Agriculture Tools and Their Uses

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In the agricultural process, agriculture equipment might be heavy, lightweight, or hand tools. Depending on the manufacturer’s specifications, they are either manual or automated. Replanting, weeding, transporting, dumping, and digging all require equipment. Here are some best agriculture tools and their uses:


The agricultural equipment that is used to transport farm produce, nutrients, fertilizers, organic manure, waste materials, as well as other materials. While transporting the contents, the wheelbarrow can be moved with its two handles.


Pickaxe are used as gardening tools, as well as to break up hard terrain and as farming instruments. It is made out of a metal handle and a head with both a sharp and blunt end.

The pointed end can be used to pry objects up, while the blunt end could be used to break up hard floors. A pickaxe may break up soil in ways that a shovel can’t. The sharp edge of the axe could be used to break up dry, hardened clay or rock soils.



A hoe is a useful farming hand tool that may be used to shape soil, manage weeds, remove soil, and harvest root crops. Piling soil all around root of plants or digging narrow furrows and deep trenches for seedling and bulb planting can help shape the soil.

Cutting leaves from the roots and removing the soil of old roots and crop leftovers can be done with a hoe to control weeds. Hoes can be used to dig and move dirt during the harvesting of root crops like potatoes.

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Hand Stickle:

A sickle is an agricultural equipment with a curved blade that is commonly used for harvest grains or cutting succulent fodder for cattle feeding. Hand sickles come in a various size, and use in a variety of cultures.

Hand Fork:

The hand fork is a soil cultivation farming equipment which is used to loosen soil. It may be used to mix, move, and turn composting soils just like a shovel. It is use to aerate the soil and remove weeds. Plants and seedlings were also transported by some farmers.


It is used to cultivate the soil. Ploughs were frequently driven by animals in the past. Plough is also used to prepare ground for planting. However, it is now typically linked to the tractors before being used for cultivation.


Harrows, are always coupled to a tractor by their blades and framework before being used to break up rocks or blocks in the soil. This is done to confirm that the soil structure is appropriate for germination and planting.

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