A Closer Look at Hered’s Revolutionary Scissor Platform Lift

A Closer Look at Hered's Revolutionary Scissor Platform Lift
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Scissor lifts provide a safe and efficient means of working at height across countless industries. Unlike ladders with limited reach and capacity, scissor lifts can extend 20-40 feet into the air while supporting multiple workers and their tools and materials. Their compact base can access tight spaces and fit through standard doors and gates. With capacities reaching 10,000 lbs, scissor lifts bring heavy equipment precisely where it’s needed.

Hered has designed a scissor platform lift that sets a new standard for performance and durability. Their telescoping boom, upgraded lifting capacity to 16 feet, and enhanced safety features allow users to take their productivity to new heights, even in confined spaces.

What is a Scissor Lift?

A scissor lift is a type of aerial work platform that features a folding crisscross support structure that looks similar to a pair of scissors. The scissor mechanism allows the lift to extend straight up vertically to desired working heights. A mounted platform at the top provides a secure work surface.

Scissor lifts are extremely versatile as they can maneuver into tight spaces that traditional booms and lifts cannot access. Their compact base can fit through standard doors, in elevators, and within retail aisles and warehouse racks. Unlike ladders and scaffolding, scissor lifts provide an enclosed platform for tools and materials. This allows workers to perform tasks safely and efficiently at height.

Key Benefits of Scissor Lifts

Compact Size

The folding scissor design results in a narrow profile that can access incredibly tight spaces that other lifts cannot. Their non-marking solid tires allow them to operate indoors without damaging floors or leaving marks.


Scissor lifts feature rear-wheel, front-wheel, and all-wheel drive options. Tight-turning radii allow them to pivot within their own footprint. Proportional controls enable precise platform positioning. These maneuverability advantages allow scissor lifts to be used in retail shops, warehouse aisles, manufacturing lines, churches, hotels, and convention centers.

Flexible Positioning

Scissor lifts position exactly where needed, from floor level up to heights over 40 feet. Platform capacities from 500 to 10,000 pounds allow them to lift operators, tools, equipment, and materials precisely where required.


Scissor lifts provide an affordable alternative to expensive crane rentals and permanent building modifications. There are no installation requirements, so scissor lifts can be easily moved from location to location as needed. Rental costs are reasonable even for long-term projects, and rent-to-own options allow payments over time.

Hered’s Revolutionary Design

Hered has taken scissor lift functionality even further with its upgraded platform lift. It still provides all the advantages of a traditional scissor lift but with enhanced capabilities.

Unique Telescoping Boom

Hered’s Lift features an integrated telescoping boom mounted to the front of the platform. This boom provides an additional 5 feet of horizontal reach so workers can safely access areas that are just out of reach of a standard scissor lift. From replacing damaged roof sections to servicing equipment, the extended reach makes tasks easier.

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Upgraded Lifting Capacity

With a 16-foot platform height and lifting capacity of 1,100 pounds, Hered’s Lift can raise operators, equipment, and materials 16 feet in the air – a full 6 feet higher than standard scissor lifts. This increased platform height allows contractors to reach higher warehouse racks, retail shelves, and building infrastructure without needing to reposition the lift.

Enhanced Safety Features

Hered prioritizes operator safety with its Lift model. Multiple emergency descent systems ensure operators can lower safely if power is lost. Descent alarms notify surrounding personnel if the platform is lowered. Full-perimeter guardrails, non-skid decking, and a weight sensor prevent overloading and tipping. These features allow inspection personnel, contractors, and warehouse workers to access elevated worksites with confidence.

Multiple Emergency Descent Systems

Most scissor lifts have a manual hand pump to lower the platform if power fails. Hered’s Lift features both a hand pump and a secondary battery lowering system. This redundancy ensures a controlled descent in any situation. The batteries recharge automatically during normal operation to have full power in an emergency.

Tilt & Descent Alarms

If the platform contacts an obstruction when elevated or shows signs of instability, a loud audible alarm activates to notify the operator and surrounding personnel of the hazardous condition. Once the obstruction is cleared or stability regained, the alarm turns off automatically. This fast notification facilitates quick response and prevention of damage.

Hered’s descent alarm provides alerts when the platform is being lowered to prevent injuries to people below the lift. The alarm turns on automatically whenever descent is activated and does not require any operator input. This failsafe system protects workers and property on the ground from being impacted by the lowering platform.

Non-Skid Platform Surface

The top surface of Hered’s Lift is coated in a gritty, non-skid material that prevents tools from sliding around and provides secure footing for operators. This ensures stable transport of equipment and safe movement for workers completing overhead tasks or accessing elevated infrastructure. The non-skid surface maintains its grip through years of use rather than wearing smooth over time.

Advanced Maneuverability

Moving safely and efficiently at height requires precise positioning control. Two key features give operators total command over Lift placement.

Omnidirectional Drive Wheels

Rather than featuring fixed front wheels, Hered’s Lift has all-steering omnidirectional drive wheels. Each wheel can rotate 360 degrees. Combined with a tight 54-inch turning radius, this complete maneuverability facilitates access even within extremely confined spaces and avoids wasted time repositioning.

Proportional Joystick Controls

Hered’s proportional joystick enables gradual start/stop control and stepless transition between forward and reverse travel. This level of precision positioning helps avoid contact incidents around racks, infrastructure, and other equipment. The intuitive controls shorten the learning curve for new operators.

Long-Lasting Durability

Scissor lifts operate in demanding conditions across endless applications, from construction to events to manufacturing. Key elements of Hered’s design enable their Lift model to withstand years of rigorous use.

