing in air conditioning and dehumidifiers to regulate your garage’s temperature and humidity levels. By doing so, you can ensure that your garage stays cool and dry, preventing the formation of unwanted moisture and harmful pollutants.

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