Are magnetic safety stirrups worth the money?

Are magnetic safety stirrups worth the money?

This post was most recently updated on May 17th, 2023

Riding horses is an expensive sport, so many equestrians have to make their decisions on buying tack and gear based on their budget. One of the most important things to invest in is safety gear, such as helmets, safety vests, and safety stirrups, so this is a category where equestrians spend a good bit of their hard earned money.

In recent years, magnetic safety stirrups have become the talk of the town and many riders wonder if they should invest in magnetic safety stirrups or regular safety stirrups. In this article, we will find out if magnetic safety stirrups are worth the money.

Magnetic safety stirrups vs non-magnetic safety stirrups

Gone are the days when riders only had to choose between non-safety stirrups and safety stirrups. More and more equestrians understand the importance of safety stirrups these days and many spend a good amount of time comparing different stirrup brands and their features.

When magnetic safety stirrups first entered the market, they made many riders raise their eyebrows curiously. What are magnetic safety stirrups and how do they differ from regular, non-magnetic safety stirrups?

Non-magnetic safety stirrups are stirrups designed with a safety mechanism that allows the rider’s foot to release easier in case of an accident. For instance, the mechanism can be a release system that opens when pressure is applied.

Magnetic safety stirrups include a safety release mechanism as well, but on top of that, they feature a magnetic connection between the rider’s boot and the stirrups. This can benefit riders in surprising ways.

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The surprising benefits of magnetic safety stirrups

Magnetic safety stirrups have a magnetic connection that can actually help the rider in a few different ways.

For instance, the magnetic connection will place the rider’s foot in a correct spot and keep it there during the ride. This allows the rider to relax more and focus on their riding without worrying about their stirrups too much.

In addition, the magnetic connection decreases the risk of losing the stirrup during the ride. This is essential especially for showjumpers and hunters, and it can even lower the risk of a fall. Finally, should the rider lose their stirrup anyway, the magnetic connection will help the rider to get the stirrup back quicker.

In fact, the Swedish stirrup manufacturer Ophena has even reported that their customers using Ophena magnetic safety stirrups have experienced the following benefits:

  • Improved balance and posture
  • Decreased knee and joint pain
  • Increased confidence
  • Improved focus and concentration

Conclusion: are magnetic safety stirrups worth the investment?

As magnetic safety stirrups tend to be more pricey than non-magnetic stirrups, many wonder if they should spend the money or not. Frankly, magnetic safety stirrups can significantly increase safety, comfort, and decrease the risk of a serious injury, so many amateurs and professionals rely on them at home and at shows.

However, ultimately it all comes down to the rider’s own goals, needs, and budget. It is recommended to compare different stirrup brand and models to find the best option.

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