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AIWA22 OTO  –  What is AIWA22 ?

AIWA22 (Artificial Intelligence Website Assistant) is an AI-powered website builder that allows you to create smart, super sleek, simple, and professional websites and PWA apps in under 60 seconds.

Just answer a few questions about your business type, color scheme, logo, and contact information. Your information will be the basis for a unique, smart website that is built just for your business.

The Demo

Product Overview

UPSELL #1: AIWA22 Unlimited ($67/yr)

With the Unlimited upgrade, the AIWA22 app is supercharged and everything is unlocked. With AIWA22 unlimited, you can make as many websites as you want, each with as many pages as you want, connect as many sub-domains or main domains as you want, make e-commerce stores and blogs, add SSL to as many websites as you want for free, host as many websites as you want in the cloud, and generate traffic through social sharing.

$67/yr UPSELL #2: AIWA22 Professional $67

With the AIWA22 Professional upgrade, we take things one step further by unlocking some powerful, must-have features, such as removing the AIWA22 brand from ALL websites, the AIWA22 website import feature, super-fast websites that are Google-friendly, brand-new templates, international features like an auto-translated website, more autoresponder integrations, a reseller panel with 50 accounts, and more.

UPSELL #3: AIWA22 Agency $59

AIWA22 Agency lets your users start their own professional website development agency for local and online businesses and start making money. With AIWA22 Agency, they will get: Agency License with WL Rebranding, DFY Reseller License, Virtual & Team Member Access, Website Development Agency Website, Custom Paypal Checkout Integration, Add Featured Samples of Services Offered, Add Clients’ Testimonials, Allow Clients to Schedule Appointments, 5 Year WebHosting Included. Create Client Review Accounts, DFY Client Contract Templates, ReadyMade Client Contracts, DFY Lead Magnets, and 100+ DFY Facebook Ad + Copy Templates.

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UPSELL #4: AIWA22 Whitelabel $297

With the AIWA22 Whitelabel, your users will be able to rebrand AIWA22 and create and sell user accounts to start their own website, store, and funnel builder software business. We host everything for them and handle all the support.

UPSELL #4: AIWA DFY ($197)
AIWA DFY gives users access to Readymade 100 Local Business Websites, Custom Logo Creation For Your Clients, Custom Setup of Personal Website, and many more DFY features.



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Video review for Front End only

Text From This video

Hello guys, welcome to the review of ava. This is Rohit from, and today I am going to review Ava22. What, in a nutshell, is Ava? Ava is a tool that helps you to create websites within minutes. It means you can create websites for your clients, for your own business, and you can just do it within minutes, and you don’t want to like you. You don’t have to like, have your own hosting; all you have to do is buy like domains and everything ava gives you.

So let’s start this review, and this is the dashboard of Eva, and now uh, If you want to buy an ava, you can go to the description of this video and read the article I wrote about the eva.I have mentioned all the things like otos. All the audios, because you should know what you are getting, all the otos and everything. I’ve also included the bundle deal. I think, uh, here you can like, directly buy the bundle option too, and I have given some bonuses from the tech evoke itself.

So you can go and check out these things. Also, so now on this particular dashboard, We have the simple option of creating a website. So, let’s start with creating, uh, like app websites. They do have, like, a 360-degree spin. You can also create a 3D visual display for the web.

AIWA22 OTO Links

You can, like, import any website from any url. They also give the option of means. You can like get any website from any url, which means you can like get the template of this website and you can like edit any of the websites. If you want, then they have, like, multiple things too. So, let’s start with creating a website.

The option of creating and now we have two options: either we can go to auto-generate or we can select the import site button. So let me give you a glimpse of how the auto site generator works. So here we have to put down a few things. For example, if I’m creating a website for digital marketing, so digital marketing services right and I have to like give the name like. Let me give you a tech evoke: let’s go, let’s go with the tech evoke itself. So now it will say “select the cover photos” or something like that.

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So let’s select a random image for you. It says “upload your logo,” so here you have to, like, upload your logo. I’m going to upload any of the logos I might find here. So we have a logo here, so I can upload this specific logo, and now I have to move on.So, as you can see, my logo is already there. Now I have to select the background themes and choose which type of header color I want.

