A grenade blast in Bolivia has killed at least four people


More than 50 people were injured. The cause of the accident is not yet known but law enforcement is investigating the matter.
On Monday (May 9), the campus of Tomas Firius University in the Bolivian city of Potosi was shaken by a sudden grenade blast. At that moment, everyone started running from side to side in panic. Several of them were trampled to death. More than 50 were injured. Other students were seen treating the injured at an early stage. Upon receiving the news, the law enforcers rushed to the spot.

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Potosi Police Chief Colonel Limbruth said it was a tragic incident on the university campus. We do not yet know whether any of the students were involved in the incident or anyone outside. However, a team has already been formed to look into the matter. The injured are being treated at the university clinic.

Authorities say the students gathered in the campus auditorium for the upcoming election. That’s when this tragic accident happened.

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