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Weather-Resistant Paint & Metal

The base, shroud, and boom feature weather-resistant paint that prevents corrosion and maintains a pristine appearance despite exposure to sun, rain, snow, humidity, and salt. Internal components and vital systems are sealed as well to prevent storm damage. The high-grade steel and aluminum materials resist dents to maintain structural integrity after inadvertent bumps and minor impacts.

Solid Foam-Filled Tires

Hered’s Lift runs on solid foam-filled tires rather than air-filled pneumatic tires. This foam insert prevents flats and tread punctures so the tires never go soft, maintaining stability. It also eliminates the downtime and costs incurred from tire repairs and replacement when lifts operate on sites with abundant sharp debris and protruding nails. Even curbs and steps do not pose an issue for these durable, no-maintenance tires.


Hered’s Lift suits diverse elevated access needs across sectors:


From framing walls to positioning HVAC units to loading materials, Hered’s scissor lift shines across construction applications. Workers can transport siding, drywall sheets, lumber, tools, paint, and anything else needed far past the reach of extension ladders. Saving frequent trips up and down makes projects faster and safer. The lift can drive through confined spaces to deliver resources right to the work crews.


Whether it’s routine maintenance or event-specific preparation, Hered’s Lift keeps crews working efficiently. The lift can carry multiple technicians plus lighting, AV equipment, banners, décor, and more. Workers can continue loading in gear during events without disturbing guests thanks to the lift’s ultra-quiet electric drive.


Hered’s Lift transforms inventory management and order picking. Lifting workers and carts fully loaded with goods to upper racking it eliminates wasted steps to boost productivity. Smooth controls prevent accidental damage to infrastructure, inventory, and equipment while working at height and traveling through tight aisles.


Hered’s Lift shines across specialty manufacturing that requires custom finishing or upper-level access. Line supervisors gain an elevated vantage point to oversee production. Technicians can safely reach equipment along the line for preventative maintenance. Integrated tool trays transport necessary tools, parts, and fasteners for repairs.

Retail Spaces

From routine cleaning to seasonal décor changes, the lift optimizes retail maintenance. Merchandisers use the platform to efficiently stock upper shelves without ladders or repeatedly transitioning between carts and shelves. Constant availability means store associates can respond immediately when items need restocking or signage changes.

Buying Considerations

Determining the ideal scissor lift sale depends primarily on the required lift height, desired capacity, and preferred power system. It also pays to consider long-term costs against years of projected use.

Required Lift Height & Capacity

Consider what height crews need to reach and how much weight (operators + tools + materials) need to be raised. Standard scissor lifts work for basic access applications with lower height and capacity needs. Hered’s Lift allows for heavier loads of 16 feet rather than the standard 10-12 foot maximum.

Electric vs. Engine Power

Electric lifts like Hered’s emit zero emissions and can be used indoors. They offer ultra-quiet operation and rechargeable batteries. Gas or diesel units provide greater runtimes but require refueling and maintenance. Battery-powered electric lifts offer the most convenience with no emissions and minimal maintenance.

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Initial Cost vs. Long-Term Value

While renting can provide short-term cost savings, buying is typically more economical in the long term while also ensuring constant availability. Consider total cost against projected years of frequent use. Hered Lift’s rugged design will pay dividends for years with minimal required upkeep or downtime.

Why Choose Hered?

With over 35 years of delivering aerial lifts that take productivity to new heights, Hered has earned a reputation for quality and service. Their lifts feature robust construction to withstand years of rigorous use. Meanwhile, responsive customer care and readily available replacement parts prevent costly downtime.

While Hered offers extremely durable and reliable lifts, their reasonable pricing makes elevated access technology attainable for most budgets. Plus, they maintain extensive inventory to provide fast turnaround on orders.

Custom modification options such as alternative power sources, stainless steel or aluminum platforms, and cold weather packages deliver custom solutions. Overall, when you choose a Hered lift, you gain a long-term aerial access partner invested in your enduring success.


As worksites demand access at greater heights, it pays dividends to utilize aerial platforms rather than ladders. Scissor lifts provide a versatile and affordable lifting solution thanks to their compact size, maneuverability around obstructions, and capacity to lift operators and jobsite materials safely overhead.

Hered’s Lift takes scissor lift functionality even further. Upgraded platform height, capacity, and safety mechanisms empower users to drive productivity at height. Enhanced maneuverability equips workers to position precisely, even in ultra-tight spaces. Robust construction backed by responsive service ensures rental houses and end-user organizations gain a durable long-term asset.

Organizations that add Hered’s Lift to their equipment fleet position themselves to thrive and take their overhead access capability to the next level.


How high can Hered’s Lift reach?

With a platform height of 16 feet and an integrated 5-foot telescoping boom, Hered’s Lift can reach up to 21 feet overhead. This significantly exceeds standard scissor lifts.

What is the lifting capacity?

Hered’s Lift can raise up to 1,100 pounds. This allows two operators plus tools and materials to be lifted fully 16 feet overhead. The heaviest equipment can be precisely positioned.

Can it be used indoors?

Yes, Hered’s Lift runs on a 48-volt electric drive motor that emits zero emissions. This makes it ideal for indoor use. The non-marking tires will not scuff or damage indoor floors either.

Does the rental include batteries and a charger?

Yes, when renting Hered’s Lift, lithium-ion batteries and chargers are included. Renters will not incur any additional expenses. Hered’s nationwide service teams can provide battery replacements as needed.

What kind of warranty is included?

Hered provides a 1-year parts and labor warranty plus 5 years on major structural components. Their responsive service network strives to prevent any downtime but provides quick repairs if ever needed.

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