An autonomous security system is launched by USPA Nationwide Security 

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As part of the USPA’s service offerings, a new autonomous security system has been added. USPA will offer its clients the option of deploying next-generation drones in the coming days

“Our autonomous security technology division utilizes drones to complement our manned security solutions at a fraction of the cost of supplemental personnel,” said CEO, Daniel Manning. USPA’s drones can detect movement in any part of a protected area within 90 seconds of positioning a base station and integrating the surveillance features, which are based on artificial intelligence.

Using predetermined flights, video surveillance, and autonomously selected flight paths developed by artificial intelligence to detect obstacles and intermittent sweeps, we are able to make most of our system unmanned, which results in significant savings for our clients by eliminating the need for patrol vehicles, manned guard stations, and pilots for large areas.”

This drone is unique in that it is capable of flying in adverse weather conditions, capturing high-definition video, and then recharging itself and redeploying. 

This week, USPA plans to deploy its drones for the first time. In addition to providing remote autonomous security systems, the international security firm claims that the systems can also be used for crowd control, civil unrest, and monitoring large events.

Overview of USPA Nationwide Security

The USPA is an excellent choice if you are looking for a security firm that offers comprehensive security services. In 16 countries, USPA employs over 5000 security contractors. The company distinguishes itself from its competitors by virtue of its experience and commitment to its mission. Our services range from traditional security guards to witness protection and everything in between. In one division, it has been credited with resolving high-profile kidnapping cases, while in another, it has been credited with providing emergency fire watch services.

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USPA’s management is constantly learning and developing

In addition to constant training, USPA Nationwide Security employees are kept up-to-date on the latest technology, according to the company’s CEO, Dan Manning. Because of their extensive experience and knowledge, they are able to provide their customers with a high level of protection. They are capable of keeping you safe and secure at all times due to their extensive experience and ongoing training.

In addition to Fortune 500 companies, USPA provides services to small businesses and government agencies

The USPA’s Operations Center is based in New York City and has client support personnel, dispatchers, security consultants, and a duty officer who oversees operations on six continents. In addition to close protection agents, security guards, and superyacht security, USPA Nationwide Security employs more than 5,000 security contractors.

USPA places a high priority on research and development

A new Autonomous Security Technology (Drones) as well as a Responsive Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Training Program were launched by USPA this week. As a result of the addition of electric patrol vehicles to their fleet, both divisions are on track to achieve net zero carbon emissions by the year 2023.

USPA donates its profits to charitable organizations

Further, the company has a reputation for being socially responsible. Profits from the company can be donated to charity up to 50%. Known as Kingsman Philanthropic Corp., the company provides financial support to a non-profit that offers witness protection and relocation services to women and children who are victims of human trafficking, kidnapping, etc.

The USPA Nationwide Security Program has received a high rating

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USPA has received more than 300 five-star reviews from satisfied clients spanning decades and thousands of miles. Based on the 4.9 Google rating for their branches worldwide, it is evident that the company provides excellent service to its clients and that its employees are happy at work.

The USPA Nationwide Security team’s experience includes protecting superyachts in the Bahamas, guarding buildings on fire watch in the USA, executive protection agents safeguarding bachelorettes in South Beach, and deploying drones over large venues.

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