All we know about Kodi 20 Nexus Alpha 3

All we know about Kodi 20 Nexus Alpha 3
All we know about Kodi 20 Nexus Alpha 3

Are you a fan of Kodi? You are probably just as excited as we are about the Kodi 20 Nexus Alpha 3 news if you are. We managed to gather everything already available around the release, including characteristics, features, and anything else that you might want to know. Keep reading to find out what you can expect from Kodi 20. 

What we know about Kodi 20 Nexus Alpha 3

So, what is it hiding behind the magnificent code name “Nexus”? The developers behind it were reluctant to disclose a lot, but we still managed to get our hands on some information that will give you a look behind the scenes. 

The new version will be the successor of the Kodi v19 Matrix, which we all love, and it will be hard to say goodbye. However, we are so excited about what is next for Kodi. The development of the new version has been going on for more than a year, and some versions have already been released but are not suitable for most users.

You might already have tried versions Alpha 1 or Alpha 2 if you were of the lucky people with devices that already support those. But many people are still waiting on this because they don’t want to give up on some features that are not yet available on those 2 versions. Nexus Alpha 3 promises to be the big brother of Matrix and to have everything it is offered on version 19 and even more.

New features & bug fixes

There are many bugs that have been addressed and already fixed with the new version, and we will cover some of them here:

  • ksooo Database has been significantly optimized, and now the performance of the DB wrappers is much better. 
  • Many add-ons that were causing issues on Nexus Alpha 3 are not working smoothly, and you can freely explore all of them. Many Kodi builds will be available again, and probably some of your favorites are already there. 
  • DVD Menu has been fixed.
  • Filesystem issues related to many NFS instances were fixed and improved.
  • If you already tried Nexus Alpha 1 or 2 and checked the code, you might have found some issues with the Font/Glyh, but those should be gone with the new Alpha 3 version.
  • When it comes to Games, those are also improved, and now the controllers are working much better without crashing all the time.
  • Obsolete add-ons were removed, as the Core Kodi install.
  • Now it is possible to set up an HDR Output.
  • Many changes were made when it came to the interface, especially the issue with the wrong windows that were popping up all the time.
  • The  3D MVC Playback was fixed.
  • Some of the PVR issues have been fixed, but the Kodi team says this is ongoing work and is still working on further improvements.
  • Subtitles are significantly improved, and you won’t have any issues with strange characters being shown.
  • Something new has been introduced is the AV1 hardware decoding for both Linux and Android.
  • Now the Apple M1 version is supported.
  • For the fans of retro games — Savestate manager will now offer some of the best classics. 
  • The mouse input has been fixed. 
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And many more significant improvements and fixes will be introduced with Kodi 20 Nexus Alpha 3, and you can find all of them on GitHub.

Should you upgrade to  Kodi 20 Nexus Alpha 3?

For us, the answer is yes. The new version is much more stable, and most of the bugs that were annoying people are now gone. You will also be able to take advantage of many improvements people were asking for, even in version 19, but the Kodi team wasn’t able to introduce them by now. Of course, there are still things that can be better but don’t forget that this is a long process until the  Kodi 20 Nexus is to the point of reaching its full potential.

You can already find the installation packs for Windows, Android, and macOS in 32bits and 64bits. You need to check which one will be better for your machine, but we will, of course, recommend the 64bits. You can easily install Kodi on your FireStick as well as other streaming devices. 

If you would like to wait for an even more stable and better version, you might have to wait a couple more months. However, Kodi developers are promising their focus is on the  Kodi 20 Nexus, and they will try to make it even better as soon as possible. 

Wrapping up

If you are a Kodi fan, you should definitely try  Kodi 20 Nexus Alpha 3. If you are still not that happy with it, you can always revert to Kodi 19. We are sure that very soon, we will be using Nexus and will love it just as much as any other Kodi build. 

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