A Virtual Youtuber Veibae Face Leak!

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If you are a fan of virtual YouTubers, then you must have heard about Veibae. This United Kingdom-based virtual YouTuber started uploading videos on the YouTube website in May 2020. Then, she teamed up with a company named VShojo on April 9, 2021. Many people, both gamers and those who are into Japanese culture have taken to her videos. In the past year, she’s revealed her face in a number of ways, including through merch and a Twitter update. In 2019, Veibae tweeted that she would go live in just 20 minutes.

veibae face leak


The face of popular VTuber and Twitch streamer Veibae has leaked online. Her fans are stunned by the news and have begun a discussion about it. However, Veibae’s exact set-up is still a mystery.


The YouTube video of Veibae face leak has gained a lot of attention, but the edgy face reveal may not be as shocking as it seems. The UK-based virtual Youtuber is currently popular with Japanese-speaking fans and gamers alike. In addition to streaming games, Veibae also tweets about her life and engages in Twitter conversations with her fans. She is represented by the VShojo talent agency, but it’s not clear whether Veibae has gone under the knife to reveal her face.


Veibae is a popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber from the United Kingdom. She has over 350k subscribers and is very popular among gamers. Her face was only leaked through a Twitter post. It is still unclear if Veibae had plastic surgery, but the picture does look different than her other images.

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Her real name is unknown

Although her real name is unknown, fans are familiar with her thick British accent and videos on Twitch and YouTube. She has over 170,000 followers on Facebook and has been vlogging since her early teen years. However, she has not revealed much about her family life or educational background. She also hasn’t given out much information on her private life, except for a few pictures she shares on Twitter.

Her income ranges from $160 to 260K per month

Veibae’s income range is unknown, but she does make a significant amount of money. Her videos are popular with a large fan base and she has a huge income from her Twitch channel. She is an independent and self-assured woman who earns anywhere from $160 to 260K a month.

Her relationship status

Recently, Veibae face reveal online. While her real name is still unknown, her friends refer to her as “Vei.” Veibae is currently dating Thomas Chance Morris, known online as Sodapoppin. The pair has been in the news nonstop for the last several weeks.

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