So I’m looking for the most nice filter like header here, so I can like, uh, select from the different different colors here. So they have a pattern of various different colors. So I’m going to select this one. Now it is saying that I should select the header type, so I’m going to select this one. So this looks nice now. It is saying that you select the font and itself-and now I have to like put down the address. So I’m going to put down the address-and here I can like have an address, so let’s see how it works, and now I’m going to finish. Our side has been building it.

Let us see what it gives us. So, as you can see, we have a website, and I can also add this particular page from here. It means in the mode I can like edit, in the layout mode also, or either I can like go to edit mode also, so I can like edit anything from here. If I want to like edit the layout, I can like go to any layout and I can like change anything if I want. I can do anything here, so this is how things work.

AIWA22 OTO Bonuses

If I want to, like, put on some elements, I can directly go from here and I can import them. So, it is quite easy. For example, it’s easy to set up these particular things, for example here, and if I want to like go again and I want to like edit it-i can go on clicking on this image and I can like add my own image here. I just have to go upload something and you can have whatever you want.It is a quick way to, like, create your website, so I’m going to leave it right now and I’m going to just cross it.

So this is how the tool works, so it is quite easy if you want to connect your own domain. Uh, you can connect your own domain because it will be supported for these particular domains right now. This is the website and I’m going to publish it right now, so you can like, directly add your domains. They also have training here. You can go here and see how to do things like add the domain and stuff like that.So don’t worry about it.

Let’s publish this first and let’s see what happens, so this is okay. I have like clicked two times, so let’s click only once, right, and it will take a few seconds to, uh, publish it fully. Let’s see. Okay, now our website is published. So now I can like go to preview and I can preview my website. As you can see, I can change it and, like I have not done anything right, in a few seconds, I have created a website. So you can edit it. Of course, you have to edit it now.

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I can do more things here. For example, I can add new pages like “contact us” or “about us. I can, like, uh, select the pages. What should the pages or contact information be?So that is also done for you, and you can enjoy it.

AIWA22 Upsell

It is kind of done for you for everything. I think you can do everything here and, uh, We have a few more options. For example, if I go here, we can, I can also, like, create a pwa mean. I can create an app. You can like it will directly create an app for the particular website you want, so you can choose the color themes and all these things, and you can also like uh. You have to select an icon for your banner and you can like go to settings and you can create the apps and it will automatically create apps which later you can like put on the app store or something like that.

You can do it and also do the odd thing, like create a website mode. We have a mode of importing our website, so uh, import our website. If you like it, I can put in the url and I can import any of the website layouts. So this is also a cool feature that they are providing right now, and you can later edit it with this builder they provide you, and they also have many themes here; you can go and install it, or you can create it; it completely depends on you.What you want is right-and they also like to have some more features here.

For example, I go to a marketplace. This is one of the important things here. You can get clients for your website designing business, so this is again a great thing you can have in your bucket to like. If you want to get clients, you can get clients from here. As you can see three minutes ago,

Four minutes ago, four minutes ago, 27 minutes ago, and almost 38 okay bits are also there, nine bits. So there are multiple projects like the website design. You can also book e-commerce and do much more directly from here.It comes with many capabilities, so you can do that, and they also have an integration part of mail. If you want to connect your own SMTP like mail server, you can add it and they also have a booking calendar appointment and all these things are available and they also have a 360 spinner video and something like that.

So, overall, the software looks good. Yes, you have to put in a few efforts to get the clients, and you can give them the services of creating websites, if you’re already running a website business. This can be a great tool for your business. You can, like, uh, create websites in a few hours or a few minutes. It totally depends on you, but at least our website setup will take 30 to 35 minutes, or one hour, because we have to also put down the content of that particular client.

So, don’t think about it. You can just do it. It will create a website and 13 in a few minutes, but you must put in and do all of the sizing and all of these things before you can have your own um uh websites here.So this was the quick review of Ava 22. I hope you enjoyed this video and, if you do like this software, you can go on the link of this video and you can like have that particular software with one of my links and you can get all my crazy bonuses. Thank you guys.

This was Rohit. See you in the next video.


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