Anirudh Pisharody: Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Career, Personal Life, Net-Worth, and More 

Anirudh Pisharody: Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Career, Personal Life, Net-Worth, and More 
Anirudh Pisharody: Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Career, Personal Life, Net-Worth, and More 
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Anirudh Pisharody is a multi-talented person. He is a well-known Indian-American actor, social media influencer, entrepreneur, producer, and television personality. He is also known as Andy Pisharody. He is from Trichur, Kerala, India. The birth date of Anirudh Pisharody is 4 January 1994. As of 2023, his age is 29 years old. According to his LinkedIn profile, he is also the co-founder and producer of Black Velvet Films. In January 2017, he started this company. 

He is one of the most talented actors. We have noticed his presence in a lot of movies and television shows. The Goldbergs, I Met My Murderer Online, 9-1-1, and Totally TV are some of the famous projects of Anirudh Pisharody. He is also a great model.  


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Anirudh Pisharody has both the nationality of India as well as America. Every year, on the 4th of January, he celebrates his birthday with family and friends. He is from Trichur, Kerala, but later, he shifted to Austin, Texas, along with his family. He is currently staying in Los Angeles, California, USA, along with his fiance. He follows his religion, Hinduism. 

He is well-known as an actor and producer. He has been working in the entertainment industry for a long time. According to IMDb, he made his television debut in 2015 in the short movie “The Discovery.”  He is even the co-founder of Black Velvet Films. After he appeared as Des in the 3rd season of Never Have I Ever, he was in the spotlight. He is among the first Indians who made his appearance in the 3rd season of Never Have I Ever.  

Personal Life 

Anirudh was born into an Indian family. His father’s name is a businessman. His mother is a housewife. He was raised in a Brahmin Hindu family. 

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Anirudh Pisharody’s relationship status is married. He’s engaged to his longtime gal, Jill V Dae. Jill is professionally a patron and director. They started going out long back, and ever since, the brace decided to stick in together, through thick and thin. They ultimately innovated Black Velvet Films, which is a film product house. They decided to change their rings on 7 July 2019. They are married to each other and leads a happy life.

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NameAnirudh Pisharody
Nick NameAndy
Date of Birth4thJanuary, 1994
Age 29 years old
Parents Mr. and Mrs. Pisharody
Place of Birth Trichur, Kerala, India
Zodiac SignAquarius 
ProfessionActorTelevision PersonalityModelSocial Media InfluencerProducerEntrepreneurCo-founder of Black Velvet Films 
Residence(s)Trichur, Kerala, India Austin, Texas, USA Los Angeles, California, USA (current residence)
DebutTelevision Series: People Magazine Investigates in 2016Film: The Discovery in 2015
Years Active2015 – present
Famous RoleDes in the series Never Have I Ever in 2020
Nationality Indian as well as American
Education School: McNeil High School, Texas, AustinCollege: The University of Texas, Austin
Ethnicity Both Indian and American
Net Worth$2 Million

Body Measurement 

Height 6 ft
Weight 75 kgs
Hair colourBlack 
Eye colourBlack 

Anirudh Pisharody – Indian?

Anirudh Pisharody, who’s now 29 years old and came from a South Indian family in India, was born on January 4, 1994. Later on, Pisharody’s family moved to the United States, and he spent the entirety of his youth in the megacity of Austin, Texas. We were informed that Pisharody’s parents have always encouraged their son to pursue a career in acting despite the fact that we were unfit to detect the names of Pisharody’s mama and father.

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When he was in the sixth grade, he had his first opportunity to witness what it’s like to act on a stage for the first time. He was swept off his bases and began daydreaming about making it his life’s work nearly incontinently. But when it came time for him to choose a career path after high school, he decided to seek a degree in Public Health. For this purpose, Anirudh enrolled in the University of Texas at Austin in 2013, and he earned his degree from that institution in April 2016.

During his graduation from the “University of Texas,” his enthusiasm for acting was still alive. After scale, in order to strengthen his bent, Andy studied Film/ Cinema/ Video instruments at the University of California; with this instrument, he continued looking for chances.

Hollywood Stories 

He was establishing a successful amusement career that would be straightforward until he moved to Los Angeles. Rather than aiming for a particular function, he remained looking for possibilities to be part of systems, whether as a camera driver or crew member.

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During the first several systems he worked on, Pisharody was assigned to the electrical department and sometimes took on supporting liabilities. Between the times 2017 and 2019, he was involved in a number of different systems, some of which include “The Discovery,” “Tuning in 2,” “Stela Cole Lucky Day,” “Rogue Warfare,” and “Rogue Warfare the Hunt.”

In addition to appearing in flicks, he has also had small places on TV shows, including that of Jackson Javare in “Kappa Crypto,” Rashad in “SEAL Team,” and Derek in “Morgan’s Secret Admirer”. He even acted as the restaurant guy in “The Bold and the Beautiful.

There are a lot of people who are ignorant of the fact that Anirudh won six famed accolades for the film “Rebirth,” which was released in 2017. It included winning awards the Lionshead Award, the LAFA May Award, and the MedFF.


Anirudh was passionate about acting from the sixth standard. His parents always supported and encouraged his passion for acting. They even encouraged him to take acting as a career. 

