The All-Electric Lucid Gravity SUV finally makes its Debut with 440 Miles of Range

All-Electric Lucid Gravity SUV
The All-Electric Lucid Gravity SUV finally makes its Debut with 440 Miles of Range
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The much-anticipated Gravity, an All-Electric Lucid Gravity SUV from EV manufacturer Lucid, was unveiled. Its range may leave a Tesla Model X, Fisker Ocean, or Rivian R1S stranded at a charging station.

For the creator of electric vehicles, the Lucid Gravity holds existential significance, as does the response it garners. The company’s first electric vehicle, the Lucid Air, has garnered favourable reviews. But this year’s weaker demand has forced the automaker to cut pricing and its annual output projection.

Gravity might enable Lucid to reclaim its market share in the competitive EV sector. Lucid must, of course, actually launch the vehicle. Lucid didn’t rush its sedan, and their SUV is the same. In August, the business announced that the manufacturing schedule for Gravity SUVs would now be in late 2024 instead of late 2023 as planned.

All-Electric Lucid Gravity SUV:

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Basics of Lucid Gravity:

The EV “heralds the dawn of a new era for electric SUVs,” Lucid wrote grandiosity. This tone has a purpose; with sales of Lucid’s first car, the Air luxury sedan, falling short of expectations, the company’s future now hinges on Gravity’s ability to be a force in the EV market. But Lucid is in a different period now. Additionally, it designed an all-electric SUV with several notable features.

Such as a robust low-slung design and a sport tail out the back, all of which help to contribute to the vehicle’s 0.24 coefficient drag. Its battery range is partly attributed to its aerodynamic design. Lucid states that the car achieves zero to sixty mph acceleration in under 3.5 seconds, surpassing Tesla’s Model X Plaid claim by approximately one second.

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As detailed by the company, the Lucid Gravity features a 900-volt electrical architecture, a streamlined EV motor powertrain, boasting a payload capacity exceeding 1,500 pounds, and an additional towing capacity of up to 6,000 pounds. Gravity’s maximum range, according to Lucid, will be more than 440 miles.

The anticipated range is achievable “with a battery pack a little more than half the size of some of our battery-hungry competitors,” according to Lucid CEO Peter Rawlinson in a statement. It will be the market’s longest-range electric SUV if Lucid’s predictions about its performance in actual situations come true.

Additionally, the car can charge similarly to a Tesla, consuming up to 200 miles of range at a fast charger in just 15 minutes. The company claims the seven-seater SUV would start at less than $80,000. There will be several options and trim levels that will cause the price to rise much over that figure if past performance is any indication.

The Lucid Gravity Inside:

A 34-inch curved OLED panel that floats over a revamped steering wheel is moving within the SUV. Just as it did with the Air, Lucid amplifies the interior details.

The seven-passenger arrangement and the sliding console that offers more storage are noteworthy. According to Lucid, the second row’s sliding seats and built-in convenience tables provide an “elevated back-seat experience.”

The manufacturer claims that when the back seats—the second and third rows—fold flat, the total usable cargo volume increases to over 112 cubic feet.

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