Top 10 Automotive Paint Companies in India in the Year 2024

Automotive Paint Companies in India in the Year 2024
Top 10 Automotive Paint Companies in India in the Year 2024
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The importance of premium paint for vehicles in India’s fast-paced and constantly  changing motoring industry needs to be emphasized. When cars drive over the many  environments in the nation, their external look is not just a design consideration; it also Top 10 Automotive Paint Companies in India in the Year 2024 serves as an indicator of how durable and long-lasting the coating technique is. The as they compete to provide  innovative products that satisfy the industry’s high requirements. 

India’s industrial paint industry is undergoing an unprecedented transition as it emphasizes  resilience, long-term viability and cutting-edge technology. These businesses are essential in  improving the automobiles’ aesthetic appeal while guaranteeing defense against pollutants  including sunlight, severe weather, and aggressive substances found on roadways. 

Leading businesses in the market include Asian Paints, Berger Paints, and AkzoNobel, who  are renowned for their efforts to study and develop products aimed at producing paints that  enhance the overall robustness of the vehicle’s exterior in addition to offering a glossy  appearance. Developments in water-soluble and environmentally friendly paint formulas  that support worldwide sustainable development objectives further feed the  entrepreneurial mentality. 

Vehicle paint manufacturers are using smart coatings, which provide functions beyond  design, in this era of technical supremacy. Coatings that contain nanotechnology, for  example, have the ability to mend themselves and shield the motor vehicle’s exterior from  small dings and scrapes. Creativity combined with environmental awareness characterizes  the vehicle paint market in 2024. 

Businesses having a reputation for upholding high standards of workmanship, adhering to  sustainability laws, and customizing paint remedies for a broad range of automobiles, from  commercial vehicles to lightweight cars, include Nippon Paints, Jotun India, and PPG Asian  Paints. These businesses play an ever more crucial function as electric automobiles gain  pace, requiring formulas that address the particular needs of battery-powered  transportation. 

In conclusion, the most prominent 10 automobile paint manufacturers in India for 2024  perfectly capture the combination of long-term viability technological devices, and beauty.  Their efforts impact not just the aesthetic appeal of automobiles but also the lifespan and  ecological awareness of the nation’s automotive industry. developments are anticipated,  guaranteeing that India’s automobile industry will continue to sparkle with vivid, long-lasting  hues.

List Of Top 10 Automotive Paint Companies in India in the Year 2024:

Rank Automotive Paint Founded Headquarters
Asian Paints Limited 1942 Mumbai
Berger Paints 1768 Kolkata
Kansai Nerolac  Paints Ltd.1920 Mumbai
Indigo Paints 2000 Chennai
Dulux Paints Ltd. 1935 Mumbai
Nippon Paint  Holdings Co. Ltd.1881 Mumbai
Shalimar Paints 1902 Kolkata
British Paints India  Limited1922 Kolkata
Sheenlac Paints 1954 Mumbai
10 Akzo Nobel India 1948 Mumbai
Top 10 Automotive Paint Companies in India in the Year 2024 | Popular Automotive Paint Companies in India in the Year 2024 | Automotive Paint Companies in India in the Year 2024 | Best Automotive Paint Companies in India in the Year 2024

Asian Paints Limited: 

Asian Paints Limited image

Asian Paints Limited (Image Source:

• Business Dominant: Asian Paints Limited is a trailblazing company in India’s automotive coating manufacturing. 

• Development Hub was created: Asian Paints, a leader Top 10 Automotive Paint Companies in India in the Year 2024 in advanced automobile paints, is well-known for its constant development. 

• Confirmation of Excellent: The business is known for producing vehicle finishes that are up to par with industry norms.

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• Vast Collection: Asian Paints provides a wide selection of car paint options for different makes and models. 

• Marketplace Penetration: It continues to be a leading option for coatings for vehicles because to its strong market position. 

Founded: 1942 

Headquarters: Mumbai 

Market Share (%): 35% 

Berger Paints:  

Berger Paints image | Automotive Paint Companies in India

Berger Paints (Image Source:

• Creative Dominant: Renowned for its creative solutions, Berger Paints is one of India’s top automotive coating manufacturers. 

• Advanced Coverings: Well-known for Automotive Paint Companies in India in the Year 2024 offering advanced coverings for a range of industrial uses. 

• Ensures consistency by upholding a solid record for long-lasting and superior vehicle finishes. 

• Vast Collection: Provides a wide range of Automotive Paint Companies in India vehicle paint materials to meet various requirements. 

• Gained the trust of clients by providing automobile coatings that are always of high quality and dependability. 

• Field The inclusion: Makes a substantial impact on the Indian automobile paint industry.

Founded: 1768 

Headquarters: Kolkata 

Market Share (%): 22% 

Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd: 

Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd image

Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd. (Image Source:

• Top automobile Paints: In the Indian automobile paint market, Kansai Nerolac Paints Ltd. is a well-known company. 

