A Complete Winter Maintenance Guide for Zeon Zoysia

Winter Maintenance
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You will find mainly two types of seasonal sod grasses one is warm-season grass, and the other one is cool-season grass. Presumably, early spring and late summer are the ideal seasons for installation. But clients should understand that special care and maintenance of sod grasses, like Zeon Zoysia, must be done during the harsh winter season.

Crucial Inquiries Regarding Zeon Zoysia Winter Maintenance

Initially, homeowners should ask the sod grass-supplying companies about winter maintenance. The questions mentioned below will help them face the challenges during winter maintenance. The main reason for having problems is that clients don’t know the appropriate maintenance steps. So, the best way to overcome the difficulties during winter is to try not to confront challenges without inquiring about the following questions.

Should you Think about Establishing sod Grass in Winter?

If you have decided to install a cool season, select early winter days because the weather can get extremely cold later, and installation could become difficult. But if you ask the experts, they will suggest installing the grass in the spring.

What is the Process of Preparing the Soil?

The installation process of sod grass, including Empire Zoysia, is almost identical. The main difference comes from ice melting, so the ground is cleared. The ice and snow should be cleared away with the help of different solutions.

Will Extra Maintenance be Required During Winter?

Important point homeowners should focus on when maintaining the sod grass during winter is that they must consider is to take extra care of the grass. Water quantity should be increased so the sod grass gets enough water to thrive when the growing season arrives.

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Guidelines to Follow for Zeon Zoysia Sod Maintenance

Although it has been discussed that spring is the best time to lay the sod, some people still prefer to install it during winter. They give because they can save money. After all, it is off-season, and the installation cost has decreased. These individuals should follow these guidelines to ensure proper maintenance of the sod grass, including Centipede grass sod.

Right Fertilization Process

It has been advised experts like Atlanta Sod Farms apply the fertilizer in late autumn or early winter. This step is taken so that carbohydrates are stored in the grass. It will convert into energy the sod will utilize during winter.  

Aerating Zeon Zoysia and Centipede Sod

Sometimes, the winter season becomes dry, and water evaporates quickly. This causes the sod grass to become rigid, and air doesn’t reach the roots. So, aerating the soil is essential throughout the winter season.

Cutting the Grass Shorter

At the start of the winter season, the grass length can be shortened because cutting the grass should be avoided during the rest of the season. It would help if you thought cutting the shorter length would allow heat and sunlight to reach the base and damage the roots. But it would help if you understood that sunlight and heat are reduced during the winter, so you don’t need to worry about the grass withering away.

Fallen Leaves as Fertilizer

Sometimes, the fertilizer is unavailable, but homeowners should know that they can use the fallen leaves. They can use a rake to scatter the leaves across the garden. This step should be avoided if the fertilizer is already applied.

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Spray Weed Prevention Treatment

This step is taken because weeds can develop during the winter due to moisture that might grow from snow and ice. So, applying weed prevention spray during the winter becomes essential.

Regular Cleaning of the Lawn

Try not to skirt this part because the sod will utilize during winter. Leaves and sticks on the grass will trap dampness. Use a rake to remove all trash on the grass after your last cutting.

Watering the Grass is Essential

It has been advised by experts to keep the sod watering the sod until the grass stops growing. Check the moisture in the soil to know what watering is required. The water should be applied once a week, but the quantity should be half an inch.

These are the steps that homeowners should take when maintaining Zeon Zoysia during the winter.

Below are three questions that will explain sod grass winter maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to grass in the winter?

The warm-season grass, especially Zeon Zoysia, goes dormant during the winter. The grass might turn brown and wither away. This doesn’t mean that the grass is dead, it is just sleeping, and when spring arrives, I will wake up again.

How to fix grass in winter?

Homeowners can start by watering the grass half an inch weekly, aerating by pulling out plugs of soil, fertilizing if necessary, and mowing before it goes dormant.

Should I fertilize my lawn in the winter?

It has been advised by sod grass experts to fertilize the grass during winter so that it survives the whole season.

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