Apple iPhone 15 Launch Is Very Close, and Rumors Are iPhone’s New Models Will Have Some Modified Features

With the next iPhone 15 Pro series, Apple plans to significantly alter its iPhone portfolio
Image Source: Apple Insider
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Friday, 28 July 2023, Bengaluru, India

With the next iPhone 15 Pro series, Apple plans to significantly alter its iPhone portfolio. According to rumors, a new, programmable “Action Button” will take the place of the physical mute switch that has been a common feature of iPhones for years. Although there have been rumors about this button for a while, no one is exactly sure what it does. The capabilities of the iPhone 15 Pro Action Button were revealed by code snippets from the fourth iOS 17 beta, which Apple distributed to developers.

According to the code fragments discovered by MacRumors, the Action Button may perform nine different tasks. One of these options is giving people rapid access to assistive technology like Assistive Touch. The integration of the Shortcuts app is another potential use. Users might be able to launch any shortcuts they’ve generated directly from the Action Button if this is implemented.

Apple appears to be retaining a few well-known features as well. Similar to the current mute switch, the Action Button is anticipated to handle silent mode capabilities. Users can effortlessly switch their phones to silent mode as needed thanks to this. In the next iPhone 15 Pro models, the Action Button could also serve as a shortcut to quickly launch the camera app.

The Action Button may also be used to quickly activate the phone’s flashlight, which has been beneficial in a variety of circumstances. Toggling the Focus mode on or off is one of the more intriguing tasks that may be given to the Action Button. This feature might provide consumers with an easy way to control their device’s notifications and reduce interruptions as mental health and digital detox becomes more crucial.

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For those who frequently require a closer look at objects, the Action Button’s ability to open the iPhone’s camera app’s magnifier may be useful. Also, users could get quick access to language translation capabilities thanks to the integration of the Translate app. Just to mention, the Action Button might make it easier to start voice memos quickly.

The Action Button seems to be building up to be a helpful addition to the iPhone 15 Pro series given all these capabilities that have been made public in the iOS 17 beta. The full scope of the Action Button’s capabilities may be revealed during Apple‘s fall iPhone 15 announcement event, which is anticipated to take place in September, but it is crucial to keep in mind that the company may have more surprises in store.

Source- India Today

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