All About Safety Signs & Their Types

All About Safety Signs & Their Types

To keep everyone out of danger, safety signs play a crucial role in everyday life. At the office, home, or anywhere these signs are essential to maintain the workflow. They not only ensure safety of your employees and family members but also suggest the best way out during an emergency. Safety signs in Australia have become mandatory. It is made sure that everyone who owns a factory or a house that requires safety signs should have them installed. In this article, we are going to enlighten you with the five most important safety signs.

Safety Signs That Follow Australian Standards

There are various types of safety signs in Australia. Having a better understanding of these safety signs will help you know better where and how to put them at your place of work. These signs include—

  • Warning signs
  • Fire signs
  • Danger signs
  • Mandatory signs
  • Emergency information signs

Some of these signs are not required officially but are popular because of their common and regular needs in day-to-day life. Let us understand each of these signs in detail.

Warning Signs

These signs give a warning regarding the upcoming hazardous situations. In simple words, these are self-explanatory signs. These types of signs make the viewer practice caution. The warning signs show the hazard symbol which comes in a yellow field, including a black pictogram that is inside a black triangle. Here are a few types of hazard warning signs that are used in various places—

  • Biohazard
  • Beware of vehicles
  • Beware of flash
  • Slippery when wet
  • Beware of injury while lifting

Fire Safety Signs

Fire safety signs point out the availability of fire-fighting equipment or fire alarms. This is to keep in mind that the red field is important in this safety sign including white text and pictograms. These safety signs are usually big and easily visible. Fire safety signs include—

  • Fire hose
  • Break glass
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Fire alarm
  • Fire alarm (pull)
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Danger Signs

Danger signs are a kind of safety sign that are quite similar to hazard signs. The only difference is that these safety signs include warning against immediate and life-threatening danger. Danger signs are one of the most important safety signs that workers should be well aware of and should follow seriously. This sign has a black rectangle and black oval in which DANGER is written in bold on top. These signs include—

  • Toxic
  • High voltage
  • Acid
  • Crush zone
  • Do not enter

Mandatory Signs

It is a mandatory/compulsory sign. If you see this sign somewhere, you have to follow certain instructions at that place.This sign contains a blue pictogram on a white field. Sometimes pictograms can be black. It includes—

  • Protective equipment must be worn beyond the point
  • Always use
  • Protection must be worn
  • Always wash hands
  • Guards must be used

Emergency Information Signs

These are informative signs that describe the nearby emergency facility along with emergency exits, defibrillators, and first aid kits. These signs have white pictograms and text written on a green background. They include—

  • Emergency shower
  • Lifeboat
  • First aid
  • Emergency exit
  • Assembly area


We hope the information was helpful for you. Safety signs mentioned above and other equipment like safety bollards can play a crucial role in an individual’s life. Having these signs have become a necessity because you can never predict what is next. It is our responsibility to safeguard the life of our loved ones and others around us. Hence having warning and safety signs is the best way to do that.

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