A Complete Candle Making Supply Guide

A Complete Candle Making Supply Guide
A Complete Candle Making Supply Guide
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What candle-making supplies do you need to make your candles? This page has all you need for making amazing candles. The below section tells you about essential supplies and optional products so you can make an educated decision on what you require and what you could live without.

You and your candles are now free to do what you want.

Essential Supplies

Candle Oil

Wax is perhaps one of the most crucial ingredients for candle making. It’s what keeps your candles burning, melting, and then vaporizing.

You will find information on all types of candle waxes, including their pros and cons. Also, where to buy them, in my candle-making wax.

Candle Wicks

Candles wicks and wicking both are as important to lighting candles as wax. After lighting a wick, candle wax begins to melt. When exposed to flame for a long time, the wax vaporizes and the burning wick becomes less visible.

There are many types and sizes of wicks. What type of candle do you plan to make? Then you will need the right wick. Below is a handy table that will help you determine the type and size of wick you need.

Some wicks can be labeled ‘prewaxed’. That means they have been dipped already in paraffin or beeswax. These wicks will work well in smaller jar candles or tealights. When working with paraffin, it is best to use ECO wicks.

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Candle Molds

In addition to your candle making supplies, candle molds are also an essential component. They come in a variety of sizes and are a great way for creating unique shapes with your candles.

3 types of material can be used for candle molds. They are made from metal, plastic, and silicone. Metal will give you the best finish but plastic and silicone can offer you more shapes to explore.

It’s important that you know which waxes are best for pouring into molds. Paraffin wax will be your best choice for molds. But, you can also use beeswax (or a paraffin-soy mixture) if you prefer.

Candle Jars

Amazon also offers Candle Making Jars. These jars are a great option for traditional freestanding candles. They can also be used to make candles with almost any wax.

You don’t have just to use jars. These decorative candle holders from Amazon can look equally elegant and pretty.

In making jar candles it’s possible to get uneven edges. This is due to the way candle wax contracts upon cooling. If your jar is transparent, this can make it quite obvious.

To make candle-making easier, look for a jar with a smooth and polished interior.

Double Boiler – Bain Marie

A bain-marie or double boiler is the most effective way to melt your wax. Amazon sells purpose-built boilers pots. However, most of you will already own the equipment needed to put one together.

A double boiler can be described as a steel pan filled with water. The top is covered with a metal or heatproof-resistant glass bowl. You can place it on the stove to bring the water to a boil. This will allow the bowl to heat slowly without being exposed to direct heat.

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Candle Dye

Candle dye can be used to color your candles. Amazon offers several types of candle-dye, including liquid and flake. Flake candle dye is my favorite and has the highest efficiency. Flake candle dye can be strong by being very dark.

Soy candles can’t be dyed as well as other types of candle wax. It will create more pastel colors if you keep this in mind while shopping for your candle supplies.

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