Basic Maintenance And Care Of Latex Clothing


Wiping off your latex outfit after each wear could appear to be a daunting chore, however it tends to be significant in assisting with forestalling long term damage of the clothing. Keeping your latex clothing clean will assist it with staying glossy and cozy long into the future.

On the off chance that you use bath powder and wore your latex clothing for just a short period, you might have the option to pull off a basic flush and dry. Notwithstanding, in the event that you used liquid lubricants or if you sweated a lot while wearing it, we suggest a more exhaustive cleaning. While sweat and silicone oil won’t harm Latex just by coming into contact with it, they can cause staining or odd, and disagreeable scents whenever left there for a really long time. 


Step 1

To begin with, rinse off each piece of clothing each in turn utilizing lukewarm water from your sink or shower. Ensure you rinse it off efficiently as this is the side which interacts with both the lube and your sweat-soaked skin. In addition, ensure you get rid of all slight hints of silicone oil or bath powder.

Step 2

Once you’re done with this part, it is then time to give your latex dress a good wash. Utilize a wipe or delicate fabric; keep away from anything excessively harsh or rigid as it can easily get caught on the material and result in obstacles or tears. Carefully pat the garment with soft cloth or sponge- don’t make brutal “cleaning” movements as they can make the texture stretch or tear. Also, , give additional consideration once more  the internal part of the clothing to get rid of even the slightest hints of powder or ointment.

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On the off chance that you are stressed over terrible scents from too much sweat, you might utilize a delicate, gentle shampoo. Verify that whichever one you pick is unscented and contains no possibly unsafe added substances like oils or cornstarch. Child shampoos, dish shampoos, and anything intended to be hypoallergenic or utilized on delicate skin are many times great decisions. Avoid hand cleansers, which are highly scented, and cleansers, which contains too-cruel synthetics.

Step 3

When you are certain that your latex outfit is spotless, use another delicate, clean fabric to wipe it off. As during the washing stage, abstain from creating too much scouring or cleaning movements which can harm the material.

You really must hold on until each garment is totally dry prior to taking care of it. Even a little bit of moisture can foster the development of mold, mild dew, parasite or unsafe microbes, all of which can forever destroy your amazing latex outfit whenever given sufficient opportunity.


We recommend hanging your latex outfits up to dry as well as tapping it with a soft material. Pick a non-clammy or moist, very aired area close to a good source of heat. Try not to place your latex clothing up outside or close to a source of Ultraviolet (UV) light, as it can cause blurring and staining.

Don’t, for any reason, endeavor to press your latex clothing or put them through the washer or dryer. Too much heat will make the plastic stain, stretch, hang, and even potentially liquefy.

Whenever you have affirmed that each piece of latex clothing is totally dry, you can securely put them in your wardrobe until the following time you want them.

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