An Analysis Of Mandala Scrubs

An Analysis Of Mandala Scrubs
An Analysis Of Mandala Scrubs
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Mandala scrubs were founded by Kaustubh Varma. He founded this company after noticing how expensive scrubs are for medical professionals. He noticed that people in the medical field had to spend a great deal of An Analysis Of Mandala Scrubs money on scrubs that were not very expensive to produce.

He noted that the medical apparel industry is highly dominated by a few companies that profit from selling scrubs at An Analysis Of Mandala Scrubs large expenses. With this, he got the idea to sell scrubs at low cost to people in the medical industry and that is when he launched mandala scrubs.

About Mandala Scrubs:

Mandala scrubs is a medical clothing brand that was founded in 2020 in the US by kaustabh Varma. Mandala scrubs is the first brand on the internet to offer Men’s and women’s performance medical wear. Tops, long sleeve t-shirts, joggers, An Analysis Of Mandala Scrubs pants, jackets, and other items are available. It also sells face masks, caps, and other accessories. Mandala Scrubs guarantees its customers that it will sell its product at a fair price, setting it apart from its competitors.

The company now provides consumers with an extensive range of products to choose from for both men and women in a variety of colors, clothing materials, and sizes, making it comfortable for all. Men’s and women’s quality medical apparel is An Analysis Of Mandala Scrubs offered by mandala scrubs,  an internet-first brand. Tops, long sleeve t-shirts, joggers, pants, jackets, and other items are featured in the product catalog. Additionally, it sells hats, masks, etc. The company asserts that the performance fabrics used to create its products are stain- and spill-resistant

The company’s top priority is to provide comfortable clothing to its customers; thus, they do not provide its scrubs with flashy logos and An Analysis Of Mandala Scrubs unnecessary details; instead, they believe in the ‘less-is-more’ approach and ensure that the scrubs are comfortable and fit perfectly. They also guarantee that scrubs are designed with both style and simplicity in mind.

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Mandala Scrubs image
Mandala Scrubs (Image Source:

Mandala scrubs also keep in mind the importance of sustainability. they promise that they hand-pick their factories as well as keep their scrubs away from harsh chemicals harmful to the clothes as well as the person. Mandala scrubs are An Analysis Of Mandala Scrubs Producer of medical scrubs with the goal of providing products to medical professionals on a regular basis.

The company’s products provide a subscription-based service in which buyers can choose a pair of scrubs that will be delivered An Analysis Of Mandala Scrubs according to the plan chosen, allowing medical and healthcare professionals to customise their casual wear as needed.

Lastly, Mandala scrubs offer honest prices to its customers, on average they only get a return of 2x or 2.6x. the company’s An Analysis Of Mandala Scrubs main aim is to provide senselessly markable without reducing the quality and providing clothing at affordable prices. 

 The company also has a presence on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, making mandala scrubs visible to its customers. 

Mandala scrubs use a proprietary formula, Equa-Tek, which was created after more than five years of study and more than a hundred prototypes were tested. Equa-Tek makes the impossibly possible. Equa-Tek spill-repellent An Analysis Of Mandala Scrubs technology is woven into the fibres of the fabric, as opposed to conventional coated technologies, keeping each garment’s natural feel and breathability which then makes the cloth comfortable to wear. Consumer Goods, Retail, and Consumer markets are where Mandala Scrubs mainly works. Mandala Scrubs also competes in the consumer and tech industries.

Mandala Scrubs Founder & Team:

Mandala Scrubs Founder image
Mandala Scrubs Founder (Image Source:

The owner of mandala scrubs is kaustabh Varma he founded mandala scrubs in December of 2018. he is the sole founder of mandala scrubs. Other than mandala scrubs he also funded Vardama in June 2014. mandala scrubs is founded by kaustabh in the San Francisco bay area.

Mandala scrubs have various employees in different regions of the world. mandala scrubs employees are situated in the US and India. Mandala scrubs also employ Gigi umana who is the head of the design of mandala scrubs.

Mandala Scrubs Company Overview:

Company NameMandala Scrubs
FounderKaustabh Varma
Starting Year2018
CompetitorsFigs, Scrubs and Beyond
IndustryClothing Industry
Customer Care 
HeadqartersUnited States

Mandala Scrubs Logo & Name:

Mandala Scrubs image
Mandala Scrubs logo (Image Source:

Kaustabh Varma’s medical clothing industry is known as “mandala scrubs,” which is closely related to the products offered by the company. The company provides scrubs for medical professionals such as doctors and nurses, and it provides scrubs in a variety of appealing colours and sizes for everyone.

