Asus Vivobook S433 dynamic and youthful fashion design

Asus Vivobook S433 dynamic

For office workers, a suitable laptop meets the criteria of being durable, beautiful, and cheap, but also has to be equipped with multi-features to help complete all deadlines quickly. Here are five reasons you need to own yourself an Asus Vivobook S433 laptop right away.

Asus Vivo book S433 is a product that the manufacturer pays special attention to in terms of design with a modern and elegant appearance, combined with a hinge that lifts the nape using the exclusive Ergolift technology. The outer shell of the machine is covered by a super sturdy, ultra-lightweight layer, ensuring the machine’s weight is only 1.4kg, and the thickness is only 1.6cm.

Not only that, but Vivobook S433 also features four particular color layers: mysterious black, luxurious blue, seductive red, and elegant white. With these color tones, the product’s image combined with the design will become more youthful than ever with the same spirit that the manufacturer wants to convey “Fashion and dynamic.”

Asus Vivobook S433 sharp screen for the ultimate experience

In general, Vivo Book S433 owns a sharp screen rated at a stable level. Firstly, compared to the models that serve the special needs of professionals, such as graphic designers, they will need a superior color range system, but with this model, it is only at a relative level.

Large screen size of 15.6 inches combined with Full HD resolution will bring you a very interesting experience. You can perform office tasks, work with sharp screen quality or entertain after a tiring working day.

Asus Vivobook S433 has a great keyboard and Touchpad

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Asus Vivobook S433 owns a keyboard designed to fit comfortably and soft when using the keys continuously for many hours. When working in low light conditions, the Auxiliary is the keyboard backlight system; the number pad is integrated right next to it, convenient for entering data without using external keys. Therefore, with the Asus computer line, the company has removed the touch numpad on the touchpad to help users have a better experience than ever.

Next, the device’s touchpad is still used perfectly well with a super-sensitive roughness coating that makes finger operations smooth and smooth. The keyboard and touchpad on the Asus Vivobook S433 have completed the assigned task. Deliver an almost great experience for all types of users.

Asus Vivobook S433 powerful performance, stable configuration

Vivobook S433 uses the latest generation Intel Tiger Lake CPU with Intel Iris XE graphics card. Therefore, stability and durability will be the first factors related to the performance experience of this machine. This product is more appreciated because the machine’s configuration can do more than expected of a normal office laptop.

Specifically, you can completely use Vivobook S433 to become a semi-professional multimedia laptop, software such as AI, Photoshop, Lightroom,… all can work smoothly, and when exporting files is also extremely stable.

You can easily carry it to any place of work and study without being entangled and heavy. Asus D515DA is a reasonable choice for people who travel a lot.

In general, an office laptop with a price range in the mid-range segment like Asus Vivobook S433 deserves to be the version that makes you need to buy.

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