A Complete Beginner’s Guide To Valorant in 2022!

A Complete Beginner's Guide To Valorant in 2022!
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Created and developed by Riot Games, Valorant has seen massive success in first-person shooting games. This is a team game including plenty of agents and weapons. Therefore, it involves a lot of shooting skills and teamwork. So, the main key to achieving success in Valorant is to master accuracy.

This game has two teams with 5 players with defensive and attacking strategies amidst various kinds of adventures. Hence, you need to practice making quick decisions within your team for playing in a well-defined manner.

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If you are new to Valorant, there are some tips and tricks that you must know. Let’s go through the basic and a complete beginner’s guide to Valorant.

Full Knowledge About The Agents –

You should make yourself aware of all the Valorant agents without directly diving into the gameplay. All agents possess their unique abilities and you must know those before picking up one. During training, try out all of them and get to know the best combination of weapons and abilities. This will help you to narrow down your preferences while you reach the ranked mode. Some best agents for beginners are Jett, Reyna, Sentinel Sage, and Initiator KAY/O.

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Don’t Run While Playing –

It is a good idea to avoid running while playing Valorant because that will generate footsteps noises. Thus, you can choose walking instead of running in Valorant. Besides, just walking can enhance the accuracy and also reduces the chances of your enemies tracking you.

Armors Should Be Bought –

Playing in Valorant without armor can cause killing yourself with just one or two bullets. So, it is advisable to buy armors in Valorant and you must buy them before buying any other weapons. This is so because they will help you to stay longer while playing.

In Valorant, two types of armors are usually available. One type will cost 400 creds supporting 25 extra health while the other costs 1000 creds and can offer 50 additional health. Both these types can absorb 70% of the damage incurred to your team.

Knowing The Maps –

All the maps in Valorant feature a unique way of playing. Thus, you must familiarize yourself with all the maps and their playing styles. Also, different agents have different capabilities on each map. You need to know all the passages on the map and can also destroy doors to clear your way.

It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose the game map where you are playing. Playing on different maps as a beginner can help you to analyze what is happening there. You should observe the number of alive enemies, their position, and the trick to shooting them.

Usage of Strafe Movements –

While shooting your enemies, you must try out strafe movements. The character’s oscillating movement in a left-right manner is known as strafe shooting. For that, the A and D keys need to be pressed. Initially, you can find it to be a bit difficult but it gradually becomes easy with practice.

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There is a small mini-second gap between your strafe movements from left to right. Use this small time gap to burst fire and move away quickly afterward.

Master Your Shooting Ability –

In Valorant, just having the highest grade weapon will not only help. You must practice and master the art of shooting in the right manner. You need to keep your ears wide open to hear the footsteps of your enemies.

Upon hearing those footsteps, you should also analyze the direction from where the footsteps are coming. Once you are sure, just stop and start shooting in that direction. This time, you can use a combination of weapons and other skills to kill your enemy.

Be A Good Team Player –

Whenever you are playing in a team, you need to be a good team player of course. Since Valorant is a team game, you need to be a good team player and it’s critical.

Before the match begins till it ends, maintain constant communication with your team members. This will be related to the winning strategies, several in-game movements, item-drop locations, and more.

Just keep in mind to be precise in the information that you are sharing during the fight. It’s because miscommunication can cause your team to lose a winning battle too.

Final Thoughts…

We have designed a complete beginner’s guide to Valorant in 2022 and presented it through this article. Hope you have found it interesting and helpful. Keeping these tips in mind can easily help you to become a pro Valorant player from a beginner.

Thanks, stay calm, and keep playing!

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