Beginners’ Keno Strategy on Casino 188BET


188Bet is a famous online casino in Asia. During the operation, 188Bet always meets all the needs of customers in the best and most prestigious way. 188bet is currently owned by Cube Limited and received a betting license from the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission. Therefore, this Bet188 is extremely high quality and safe. You can easily join Keno at 188bet’s online lottery platform.

Fundamental strategy

If you have no prior experience with Keno and lack the courage to play for real money, you should first try the demo versions. This allows you to have fun while still practicing your talents.

It will also aid you in determining the best Keno tactics. You will feel more secure while betting on Keno on 188bet link if you grasp the rules of the game and play several times to build experience.

The Jackpot Keno Strategy

When playing Keno, the greatest approach to enhance your chances of winning is to go for the jackpot. Remember that you must obtain more Keno numbers in order to maximize your chances of winning.

As a result, if you only pick one number, the maximum you may win is three times your stake. If you pick two numbers, you have a chance of winning up to nine times your bet.

Set a bet limit for yourself

Setting a bet limit when playing Keno allows players to efficiently control their bets, as well as the average bet limit that can be beneficial for them.

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Keno is a lottery game that is purely reliant on chance, therefore there is no way to alter the game’s chances. Instead, utilize your investment intelligently in each betting round. If you are confident that your win rate is more than 80%, then put more bets. On the contrary, the betting rounds in question are either no bets or minor bets.

Strategy for Number Selection

The most often requested question among Keno players is, “What numbers should I wager on?”

Regrettably, all Keno numbers have the same chance of occurring. Many players like to select their number Keno using one of the following strategies:

It might be their birthday or the birthday of a friend or relative.

Choose numbers that haven’t been played in a while.

Using the number auto-selection function “Quick select.”

Use a fortunate cookie or horoscope to determine their lucky number.

Have an effective psychological approach

Knowing how to control psychology is another Keno experience that many individuals should remember. To increase your chances of winning, you must maintain your cool. This will allow you to make smarter judgments and avoid being duped by numbers.

To play Keno well, you must be vigilant, focused, and willing to learn new methods. You must then apply them to an actual game of Keno to determine their efficacy.

To master the game of Keno, you must be both comfortable and thrilled when playing. If you use the approach and still lose, modify it. 

If you continue to lose, you should quit playing and relax to re-energize yourself for the next game.

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You should not become stressed or upset when attempting to recover your lost bet. Doing so will simply increase your losses.


To be master every game at 188bet, not only Keno or Lucky 5 Lottery, strategies are not everything. What you must do is join in real play and learn from the failure of yourself. You are the best teacher of yourself.

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