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Mr. Alok kumar badatia founder of Aadme
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When and how did you start?

In 2016, We started with different formats and different brand names, but finally, in 2018, Aadme was founded. The initial stage started with service and consulting, and in 2016, we received an elite mission mode project to train 100 +Digital Marketers with different capacities and skills. While interviewing them, we realized that they needed to be industry ready due to their lack of professional skills as per the requirement of this dynamic industry.

Due to the emergence of analytics tools and data-driven marketing, the requirement to track and be able to think at an advanced level of targeted and effective strategies, We decided to establish a training program to meet the growing demand for skilled professionals and educate the individuals about the different aspects of digital marketing and provide them with necessary skills to excel in the industry.

This is how Aadme bridged the gap from educational professional skills to industry-ready.

How did you come up with the idea? Your inspirational moment

We created a Facebook Post and promoted it. Inquiries came in, and two students were enrolled. The first student was from Australia, who was a business owner and scaled his business after the performance. Another student was from the USA and became a skilled working professional after training and under guidance and mentorship. We started with free training delivery in corporate enterprises to high-profile CEO and VPs.

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Eventually, we thought that this was an addressable problem. And we started a youtube channel named “ Alok Badatia” and started creating and sharing content around job enhancement and business growth. The goal was to provide engaging and informative content that enables them to grasp the concept of digital marketing.

Brief about the organization and founding members

AADME is one of Asia’s leading Digital Marketing training programs with live practical sessions focusing on the individual development of the students in their professional careers. AADME is a prestigious and award-winning digital marketing institute with more than 50,000+ learners generating quality results worldwide.

Aadme was recently awarded as the Most Trusted Digital Marketing Learning Platform 2023 in Nation Wide Awards 2023 recognized by business Mint.

Alok Kumar Badatia, a founder of the globally renowned digital marketing institute “AADME” and India’s leading marketing consultant & entrepreneur with over 90K+ inclusive of both followers and subscribers on Social Media & YouTube, has been innovatively impacting thousands of individuals across the globe, transforming their businesses, & careers phenomenally.

Alok Batadia ( Founder of Aadme )
Alok Batadia ( Founder of Aadme )

The detailed journey, like what all you want to share with readers

Aadme currently gives intensive and impactful training to students, freelancers, and agency owners to use digital platforms in a précised way to scale the business at a low cost. In order to reach more people, we converted our offline training to online coaching. Under our mentorship, a lot of freelancers and agency owners have scaled their businesses by increasing their income from 0 to 1 lakh, 1 lakh-5-6 lakh, 5 lacks -10 lakh, and 50 lacks -1 Cr.

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We have collabed with industry experts and increased our trainer base, and currently, we have students from more than seven countries. We have 4Youtube Channels and more than 1 lakh followers. Students do gain a lot from our free content on youtube.

Aadme - Most trusted digital marketing learning platform
Aadme – Most trusted digital marketing learning platform
Aadme Success Stories

We have 4.5 months of program with lifetime mentorship, which has helped small-town businesses to go online and more than 100 businesses go international.

We want to conclude by giving a crucial message to the readers that using online platforms judiciously is crucial in today’s digital age. With vast information and opportunities available online, it is important to exercise caution, and under a mentor by being aware of not falling prey to scams, students can navigate the digital world safely and enjoy its benefits while minimizing potential risks.

About funding, plans for growth 

No funding, bootstrapped

Future plans

Aadme is a global name that has made a magnificent impact and wants to create a significant digital revolution.

Failures are the wings that strengthen oneself for a successful tomorrow. We don’t build Managers, we build leaders : Alok Kumar Badatia ( AADME )

Your hook-up point, if any (something unexceptional you have done for your startup)

Our USPs are :

  • Lifetime Mentorship Program
  • Guaranteed Paid Internship
  • Lifetime LMS Access
  • Word on Paid Live Projects
  • Get Funds to run Ads
  • 100% Job & Business Assistance
  • Work Experience Letter
  • Start your agency in 90 Days
  • Easy EMI Options 

Alok Kumar Badatia Founder of Aadme

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Our website/ apps / and contact details:

Aadme Consulting And Coaching Pvt Ltd

Address : No 334 27th Main Hsr Sector-2, Bengaluru

Mobile No : +91 8548846108

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