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In 2017, after his scale heco-founded a product company named ‘Black velvet films’, and first started his amusement career in a short film named ‘The Discovery’ under this product company at the same time.

According to sources it is also known that he has even served at the Berkeley Research Group LLC as the role of a PEFA. He gained elevation in the assiduity after playing the part of Aladdin in the ‘Completely television’ series, which ran from 2018 to 2019.

Some of his other systems included ‘The Goldbergs’, ‘9-1-1′, ’Last man standing’, ’I Met My Murder Online’ and numerous others. Still, the turning point in his career is when he’s blazoned as a cast member of Netflix’s popular Mindy Kaling directed series ‘Never Have I Ever’ season 3 where he played the part of a seductive and intelligent Indian pupil Des. He came under the spotlight after this. We’re really agitated to see his character in this series.

Some of his Television Projects with notable characters are: 

Television ProjectCharacter NameEpisodes 
Big SkyLuke8
9-1-1Ravi Panikkar3
The GoldbergsAJ1
Chicken GirlsBenji3
Last Man StandingMark1
Morgan’s Secret AdmirerDerek2

Some of his big projects where he had stunning performances are: 

Project NameCharacter Year 
Birthday CardAndy2021
CerebrumBhuvanesh Kumar2021
The Age if BlossomsEli2021
Top of the ClassRyan2020
Trauma InformedSpencer2019

Some of the Movies and Television Shows List of Anirudh Pisharody:

  • People Magazine Investigates, 2018
  • The Bold and the Beautiful, 2018
  • Kappa Crypto, 2018
  • Totally TV, 2018 – 2019
  • SEAL Team, 2020
  • Morgan’s Secret Admirer, 2020
  • Chicken Girls, 2020
  • Last Man Standing, 2021
  • I Met My Murderer Online, 2021
  • 9-1-1, 2021 – 2022
  • Never Have I Ever, 2022
  • The Super Pops, 2020
  • Killer Competition, 2020
  • ABC Discovers Los Angeles Talent Showcase, 2020
  • The Discovery, 2017
  • The Age of Blossoms, 2021
  • Rebirth, 2017
  • Tuning in 2, 2018
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Anirudh Pisharody in 9-1-1

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In 2021, Anirudh was cast as Ravi Panikkar, a major cast in an action, drama, and suspense television series named “9-1-1 ” created by Ryan Murphy, Tim Minear, and Brad Falchuk. It received positive reviews from critics as well as the followership because of its gripping plot and direction. Likewise, Anirudh’s work in the series was estimable and indeed entered nominations for many awards.

Anirudh Pisharody in Never Have I Ever
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Anirudh played the role of Des in the 2020s comedy- drama television series named “Never Have I Ever” created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher. The series was grounded on the complicated life of an Indian- American high academy girl named Devi. It was commercially as well as critically successful and indeed won many awards in different orders.

Rumours and Controversies 

Currently Anirudh is keeping himself out from all kinds of rumours. He has not indulged himself in any controversies till date. 

Social Media

He is available in social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. He has around 9.5k followers on Twitter. He has more than 300k and 12k fans on Instagram and Facebook respectively. 


Salary of Anirudh Pisharody

He earns from various works which includes acting, modelling, business, etc. He approximately charges $40,000 dollars to $50,000dollars per project. He even receives profits from the company Black Velvet Films. 


He joined the company Black Velvet Films in 2017 as the co-founder. Under this company three films are released by him. Namely:

  1. Rebirth, 2017
  2. The Discovery, 2017
  3. Cerebrum, 2021

The film “Rebirth” has been awarded the “Los Angeles Film Award”. 


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Car Collection

He owns a Yellow Ferrari 812 which is around $335,000. It is even assumed that he owns a BMW and Rover. 

House of Anirudh Pisharody

He had moved with his parents from India to Austin at a young age. He has a beautiful family in Texas. The power of this house isn’t revealed but it can be assumed that it’s owned by his parents. Still, he’s presently abiding in Los Angeles, California. He co-founded and owns a product company with his mate named ‘The Back Velvet Film’ since 2017. It can be considered as his particular asset. But the acceptable information about his house and real estate isn’t revealed.

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Net Worth 

Anirudh Pisharody net worth is around$ 2 million. Anirudh Pisharody is an Indian- American actor, model patron, social media influencer and TV personality.

He came into the spotlight by appearing in season 3 of Netflix’s most anticipated high academy love series ‘Never Have I Ever’.

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He has numerous prominent series and pictures in his filmography including ‘The Goldbergs’, ‘9-1-1′, ’Last man standing’, ’I Met My Murder Online’ and numerous more. His family settled down in Austin, Texas when he was veritably youthful. After completing his parchment, he started his amusement career from 2017.

In January of 2017, Pisharody co-founded a product company named ‘Black velvet films’ with his mate Jill V. Dae. Under this company he produced flicks including ‘The Discover’, and ‘Rebirth’ which has been awarded the ‘Los Angeles Film Award’. His most recent film of his product was ‘Cerebrum’ released in 2021. He came from a well of family. As per 2023, his net worth is roughly $1- 2 million bones.

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