A Buyer’s Guide To Quality Flowers

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This post was most recently updated on April 11th, 2022

The traditional form of marijuana is called “flower”, also known as bud nugs, broccoli, weed, and trees.

While we recommend visiting a budtender to assist you, it is also a good idea to do some research beforehand and feel more empowered. These are the things you should look out for when selecting quality flowers.

Price Is The Best Place To Begin.

The price of high-quality products is usually higher, but not always. The middle-of-the-road quality, also called “mids,” is where most people fall. It is therefore priced accordingly. You can get a great flower with a fantastic high if you pay a bit more than the lowest shelf. For those with limited budgets, a bottom shelf is a great option. While you may have to sacrifice quality, you can still get great results at a very affordable price from tweedlefarms.com.

What Are The Most Important Colors For A Flower?

One of the best ways to distinguish a good weed from a bad weed is through color. Browns and yellows are the lowest quality weeds on a scale of low to high quality. Mid-quality flowers will have shades of green with hints of purple and orange. High-quality flowers will have the best range of colors and the deepest greens. Every strain has a unique color spectrum. However, the intensity and vibrancy will indicate quality.

Size – How Big Are The Nugs In

The best quality buds are usually larger, but every strain has a unique size and shape. Indicas tend to be smaller and denser than sativas, while sativas can be larger and fluffier and are generally considered less visually pleasing.

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Small buds are about the same size as marble and are therefore called “Smalls”. They are lower quality than larger nugs. Both small and large buds can come from the same harvest, but they will be filtered out during packaging. The small nugs are used to make pre-rolls, while the larger ones go towards the pre-packaged flowers. Many brands will sell smalls at a discounted price. Some even label them “smalls”.

How Intense Are The Smells?

High-quality flowers will have a strong scent. You can smell citrus, earth, and pine depending on which terpenes are dominant. The stronger the scent, the more fresh and high-quality the buds.

Potency How Much THC Or CBD Is In The Flower?

Consumers are looking for high levels of CBD and THC potency. Although you can’t see the potency of cannabis, legal dispensaries require that all cannabis be tested before it is sold. The packaging must also display the results. The cannabis connoisseur will be looking for 28%+ THC, but not too much about CBD. However, others will seek a ratio of THC to CBD in order to balance the high and increase the medicinal benefits. It is best for novices to choose a strain with THC levels in the 18% range or lower with at least a small amount of CBD.

Moisture Is The Flower Dry?

The dry flower is not generally a good idea. The dry flower is generally not a good thing. Dry cannabis smokes quicker and has a lower terpene profile than fresh cannabis. You will miss out on complex aromas and flavors, entourage effect, and all the other benefits that terpenes are reported to have.