Atomicwork connects workers and their companies

Atomicwork connects workers and their companies
Atomicwork connects workers and their companies
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Being employed can occasionally require time away from work. For the HR and IT departments, especially in organizations with remote or hybrid work arrangements, administrative work includes requests for leave, tech support, and policy checks. With an AI assistant that streamlines many of these operations, Atomicwork wants to assist.

The firm, which has offices in San Francisco and Singapore, officially began operations today after receiving a $11 million seed round from Blume Ventures and Matrix Partners. Angel investors, Storm Ventures, and Neon Fund also took part.

Vijay Rayapati, Kiran Darisi, and Parsuram Vijayasankar, three SaaS industry veterans who had known one another for several years, formed Atomicwork in September 2022. Minjar, a cloud computing firm founded by Rayapati, was bought by Nutanix in 2018; Rayapati worked there as GM before founding Atomicwork. In the meantime, Darisi and Parsuram were both on the founding team of Freshwork.

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According to Rayapati, the idea for Atomicwork originated when the team realized that although the individuals they collaborated with were crucial to their success, their staff needed access to the same calibre of software for their everyday operating requirements. The team discovered that many other businesses were dealing with complicated internal software and processes that created a lot of busy work after interacting with over a hundred different companies.

Even routine tasks like requesting hardware, receiving a payslip from finance, looking for a leave or reimbursement document, or getting a payslip from finance all consume valuable time, according to Rayapati. The time being lost on readily automated jobs includes not only that of the employees but also that of the IT and finance teams. Employees lose a lot of time dealing with complicated internal systems, especially if they need to know what software to use for each department.

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Many firms require their employees to approach IT and HR teams or service desks for assistance, which can take up to a day, especially if their organization is dispersed over multiple time zones. To find answers to queries like “How do I add my email to a new device,” users can also look through the FAQ section of their employee site.

Because Atom learns from all business wikis, policy manuals, FAQs, and old tickets to address employee queries, Rayapati claimed that Atomicwork reduces this procedure in half. With the help of Atom, an AI assistant, Atomicwork is built on top of collaboration technologies like Slack and Microsoft Teams. It can respond to employee inquiries and requests to different divisions, including IT, HR, finance, and legal.

To support business processes, Atomicwork offers a variety of workflows. Fully automated workflows manage tasks without manual interaction, such as generating responses to frequently asked inquiries by employees or faster reimbursement procedures. Semi-automated workflows streamline vendor payments, request approvals, employee onboarding, and offboarding by combining automation and human monitoring where necessary.

The mid-market businesses that employ 500 to 2,000 people, many of which have set aside budgets for employee support tasks, are Atomicwork’s target clients. Rayapati claimed that although his company sees ServiceNow as a rival, Atomicwork stands out because conversational AI was used throughout development. Additionally, Atomicwork aims to provide mid-market businesses with an employee-friendly internal delivery system.

The corporation will expand all other employee support teams, including legal, facilities, business operations, and general and administrative duties. Additionally, it provides a chance to join internal teams for sales operations, partner operations, vendor operations, and other groups.

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In the long run, Rayapati and his team anticipate Atomicwork evolving into a business service management platform for internal teams and partners inside and outside the company.

Arun Penmetsa, a partner at Storm Ventures, made the following remark regarding the investment: “The development of HR and IT solutions in the last 20 years has led to a tremendous number of tools for employees to interact with, resulting in delays and loss of productivity. Atomicwork offers a single self-service platform for a hybrid workforce that addresses this issue and significantly enhances the employee experience.

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