All You Should Know Before Hiring Back-End Developers For Your Business

All You Should Know Before Hiring Back-End Developers For Your Business
All You Should Know Before Hiring Back-End Developers For Your Business

This post was most recently updated on April 21st, 2023

Finding the right back-end developers to hire for your business is certainly not rocket science. As long as you put certain factors into consideration, such as your needs and the developer’s portfolio, you certainly won’t have issues when looking to hire back-end developers. Like front-end developers, back-end developers are pretty important in any organization. The work behind the scene by helping the company to handle technical issues that may be affecting an e-commerce app.

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What are the roles of back-end developers? How do you find and hire back-end developers, such as Alian Software? Read on to find all you should know before hiring your preferred back-end developers.

What exactly do back-end developers do?

If you’re looking to hire the best web app development company, one service you need to put in mind is “back-end development service“. In case you don’t know, back-end development is the backbone of every web application.

Back-end development involves writing codes that help to connect and exchange data with the front end before being shown on the user’s screen. Generally, the back end of an application focuses on the things your visitors can’t see when they visit your app. When you hire backend developers, it means you’re hiring an expert to ensure your app performs perfectly with zero downtime.

Tips on how to hire back-end developers

Your business hiring process for back-end developers shouldn’t only focus on checking the applicant’s resumes. In addition, you also need to understand the skills they are bringing to the table, including how they can help you improve your business’s backend operations.

  1. What does your company need?
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Before you go ahead to hire backend developers, you need to first understand why you’re hiring an expert for your business. What exactly are your company’s needs?

Knowing exactly what your company wants will enable you to find a suitable developer for your app’s back-end operation. For instance, if you’re looking to own high-performance apps with high scalability and code reusability, node.js back-end professionals are all you need. Node.js is suitable for handling simultaneous connections, delivering serverless architecture, and getting real-time communication support.

  1. Check portfolio

Checking the applicants’ portfolios will certainly help you understand whether or not they are good enough to execute your app development project. By checking portfolios, you’ll be able to understand a developer’s technical capabilities and skills.

  1. Skills to look for

It’s important to check the developer’s skills during the hiring process.

  • First, a reliable back-end developer should have good knowledge of the different types of programming languages, including Node.js, Java, and Python.
  • The developer must also understand how to work with different database platforms, such as Oracle and MySQL.
  • The developer should also have great knowledge of how to manage APIs.

Alian Software is currently one of the leading back-end developers firms. Hire back-end developers from this firm today and get different expert node.js professionals to assist you in maintaining your web app.

At Alian Software, our Node.js services include helping you to:

  • Create APIs & seamlessly integrate them into existing applications.
  • Develop node.js plugins for more trending app features
  • Reduce operational costs and upgrade your pre-existing node.js program.
  • Migrate web apps from other technology to node.js 
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