Another technique to keep memories alive with Inkless portables printers

Inkless portables printers

Messaging apps and social networks allow you to instantly and digitally share photos taken with your mobile, and pocket printers do the same but physically they allow you to share mobile photos on paper or photographic film.

This possibility adds another option when it comes to keeping memories, displaying them at home, pasting them on the fridge, create albums and collages, or place them in any other place for your own enjoyment and that of others and share them with those who do not have a smartphone or do not they use social networks.

It also allows you to preserve the best photographs physically, and rescue them from the mobile gallery where many photographs normally end up buried in the avalanche of everyday images.

Inkless Pocket printers also have the advantage that they are small, take up little space they are usually similar in size to the mobile phone itself and in the case of these models they do not use, it is enough to place paper or photographic film which works in a similar way to of Polaroid instant cameras and print from your mobile in a process that is usually quick (a few seconds) and simple (a few taps on the mobile screen.)

The connection between the mobile and the printer is usually via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, wirelessly, or by USB cable, or a combination of two or more options.

Zink, the thermal paper printing technology

The two most common printing technologies among pocket printers are ZINK (an acronym for Zero Inc, “without ink”), which uses color thermal paper, or Instax , which uses photographic film like that in Polaroid cameras (although ironically Polaroid uses ZINK technology and Fujifilm photographic film technology.)

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There is also a model like the Poooli L1 that uses inkless technology and prints you images, stickers, notes, QR etc.

PoooliPrinter L1 Inkless Pocket Printer Mini Portable Bluetooth Phone Printer.

Portable: This pocket printer is perfect for traveling with its pocket size of just 3.25*3.25*1.5 inches / 83*83*38mm. These pocket-sized printers are small and light, use no ink and print mobile photos in seconds, anytime, anywhere.

Bluetooth: No Wi-Fi needed. Simply connect to any smartphone (Android, iOS and others) with Bluetooth and open the Poooli App. 

No Ink: Thanks to its Japanese heat print technology, zero ink is used and no unnecessary costs are added. Print up to 100 photos on 1 roll of paper.

Durable: Printed materials are durable (10-25 years), waterproof, oil resistant and scratch-free.

The launch of poooli pocket printers meets the demand for social connectivity and brings the brand closer to young digital natives who are characterized by their increasingly intense habits of sharing and personalizing photos. We transform the printing experience into something fun and easy to share. The pocket printers are perfect for printing in real time, as well as experiencing experiences and social events.