Andrey Monosov, founder and CEO of IT company IA Tech: biography, career, facts

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Andrey Monosov, founder and CEO of IT company IA Tech: biography, career, facts
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Russian entrepreneur Andrey Monosov is known to everyone who follows the development of the domestic IT industry. Being the founder and head of IA Tech, he didn’t seek publicity but has become famous due to his professional success. IA Tech is an industry leader specializing in software development for digital business transformation.

Andrey Monosov had a long way to go to start his own business. He gave up a promising banking career and found himself in consulting. However, after receiving an appointment as head of the finance department of a large company, he decided to give up his position to run his own business.

In this article, you will learn where the future businessman was born, his education, and what he did before founding his own company.

Childhood, youth, education, and early career

Andrey Leonidovich Monosov was born on October 22, 1988, in Moscow. He studied at General Secondary School, from which he successfully graduated. As Monosov says, it was an ordinary school without any special programs, but he got his first entrepreneurial experience there.

In the late 1990s and early 2000s, people began to buy their first computers and phones. At that time, Andei did minor repairs, installed programs, and so on, having discovered his talent. Monosov became interested in programming and mastered it quite successfully, creating a simple game in one of the popular programming languages in high school.

However, he enrolled in the Faculty of Economics rather than Physical Engineering. According to his own words, he decided not to combine passion and profession. Later, this decision was fully justified as the economic skills helped Andrey start his own business.

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While studying at the university, Monosov continued to master IT and improve his skills as a programmer, understanding the prospects of this sector and even aiming for his own business in this area.

However, after graduation, Andrey didn’t go into entrepreneurship, deciding to gain experience in employment and earn money for start-up capital. According to Monosov, he had no start-up capital, so there was only one way to save for the business: to make money himself.

Andrey got a job at a Moscow bank, considering this direction was promising. But the work turned out to be monotonous and boring, and it took Andrey six months to realize there needed to be career growth.

Next, he joined a big consulting firm as a financial specialist and started steadily climbing the corporate ladder. The management noted his skills and encouraged his initiatives in every possible way. Four years later, he was already the head of the economic department.

He was in charge for two years, having achieved impressive results. He has significantly streamlined the workflow in his department, improved employee efficiency, and reformatted personnel policies. Despite all these achievements, the dream of his own business made him leave the company in 2015.

Own company

According to Andrey Monosov, he understood that he would not be able to work as an employee for a long time because it was vital for him to create something of his own. By then, he had already had experience in leadership and management, built up a financial cushion, and was psychologically ready to go on his own.

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He spent some time in business planning, IT market research, and competitor analysis. The entrepreneur found investors and developers who agreed to become his business partners.

In 2017, he created IA Tech, becoming its sole founder. The company specializes in the automation and optimization of work processes. Although the company’s resources were limited, the advantage was understanding the direction of its activities and having confidence in the prospects of the IT industry in Russia.

In its first year, IA Tech had already created original software that was in demand among accounting outsourcing firms. The company had earned credibility in certain circles and generated enough revenue to continue building the business.

Over the next two years, the company increased in all areas that required hiring more staff. The new employees were responsible for developing, designing, analyzing, and testing software products. According to Andrey Monosov, by 2019, there were systemic problems; the full-time specialists needed help to cope with the increasing workload, so the critical processes were outsourced. That decision was a mistake, as the contractors failed, and the company could have lost a big customer.

The management decided to change the personnel policy radically. Now, each employee has an individual cooperation offer and motivation system. Specialists should feel comfortable and see the benefits of practical work. 

During the year, the company hired 20 experienced developers. Qualification was a key criterion. The focus on long-term business relationships has yielded results. By 2023, the company’s performance will be impressive.

IA Tech has dozens of clients, including large companies and organizations, with the business’s net income growing. The company has implemented over 50 original projects and has its products in the corporate automation industry.

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Andrey Monosov said continuous development remains a priority for the company. This is critical for a business to survive in a competitive environment, allowing an entrepreneur to build an effective management model and conduct a competent personnel policy. The company plans to scale up and reach the federal level.

Private life and facts about Andrey Monosov

Andrey Monosov is married and has three children. The entrepreneur tries to spend more time with his family but also does sports such as swimming, trekking, and cycling. Another hobby is music, and the businessman has no genre preferences, but there are favorite performers in different directions.

Charity occupies an essential place in Andrey Monosov’s life. He tries not to publicize his charitable activities, but his relatives, colleagues, and friends do.

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