• Revolutionary Technologies: The business offers Automotive Paint Companies in India state-of-the-art automobile finishing treatments and has become known for its constant development. 

• Dependable Surfaces: In the Top Automotive Paint Companies in India in the Year 2024 automobile industry, Kansai Nerolac is a reputable option for dependable and superior finishes. 

• Competitive Footprint: The firm makes a major contribution to the automotive coating competitive in India because to its substantial market position. 

• Broad Material Offering: Provides a variety of car coatings to meet different client demands. 

Founded: 1920 

Headquarters: Mumbai 

Market Share (%): 15% 

Indigo Paints:  

Indigo Paints image

Indigo Paints (Image Source:

• Creative Treatments: Indigo Paints is distinguished by its lively and creative automobile paint options. 

• Excellent Surfaces: recognized for offering excellent Automotive Paint Companies in India finishes that adhere to industry norms. 

• Tailored Gifts: Provides vehicle Famous Automotive Paint Companies in India in the Year 2024 coatings that are tailored to meet individual requirements and tastes. 

• Has an important marketplace position and supports the automobile paint industry in India. 

• Treatments That Set Them Apart: Well-known for its unusual and unusual selection of car paint supplies. 

• Customer Credibility: Is well-liked by customers for its automobile coatings’ dependability and effectiveness. 

Founded: 2000 

Headquarters: Chennai 

Market Share (%): 10%

Dulux Paints Ltd:  

Dulux Paints Ltd image

Dulux Paints Ltd (Image Source:

• Development: When it comes to paint for vehicles creativity, Dulux Paints Ltd. is in the vanguard. 

• Dependability: Renowned for Popular Automotive Paint Companies in India in the Year 2024 offering dependable and long-lasting car painting treatments. 

• Diversity: Provides a wide selection of Automotive Paint Companies in India car paint shades and finishes.

• Excellent: Known for having the highest requirements when it comes to producing automobile paint. 

• Innovation: Uses cutting-edge paint gadgets to create exceptional car coatings.

• Client Confidence: As a top option for automobile coating remedies, maintains the trust  of its customers

• Market The existence: A major contributor to the automotive coating sector in India.

Founded: 1935 

Headquarters: Mumbai 

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Market Share (%): 8% 

Nippon Paint Holdings Co. Ltd:

Nippon Paint Holdings Co. Ltd image

Nippon Paint Holdings Co. Ltd (Image Source:

• Competitive Dominant: One of the major companies in India’s automotive coating sector is Nippon Paint Industries. 

• Global Positioning: The organization’s Most Popular Automotive Paint Companies in India in the Year 2024 robust global standing is attributed to its extensive overseas expertise. 

• Creative Technologies: Nippon Paint is renowned Automotive Paint Companies in India for developing cutting-edge and creative car paint products. 

• Superior Coatings: Recognized for offering long-lasting, excellent car aesthetics.

• Scientific Improvements: For exceptional automobile paint merchandise, Nippon Paint uses state-of-the-art technology. 

• Client Credibility: Because of the company’s dependability and dedication to excellence, consumers have faith in it. 

Founded: 1881 

Headquarters: Mumbai 

Market Share (%): 5% 

Shalimar Paints: 

Shalimar Paints image

Shalimar Paints  (Image Source:

• Dominance in automobile Finishes: In India’s automobile paint market, Shalimar Paints is a major player. 

• Broad Material Providing: Reputable for Automotive Paint Companies in India providing a variety of automobile coatings to meet different demands. 

• Robust Foothold: Shalimar Paints has a Automotive Paint Companies in India solid and well-established existence, making it a reliable option. 

• Invention and Excellent: The business a strong emphasis on development to provide premium automotive coating treatments. 

• Audience Confidence: By providing dependable and long-lasting vehicle finishes, Shalimar Paints has gained the trust of its customers. 

• Profession Acknowledgment: Acknowledged for its assistance to the vehicle paint business. 

Founded: 1902 

Headquarters: Kolkata 

Market Share (%): 3%

British Paints India Limited: 

British Paints India Limited image

British Paints India Limited (Image Source:

• Notable automobile Coatings: One of the major companies in India’s automobile paint market is British Paints India Limited. 

• Superior Treatments: Well-known for Top and Best Automotive Paint Companies in India in the Year 2024 offering long-lasting and superior vehicle paint treatments. 

• Creative Responses: The business is dedicated to consistently coming up with new ideas for automobile coverings. 

• Broad Product Selection: Provides a wide selection of vehicle coatings to meet different demands. 

• Dependable Efficiency: British Paints is a reputable brand in the automobile industry because of its reputation for dependability. 

Founded: 1922 

Headquarters: Kolkata 

Market Share (%): 2% 

Sheenlac Paints: 

Sheenlac Paints iamge

Sheenlac Paints (Image Source:

• Prominent Creator: In the automobile paint industry, Sheenlac Paints is a notable leader in innovation. 

