Answer These Insurance Company Questions Carefully

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 Car accidents can impact your life to the point where you cannot get back to your normal self again. It is especially devastating when the accident was another person’s fault. Recovering compensation from the other party can help with the damages, but that is a lengthy and complex process as well.

Nevertheless, things can surely get easier with the help of a car accident lawyer in LA. One thing you should be careful about is answering the insurance company. They will try their best to devalue your claim and make you look like the culprit. Therefore, make sure you choose your words wisely. 

1. Answer these insurance company questions carefully When did the accident occur?

This may seem pretty straightforward, but you would be surprised at how good the insurance company is at twisting words. Make sure you state the right date and time. It may not be possible to determine the exact time of the accident. You can tell them the time your attorney suggests or what is written in the police report. 
2. Were there any vehicles involved?

This is an important question. Make sure you name your vehicle and the only others you are sure were involved. Do not make any guesses. If you say something like, “I think a red van hit my vehicle at first, and then..”, you insinuate that another party could be possibly involved in the accident. This can cause them to raise the argument that the red van was at fault.
3. Does your vehicle need repairs?

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Be careful when answering this question. It is recommended to prepare a solid, short, and concise answer beforehand. The insurance company may contact you right after the accident when you have not had the chance to determine the cost of your damages. If you say your vehicle is fine without checking first, it will become challenging to receive compensation later. 

Always tell them answers you are absolutely sure about. If you have not yet checked with the repair shop, tell them that. If you have determined the costs of repair, then only let them know the damages. 
4. How did the crash occur?

You may think the insurance company is asking this to investigate the accident. But, what they really want is for you to say the wrong thing. By asking this question, the insurer wants you to say something you are unsure about and then twist your words later to devalue your claim. 

Again, if you are unsure how the crash occurred, remain silent. You are not obligated to answer every question they ask. It is suggested to consult with an attorney in LA before speaking to them or have your attorney directly speak with them.