Basic Care And Maintenance Of Curly Wig


A curly wig enables you to consistently wear this classic look because curly hair never goes out of style. Even though curly wigs require a bit more upkeep, with the right curly wig care, it is simple to maintain them over time. We’ll go over how to properly care for curly hair wigs to ensure its durability.

How can I Maintain My Curly Wigs?

There exist numerous steps in care and maintenance of curly wigs. For the sake of this post, we’ll go over 5 basic steps to taking care of curly human hair wigs. 

  • Step 1 – Divide the Wig into Sections

The first step in caring for a curly wig is to divide the hair into segments. You should divide the hair into smaller sections if your curly wig includes small, tightly curled ringlets, like the Curl Appeal wig from the Gabor collection. In addition, divide the hair into bigger parts if your curly wig has larger, looser curls, like the Hudson wig by Rene of Paris.

  • Step 2 – Use a detangling spray

The next step is to softly wet each part with a detangling spray. Make sure to utilize wig care products made for synthetic hair if you’re working with a synthetic curly wig. Use only items made for caring for human hair if you’re working with a human hair wig.

  • Step 3 – Carefully comb your hair 

Brush the curls carefully to get rid of tangles. When brushing curly wigs, be careful to always use a wide-toothed comb. Regular combs and hairbrushes can cause shedding, damage the curls, and leave your wig looking frizzy.

  • Step 4 – Bring back the Curls 
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You must restore the curls to their normal style after removing any tangles or knots from your wig. Separate the hair into portions based on the sort of curls your wig has or that you want it to have: smaller sections for stiffer curls, larger portions for finer curls or waves.

Gently twist each curl with your finger, then let it return to its natural pattern. Try twisting the curls the other way if you notice that they are not coming back as they should. 

If you have a human hair wig, you might be able to get your curls back by using a curling iron, but be sure to use a moderate heat. You may.

  • Step 5 – Keep Your Wig Safely Stored 

Making sure to safely store your detangled wig is the last step in caring for curly wigs. To preserve the curls and stop further tangling, gently cover the wig with a hair net. Then, to prevent it from becoming dusty, lay your wig flat within the bag or box that it came in or put it inside a plastic box that is covered with a lid. 

When it comes to bad wig maintenance habits, keep in mind that throwing your wig on the ground, a desk, or a chest of drawers might cause your curls to become tangled and knotted.

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