American Start-Up to Set Up EV Battery Recycling Plant

American Start-Up to Set Up EV Battery Recycling Plant
American Start-Up to Set Up EV Battery Recycling Plant

Wednesday, 28 June 2023, Bengaluru, India

A new US facility will soon provide an answer to the shortage of essential metals by extracting them from dead batteries using a method that emits fewer emissions than rivals.

The new recycling business Nth Cycle is constructing its first substantial facility in Fairfield, Ohio, to produce a blend of nickel and cobalt, which are crucial elements of lithium-ion batteries used to power electric vehicles and smartphones. The facility will give locals a “sneak peak” on Monday, according to Chief Executive Officer Megan O’Connor, with final commissioning planned for this fall. Although it hasn’t given an exact figure, the business says it will spend between $25 and $30 million on the plant. 

Battery Recycling plant
Battery Recycling plant at Nth Cycle (Image Source: Nth Cycle)

The method used by Nth Cycle entails soaking the crushed residues of dead batteries in a water-based solution before extracting certain metals using a succession of electrified filters. It also functions with metal scrap, mine debris, and electronic trash. Additionally, the processing unit from Nth Cycle, known as the Oyster, is meant to be modular so that any individual customer can deploy it at their mine or plant. Compared to traditional recycling procedures, the company boasts significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions. 

Nth Cycle has not yet disclosed any of its clients, but according to O’Connor, they consist of automakers, battery manufacturers, and consumer electronics manufacturers. She continued by saying that mixed hydroxide precipitate, a nickel-cobalt product made by Nth Cycle, is not currently produced domestically. Therefore, she said, engaging with Nth Cycle will enable clients to benefit from the “buy-American” benefits provided by the federal Inflation Reduction Act.  

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