A Complete Guide For Choosing The Right Frame

A Complete Guide For Choosing The Right Frame
A Complete Guide For Choosing The Right Frame

Although eyeglasses aren’t usually discussed in a beauty look, they should. It’s as easy to put on glasses as it is to change your look with a bold lipstick or eye-catching liner.

Frame shape, color, style, and frame style all play a part in how you look. It’s important to understand your face shape so that you can make an informed decision about what glasses to buy. How do you choose the perfect glasses frame for you? We have chosen different face types to show you which styles are most effective.

Let’s make sure you find the perfect fit!

How to Choose the Right Glasses Frame for Your Face

Round Face

The round face is characterized by a large forehead, big cheeks, and a rounded jawline. Because of its round shape and absence of sharp lines or angles, it’s easy for people to recognize. If you are looking for glasses for round face shapes, choose styles that highlight the natural curves of your face and not frames that emphasize its roundness.

How do you choose the right glasses frame for your face?

Frames that are twice as tall as they are wide will give you a slimmer appearance. Your glasses should be sharply angled and have strong lines. This will help define your face, and decrease the volume of your cheeks. Statement-making embellishments that increase contrast and bright colors are great options, as well. To avoid the frames from resting on your cheekbones, choose a model with adjustable nose pads.

Square Face

Square faces have strong jawlines and angular features. Use thinner frames with lots of curves to contrast your face and soften the angles. If you select glasses that are square for your face, it won’t emphasize an already angular feature.

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How to Pick the Right Glasses Frames for Square Faces?

If you have a square face, the curved lines of cat-eye frames can help soften and extend your features. For a more attractive appearance, opt for spectacles with rims that extend beyond the height of your eyes in neutral colors such as taupe, cream, and beige. This will make your face appear smaller and more rounded.

Oval Face

An oval face is an ideal shape due to its proportions. It has a narrow forehead and high cheekbones. An oval face also has a small chin. Consider frames that are at least slightly wider than your largest region.

How to Choose the Right Glasses Frame for Your Oval Face

An oval face can look great with almost any pair of glasses. For a professional, polished look, choose from a square, round, retro cat-eye, or square frame. Or, a rectangular, traditional, and versatile silhouette.

Walnut/ Heart-Shaped Face

The two most distinctive characteristics of a heart-shaped face are high cheekbones and a tapering jawline that tapers towards a prominent chin. Your face looks like a heart or a walnut. The largest area is at the top and the smallest at the bottom.

How to Choose the Right Glasses Frame for Your Walnut Face

Frames that reduce the height of your forehead and lengthen your chin are ideal. You can achieve both by choosing a design that is wider than the width of your eyebrows. Stylistic features at the frames’ ends can help direct the eye away from the forehead. You can slay with a walnut-shaped frame that comes in a range of styles.