An Excellent Buying Guide for Bulk Cat5e Outdoor Cables

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Bulk Cat5e Cables are the most affordable option on the market. The 1000ft twisted-pair ethernet cables are produced in a variety of options to choose from. The most commonly bought ones are the outdoor Cat5e Cables. Because in outdoor transmissions, the cable is subjected to high temperatures, humidity, sunlight, and other environmental extremities. To maintain service in such domains, the cable has to have special measures.

Cat5e outdoor 1000ft cables come with those features. For example, the Cat5e riser pure copper has a CMR jacket that is designed to withstand extremely high temperatures and humid weather, etc. It is also resistant to UV rays which means that neither will it wear off nor will it lose color in long-term exposure to harsh environmental conditions.

Why Bulk Cat5e Outdoor Cables?

Twisted pair ethernet cables are aplenty to choose from. In fact, Cat5e is a relatively older cable and there are the latest cables in the market. But why Cat5e? Because it is more affordable and does the job perfectly. It is durable and its plenum and riser jackets are designed for all weather conditions. More on jackets later.


Cat5e cable has a data transfer rate of 100 MBit/s over 100 meters which can be dramatically increased by running the cable at up to 50 meters. It has a bandwidth capacity of 350 MHz. The cable has quite good protection against EMI and various kinds of crosstalk. It can perform impeccably in all kinds of networks – in both high-performing and relatively common networks.

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The cable also comes in shielded and unshielded variants – and you can choose the one that best fits your needs. For example, the shielded one is ideal for crowded networks whereas the unshielded cable is used in networks with a relatively lesser number of cables.


Cat5e cable also comes with solid and stranded conductor pairs. Solid conductors are ideal for outdoor runs because they are easier to install. Outdoor runs are usually in a straight line as opposed to indoors which consist of just too many twists and turns making the installation tricky. So for outdoor straight-ish runs, the relatively stiffer solid Cat5e cable is ideal.

Cable Jacketing

Jacketing on the cable is designed to protect the cable conductors from the outer atmosphere as well as to keep the structural integrity of the cable intact. Cat5e bulk cable is produced in three types of jackets. Namely, plenum, riser, and PVC. These cable jackets cater to all kinds of installations.

The Cat5e cable with the plenum-rated jacket is the best, quality-wise. Then comes the Riser-rated Cat5e, and then the Cat5e PVC cable. Note that all of these cables can be used outdoors. But for direct burial, you will need to use external insulation with the PVC and the riser cable. However, you can directly bury the Cat5e plenum cable.

Cable Shielding

Shielding in the Cat5e cable is a layer of metal foil or wire mesh wrapped around the cable conductors which makes the cable more resilient to EMI. cable shielding also makes the cable more durable and immune to the extreme outdoors.

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In some cases, the Cat5e Cable 1000ft is integrated with both the foiled as well as wire mesh shielding. This type of cable is highly resilient to electromagnetic interference. Also, note that the shielded cables are a little more costly as compared to the unshielded cables. But in any case, they add to their value.

Which Cable Do I Need?

Well, the type of Bulk Cat5e you need depends on what you need it for. Of course, for outdoors but in what capacity is the real question here? In simple talk, if you need the cable for high-performance applications, such as PoE, you should get the shielded Cat5e plenum cable. Because in PoE applications, the cable can overheat due to high voltage transmissions. When the cable overheats, it is important to have a safety cable jacket that can prevent any fire outbreaks. Plenum-rated Cat5e cable is the best option for that task.

Similarly, if you need the cable for long-distance transmission, be sure to buy the solid copper Cat5e with the shielded conductors. As mentioned already, shielded copper cables are ideal for long-distance transmissions because they keep EMI out of the network. Solid conductors also keep the signal integrity intact without losing data packets which directly translates into a smoother connection.

How to Buy?

Here’s how you can buy the cables. First, decide the type of Cat5e Cable 1000ft that you need. Then you will select a well-reputed supplier. Choosing the supplier is easy because you can simply buy the cable online and directly have it delivered to your doorstep.

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Once you have selected the cable and the vendor, cross-check the price of the cable with other suppliers. Once satisfied, you can buy the cable there and then.

Pro Tip: Ask for a warranty on your products. Some suppliers may have a warranty-on-demand and you can avail of it if you ask.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, Cat5e cable is available in a wide variety of options to choose from. And buying the high-quality variants means that you will have a highly functional network that is everlasting and high performing.

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