8-top things to look for before ordering your custom socks

top things to look for before ordering your custom socks

This post was most recently updated on May 18th, 2023

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So the entrepreneurial bug has bitten you and wants to start a business. One of the most flourishing markets is the custom socks industry. With the advancement of this decade, the demand has exponentially grown, and many people are trying their luck. However, only a few become successful, and we can pinpoint the cause – the lack of preparation. People become excited by a few lovely artworks and jump straight into the action. However, when the business crashes, they realize they should have taken some time. We are not here to discourage but to prepare you. The blog is for you if you want to get into the custom sock game. It is crucial to pick a reliable partner, no matter the custom sock. Look for these points before ordering. 

  1. Research: Take your time when searching for a reliable custom sock manufacturer. No matter the artwork or style, you would depend upon them for the products. Often, it is one of the primary reasons for the business not doing well. Sometimes, they can not deliver on time before a big holiday, and other times, they lack consistency. 
  • Online research: One of the easiest and most effective methods is to conduct extensive online research. Go to Google, social media, and independent rating sites after finding top names in the custom sock industry. Rely not only on the testimonials on their sites.  
  • Go to local trade shows in and around your city. Many cities host various events throughout the year; find relevant ones. You can meet many vendors in one place and have an informative conversation, establish connections, and see and feel the products. 
  • Look for a referral: Ask your friends, family, and other personal or business connections. You never know who can offer you valuable insights or referrals to help with your search. They can share their experiences, which might prove valuable lessons. 
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2. Supplier v manufacturer: You will come across these two terms in your research. Consider the type of partnership you want per your needs. Some organizations take orders from you and deliver the products by contacting a manufacturer and taking a cut. Others are factories that take direct requests and customize per customer. Each has its production capabilities that depend upon the number of workers and machines. Sometimes, they might be busy and cannot accept orders. But, they provide more options and customizations and are suitable for small to medium size sellers.

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3. Customer service & communication: The best companies are not about lovely items. But also about the services they provide. An engaged, helpful, responsive, and friendly customer service takes the experience to the next level by assisting you in case of a question or concern. Anytime you connect with a custom sock company, open communication should be one of the top priorities. You may hire the best organization regarding their manufacturing capabilities, but if they are not adept at communication, you may end up with poor-quality items. The correct one will understand your business needs, niche, and customers. They may provide helpful insights to better the socks. Having a dedicated point of contact will smoothen the process.

4. Capabilities and expertise: Once you have figured out the above points, it is time to consider their proficiency. What type of custom socks are you envisioning? What functionality are you looking to achieve? For example, athletic, compression, baby, yoga, or any particular niche with unique requirements. As talked earlier, it will help you widen your products. Creating a custom sock requires many skills, like design, fabric, colors, etc. Having an array of expertise will help keep you stress-free about quality and on-time delivery. 

It is vital to ask for a prototype when considering wholesale manufacturing. You do not want to end with something different because the artwork, colors, and sizes might look different in real life from on-screen. Many companies provide design help; it will be of tremendous benefit to better or revise the artwork.

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5. The quality of socks depends on materials, dyes, artwork, production process, and inspection. The relationships of a manufacturer with their raw-material suppliers also affect the quality. Look at their transparency about products and production; the more open they are, the better. 

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Custom sock materials will dictate the quality and look; pay close attention to the options they provide. Some offer more than others, and it will be helpful when you want to expand the product line without going into every step again. For example, you start with regular fabrics like cotton, polyester, and polycotton but expand to premium-quality socks like bamboo, silk, merino wool, cashmere, etc. 

6. Pricing is one of the massive issues you will have to consider when creating custom socks. Take price quotes from various companies and weigh all the pros and cons of each one. Choose the one that is suitable for your unique requirements. 

Shipping fees and speed are other vital points to keep in mind. Some offer free shipping, while others might charge you extra. You must also ask about the rush fees because it can be handy during the busy seasons, like Christmas.

7. Track record: the manufacturer can give you helpful insights into their work efficiency and reliability as a partner. Ask about their previous works or customer contacts who can testify about their work and partnership experience. You will better understand what to expect by researching their track record.  

8. Flexibility: A lot can change fast in the custom socks industry. No matter how much you plan, anything can go awry, for example, a disruption in the supply chain or shipping like the one during the pandemic. Sometimes, your original vision might change or evolve during the production, like a color or size needs. A top manufacturing partner must have the goal of building a stable and meaningful partnership and be flexible to provide changes at any stage of the process with little fuss. They should know what questions to ask and what solutions and advice to provide.  

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Why is EverLighten the best option for custom socks? 

EverLighten has been helping startups, large companies, sports teams, universities, celebrities, influencers, and individuals for over eighteen years. They are your one-stop destination for all your custom sock needs and offer the widest variety of materials, styles, colors, and customizations. As one of the premier sock manufacturers, they can help you get the highest-quality items at the best price and turnaround time. 

The Canadian Sock Company is popular among youngsters for its colorful, fun, and crazy-looking socks. They were looking for a reliable company to produce high-quality in small batches, but to no avail until they connected with EverLighten. We had a long discussion to understand their needs and created the prototype. They were 100% satisfied but wanted another style – athletic socks – to see how it would look. We produced the same and were about to start production. But they wanted another one – with terry – to compare. Our expertise came to the rescue; we created the samples fast and delivered the order on time. They thanked our patience, quality, and hard work. 

Check out their complete story https://everlighten.com/blogs/success-stories/brand-an-canadian-socks-company

Benefits of partnering with EverLighten: 

Best pricing: We customize socks in our factory, which helps customers to get the best prices.

Premium quality: Customers get custom socks with the best materials, production, and packaging. 

Timely delivery: our factory helps deliver every order in the minimum possible time.

24*7 service: Customers can contact the support team anytime for their queries. 

Customer-focused: We love helping customer create their dream socks.

100% customization: Customers can customize every aspect – materials, shape, sizes, colors, etc. – of their custom socks. 

Minimum order quantity: EverLighten offers the lowest minimum limit in the industry; customers can order as many socks as they need. 

Worldwide delivery: EverLighten delivers worldwide, and you can track the orders with an online tool. 

For more information, queries, and orders, visit https://everlighten.com/collections/custom-socks

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