• Professional Paints: The business Top 10 Automotive Paint Companies in India focuses in offering powerful, tailored car coverings.

• Quality Inspection: Known for its strict quality requirements, which provide long-lasting and trustworthy paint treatments. 

• Broad Product Selection: Provides a variety of car paints to meet different industrial needs. 

• Popular The existence: Sheenlac Paints has been around for a while and is known for providing high-quality automobile finishing treatments. 

Founded: 1954 

Headquarters: Mumbai 

Market Share (%): 1.5%

Akzo Nobel India:

Akzo Nobel India image

Akzo Nobel India (Image Source:

• Prominent Developer: Renowned for their state-of-the-art remedies, Akzo Nobel India is a prominent developer in the automotive coating sector. 

• Superior Coverings: The business Top Automotive Paint Companies in India in the Year 2024 is well-known for offering high-tech, effective coatings for use in automobiles. 

• Responsible Operations: In keeping with its dedication to ecological accountability, Akzo Nobel India places a strong emphasis on environmentally friendly operations.

• Varied Inventory: The portfolio of the organization is varied, offering a large selection of automobile paints to meet different demands. 

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• Business Acknowledgment: For its outstanding performance and services to the coatings for automobiles businesses, Akzo Nobel India has received acknowledgement.

Founded: 1948 

Headquarters: Mumbai 

Market Share (%): 1% 

FAQs about Top 10 Automotive Paint Companies in India in the Year 2024:

Q: Is Asian Paints Limited one of India’s top manufacturers of automobile paints? 

A: Asian Paints is a well-known and significant participant in the automobile painting  industry. 

Q: Which business is well known for inventing automobile paint? 

A: Berger Paints is renowned for its ongoing advancements in automobile paint technology.

Q: Is Kansai Nerolac Paint a well-liked option for car concludes? 

A: For premium car concludes, Kansai Nerolac Paints is undoubtedly the best option.

Q: What sets Indigo Paints apart in the automotive coating market? 

A: Indigo Paints is renowned for producing distinctive and eye-catching car paint treatments.

Q: Is Dulux Paints Ltd. a reliable brand in the field of vehicle finishes? 

A: In regard to vehicle coatings, Dulux Paints is reputable. 

Q: Which foreign business dominates the Indian automobile paint industry?

A: A major player on a global scale is Nippon Paint Holdings Co. Ltd. 

Q: Is Shalimar Paints one of India’s leading producers of car paints? 

A: Shalimar Paints is a major player in the automobile painting industry.

Q: What is the reputation of British Paints India Limited in the automobile industry? 

A: A renowned manufacturer of long-lasting and superior automobile paint materials is British Paints. 

Q: What distinguishes Sheenlac Paints in the car paint market? 

A: Sheenlac Paints stands out for producing unique and bespoke car paints. 

Q: Is Akzo Nobel India acknowledged for its environmentally friendly car coatings  procedures? 

A: Yes, Akzo Nobel India’s dedication to environmentally friendly car paints is recognized.


In conclusion, a number of prominent businesses are reshaping the Indian automotive paint  market, which is expected to experience substantial Top 10 Automotive Paint Companies in India in the Year 2024. These paint firms have expanded as a result of changing developments in the car industry and rising customer expectations for endurance and attractiveness.

The ever-changing  market forces businesses to make investments in cutting-edge technology and  environmentally friendly procedures by presenting them with a wide range of possibilities and difficulties. 

Organizations like Asian Paints, Nippon Paint, and Berger Paints have demonstrated a competitive advantage that is indicative of their dedication to providing superior and eco-

friendly solutions. The focus on R&D has led to the creation of paints that are not only more aesthetically pleasing for automobiles but also offer strong defense against adverse weather  conditions. 

Paint manufacturers play an increasingly important role in enabling technological  innovations like self-driving cars and electrified vehicles as the automobile industry  experiences fast upheavals. Businesses such as AkzoNobel and Kansai Nerolac have proven  to be flexible by adjusting their product lines to suit the shifting demands of the automobile  industry. 

Furthermore, the focus on sustainable and environmentally friendly procedures highlights  these businesses’ conscientious attitude. They help lessen their influence on the  surroundings by using water-soluble and low-VOC (volatile organic compound) products,  which is in line with international initiatives to create a more sustainable world. 

These leading car paint firms’ future paths are anticipated to be determined by joint  ventures, technology advancements, and calculated acquisitions. These organizations, which  prioritize customer pleasure, product quality, and social responsibility have the potential to  significantly influence the design and safety features of automobiles in the Indian  manufacturing market. 

The Top 10 automobile Paint Organizations in India for 2024, in summary, represent an  expanding sector that is driven by creativity, ecological consciousness, and a dedication to  satisfying the changing demands of the automobile industry. These businesses are well positioned to lead innovations in the motor vehicle sector and have a long-lasting effect on  how cars look and work in the future. 

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