Off/Script Launches An App to Create and Buy AI-Designed Fashion

AI-Designed Fashion
Off/Script Launches An App to Create and Buy AI-Designed Fashion
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The creators of Off/Script, a brand-new community-powered platform for product creation, are placing a big wager on AI-Designed Fashion goods.

The company, founded by Jonathan Brun and Justine Massicotte, today announced the official release of its mobile app, which enables anybody to design, share, and sell product mock-ups in the hopes of seeing their ideas come to life. Designers can create anything, including technology, furniture, décor, apparel, and upscale handbags and other accessories.

Voters select their top designs, and the startup from Montreal finances, manufactures, and ships the designs that receive the greatest support. We are informed that a product design cannot be considered until it receives at least 100 votes. Off/Script assesses the project’s complexity, manufacturing costs, and the appropriate amount of inventory to order in response to demand.

Regardless of experience level, anyone can create product mock-ups with Off/Script’s generative AI design studio. The generative AI model Stable Diffusion, which Off/Script has customized for poses, variations, and scalability, is used by the company’s studio. It also shows 360-degree views of the products using ControlNet, an open network protocol to manage image production in Stable Diffusion.

To personalize their work, creators have two options: they can either input a custom prompt into the generator or choose from existing product templates. With the help of its network of manufacturers, Off/Script has amassed a library of bespoke apparel and accessories, which includes swimsuits, duffle bags, bucket hats, raincoats, sweatshirts, pants, and knitted sweaters. This provides creators with a workable starting point, as it has previously been accomplished. 

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Over the years, AI-generated fashion has gained popularity as a tool for designers. CALA, a production and design tool that has been in existence since 2016, has integrated OpenAI’s DALL-E API.

Off/Script wants to be one of the first businesses to connect user-generated designs, generative AI, and physical goods. “You can choose to use the studio,” Massicotte remarked. If they would like, skilled designers can submit concepts made with programs like Photoshop and others. We think the Studio is a fantastic resource for concept development and for assisting creators of all skill levels in elegantly presenting their ideas to the world.

Off/Script collaborates with an ecosystem of more than 1,000 manufacturers to realize the ideas, including Crease Group, a business that represents brands like Club Pilates, Pure Barre, Rumble Boxing, and Kevin Hart’s Gran Coramino tequila.

Our long-term goal is to allow [manufacturers] to take on projects straight via the portal. More designers can witness their creations being produced in this way, Brun told us. To help creators “promote the local economy,” he added that Off/Script is looking to work with regional firms.

AI-Designed Fashion:

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AI-Designed Fashion [Source of Image:]

Off/Script’s website and app presently offer thirty beta-phase products for purchase. Products include sneakers, clothes, athleisure, and luxury pieces created by well-known designers including MMA instructor Firas Zahabi and AI artists Field Skjellerup (@ai_clothingdaily) and Alycia Rainaud (@maalavidaa).

It is hard to determine where a product mock-up originated from and whether it was plagiarized because makers can submit them straight from their camera roll. Off/Script’s in-app report feature addresses this.

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It is visible to us from our creative studio what prompt was created. However, there is no way to monitor that if they [grab an image] from Midjourney and post it on Off/Script. Therefore, for individuals to report this as their art, you need a report option.

Off/Script additionally includes a tag indicating which contribution made use of an AI art generator for complete transparency. Having an entirely original idea these days is impossible, as many fashion designers draw influence from others. But there’s a big difference between being inspired and just plain plagiarizing someone.

If the designs produced on Off/Script live up to the company’s unique and superior claims, this may be a welcome diversion from the fast-fashion labels pilfering independent artists’ work or the flood of AI-generated goods that are overtaking Etsy.

BlockTower, White Star Capital, Accel, and other investors have contributed more than $7 million to Off/Script.

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