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Mandala Scrubs Revenue:

  • mandala scrubs earned a revenue of 5 million US dollars in the financial year. According to ‘’ mandala scrubs are Generated.
  •  a total of $4000 in An Analysis Of Mandala Scrubs advertising was spent, resulting in two days of revenue of over $51,000.
  • produced $360,000 in one month with a $30,000 advertising budget
  • 20 ad concepts generated $0.62 CPC and $6.75 CPM in May 2022.

Mandala Scrubs Investors:

mandala scrubs raised a total of 150000 US Dollars on May 21, 2019, mandala scrubs raised this amount in the seed round by An Analysis Of Mandala Scrubs investor jumpstart foundry. jumpstart foundry is a funding company which helps and finances start-up healthcare businesses. It is an outcomes research foundation with the goal of improving healthcare. JSF links businesses with influential industry players provides them with strategic marketing plans and offers talent and development advice.

Mandala Scrubs Services:

Mandala Scrubs Services image
Mandala Scrubs Services (Image source:

Mandala Scrubs provides medical professionals with not only scrubs, but also other clothing items such An Analysis Of Mandala Scrubs as women’s scrub tops, scrub pants, women’s jackets, face masks, men’s scrub tops, men’s scrub pants, men’s jackets, and scrub caps. Mandala Scrubs also sells under scrubs in a variety of sizes and colors, as well as women’s maternity wear in a variety of colors at reasonable prices.

Mandala Scrubs Revenue Model:

On its website,, Mandala Scrubs sells a variety of goods, including scrubs for the medical field, hats, jackets, maternity apparel, caps, pants, and tops. The business provides reasonably priced and cosy clothing to An Analysis Of Mandala Scrubs those working in the medical field in order to sell them its goods. 

Mandala Scrubs Competitors:

Mandala scrubs have a vast number of competitors. the various competitors of mandala scrubs are:

  • Figs (, which received a knoji ranking of 4.6 out of 5.
  • januu ( Jaanuu has a knoji ranking of 4.3 out of 5.
  • The business uniform advantages ( have a knoji rating of 4.3 out of 5.
  • Scrubs & Beyond ranked 4.2 out of 5 on knoji (
  • Mediclo (, has a knoji rating of 4.2 out of 5.
  • while mandala scrubs only receive a 3.9 out of 5 ratings.
  • mandala scrubs ranks 4th out of 5 among competitors.
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Mandala Scrubs Challenges:

The enormous amount of competition in the market is presently the biggest issue mandala scrubs are facing. It may be difficult for An Analysis Of Mandala Scrubs to compete with competitors who can provide a wide range of customers with superior services than those offered by Mandala Scrubs.

Another challenge Mandala Scrubs may also struggle with is making a profit in such a competitive market while still offering medical apparel to customers at reasonable rates.

FAQs about Mandala Scrubs:

When were mandala scrubs founded?

Mandala scrubs was founded in the year 2018.

Who invested in mandala scrubs and when?

jumpstart foundry invested in mandala scrubs in the year 2019.

Where is the mandala scrubs headquarters in the US?

mandala scrubs headquarters is at 4521 old railroad bed road, harvest in the US.

Who are Mandala Scrubs Competitors?

Mandala scrubs have a lot of competitors, a few of them are novelship, pact, figs, uniform advantages, scrubs and beyond and more.

Who founded mandala scrubs?

Kaustabh Varma founded mandala scrubs.

How much funding is raised by mandala scrubs to date?

Mandala scrubs have raised 150000 US dollars till now.

How many Employees Work in Mandala Scrubs?

Mandala scrubs have a total of 7 employees.

What Industry is Mandala Scrubs In?

Mandala scrubs are in the ‘specialty retail’ and ‘personal products’ industry.

What is the contact number for Mandala Scrubs?

Mandala Scrubs’ contact number is +1 7032549904. 

Who is the head of design Of Mandala Scrubs?

The head of design of mandala scrubs is Gigi Umana.

Are Products Offered by Mandala Scrubs Water Resistant?

yes, almost all products offered by mandala scrubs are water-resistant.

Do Mandala Scrubs Provides Maternity Clothing?

yes, the company mandala scrubs provide maternity clothing in a variety of colors.

What is mandala Scrubs Tracxn Score?

Tarcxn is a website, and the mandala scrubs tarcxn score is 11 out of 100.


Mandala Scrubs is a medical clothing brand that provides scrubs to people in the medical industry. mandala scrubs are known for providing affordable scrubs to their customers at reasonable prices. mandala scrubs’ foremost priority is An Analysis Of Mandala Scrubs the comfort of their customers for this they use Equa-Tek. it is a  spill-repellent technology that makes each garment breathable making it comfortable and ready to wear.

Mandala Scrubs not only provide scrubs to its customers but a large variety of products for both men and women. mandala scrubs offers An Analysis Of Mandala Scrubs products in a variety of colours and sizes.  currently, mandala scrubs is a company with only 7 employees. the company have raised 150000 US dollars to date.

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