Bellroy: Case Study, About, Logo, Founders, Products, Competitors, Investors, and More

Bellroy: Case Study, About, Logo, Founders, Products, Competitors, Investors, and More
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Bellroy is the Internet’s premier wallet company. bellroy provides Clutches, pouches, card compartments, and purses for both men and women. It additionally offers baggage, cellphone covers, and key holders.

 Bellroy claims that the goods are constructed of recovered woven textiles like leather goods, polyethene, and nylon, among others. Bellroy creates and markets purses, handbags, and various other products.

Bellroy sources Leather goods having a low environmental footprint and utilises textiles manufactured from recyclable and extracted from plants resources. Bellroy was established in 2010 and has its headquarters in Victoria, Australia.

Bellroy About:

Bellroy image
Bellroy (Image Source:

Bellroy is a website that sells leather-based goods. The business platform provides attractive, slender, long-lasting, and safe leather-based accessories created with various-natural components, allowing consumers to purchase goods for any kind of severe climate while decreasing environmental effects and ensuring goods endure for as many years as feasible.

Bellroy is a clothing and accessories store with a website that sells handbags and purses as well as electronic devices and consumables. Bellroy Pty Ltd is a recognized B Corporation with anticipated online revenues of $50M-$100M. receives 338,620 individual visits monthly.

Bellroy’s items vary in price between $55 for a leather professional card organizer to $449 for a polyester bag. Bellroy is also the very first accessory brand to collaborate with Mirum, a natural, non-plastic leather substitute popularised by Stella McCartney and Allbirds.

Bellroy Company Profile:

Name of the companyBellroy
Founded year of the company2010
Founders of the companyAndy Fallshaw, lina calabria, Matthew Fallshaw and Hadrian Monloup
Competitors of the companyAlpaka gear, dock & bay, Vera may, the 5th
Website of the company
Country of origin Fitzroy, Australia 
Investors of the company3 investors
Market segment of the companyretail

Bellroy Name & Logo:

Bellroy Logo image
Bellroy logo (Image Source:

Bellroy Founders:

Bellroy has four co-founders, they are Andy Fallshaw, Matthew Fallshaw, Lina Calabria and Hadrien Monloup.

Andy Fallshaw: Andy Fallshaw is the co-founder and the co-CEO of Bellroy.

Andy completed his education at the Swinburne University of Technology where he completed his education in B.eng (prod Des) hons, engineering, and product design. 

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Andy Fallshaw worked for many companies including renegade trout product design as a consultant, Rip Curl as global chairman of men’s equipment, and freelance design and Engineering as a consultant.

Andy also worked as director for the fall show Wheels and Castors, electro drive, trike apps, and Other than Bellroy, he also founded cardiology in 2010.

Bellroy Founders Image
Bellroy Founders (Image Source:

Matthew Fallshaw: Matthew Fallshaw currently is the co-founder of Bellroy, he also worked as CIO, COO, and CFO for Bellroy in the past.

Matthew completed his education at the University of Melbourne where he completed his education in BA, BE (HONS) In Manufacturing engineering.

Matthew worked as a senior consultant at SMT Consulting, press shop manager at fallshaw wheels and Castor, and advisor at Berkeley’s existential risk initiative. Other than Bellroy, he has also founded tricycle development and trike apps.

Lina Calabria: Lina Calabria is the co-founder and co -CEO of Bellroy.

She completed her education at the University of Melbourne where she studies bachelors in engineering, mechanical, and manufacturing engineering.

Lina also completed a graduate certificate in business and technology from UNSW. Other than Bellroy, she also co-founded investing in 2008. She worked as director ay effective altruism Australia and Tint.

Handrien Monloup: Handrien Monloup was the co-founder and head of the product design of Bellroy from 2009 to 2017.

He completed his bachelor’s degree from the CREAPOLE in industrial and product design. Other than Bellroy, he also co-founded Carryology and Monloup creative.

Bellroy Founders Image
Bellroy Founders (Image Source:

Bellroy Products:

  • Wallets
  • Passport holders
  • RFID protected
  • Bags
  • Phone and laptop cases
  • Work accessories
  • Travel
  • Pouches
  • Key holders

Bellroy Competitors:

Alpaka Gear: Alpaka Gear serves as an internet-only handbag company. Its line of goods comprises courier luggage, shoulder bags, workout bags and backpacks for holding electronic devices, among other things. 

The luggage pieces are composed of Water resistant polyamide materials and cost $40 to 229 Dollars. Its reward-based fundraising efforts for the 7ven Messenger bag raised $92.1k and $141.9k as of September 2016 on the sites of Indiegogo and Kickstarter, correspondingly.

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 All of the business’s goods come with a guarantee that lasts for two years. The company was founded in 2013 in Melbourne, Australia.

Dock & Bay: Dock & Bay constitutes the first online company. the company’s items available are swimsuits, ponchos, and bundles of sandy towels. Men and women are catered to. the company’s goods are said to be constructed of microfibre.

Dock & Bay was established in 2015, dock & Bay invented the ideal, fast-drying beach towels as part of Dock & Bay’s commitment to contributing to the globe a bit better. they have broadened their inventive line of goods by adding hairstyle wraps, household towels, ponchos plus a whole Children & Infants collection. 

The 5th: The 5th comes from an internet-only fashion-related company that sells wristwatches, spectacles, baggage, and diaries. They previously used a 5-day selling approach, releasing limited editions of their goods for a maximum of five days every month. 

The business stated in May 2017 that the majority of its goods were going to be accessible throughout the whole month. On the fifth of each month, the company releases an additional, exclusive assortment. 

They work with artists and exclusively offer on the internet, offering complimentary shipping globally.

Vera May: Vera May is a firm that sells a variety of handbags. The goods in the catalog comprise clutches as well as luggage, handbags, traveling luggage, satchels, sling shopping bags, and other items for a variety of situations including events, both business and leisure gatherings, ceremonies, and others.

Bellroy Investors:

Bellroy image
Bellroy (Image Source:

Silas Capital: Silas Capital is an expanding investment and venture capital company focused on the upcoming stage of household names. As past business owners and financiers with a history of achievement. Silas Capital specializes in the initial stages of goods startups with less than $30 million in sales. 

Silas Capital invests in developing development-stage brands.

Lyra Growth Partners: Lyra Growth Partners represents a Vancouver-based venture capital company that provides funding as well as brand-savvy training to rising customers to assist them speed development and maximizing potential. 

The organization offers non-institutional money with no inflated expectations. The training’s emphasis is on improving and fortifying a company’s connection with its customers. 

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The organization offers the required mentoring regarding both commercial and individual growth. Lyra is searching for rapidly expanding businesses with revenues of more than five million dollars.

CVC Emerging Companies: CVC Emerging Companies was founded to offer finance to developing Australian businesses. 

They collaborate with superior entrepreneurs to assist clients to accomplish their business goals while maximizing wealth via a liquidity move. 

CVC Emerging Companies (CVC) manages assets in an engaged, direct manner and has a great history of partnering with excellent businesses.

CVC Emerging Firms Investments seek to provide shareholders with substantially better long-term rewards by investing in an excellent selection of as many as fifteen predominantly unannounced growth phase firms across every fund.

FAQs About Bellroy:

When was the company Bellroy founded?

The company Bellroy was founded in 2010.

Where was the company Bellroy founded?

Bellroy was founded in Fitzroy, Australia.

How much funding has Bellroy raised?

The company Bellroy has raised 8 million dollars.

When was the most recent funding round of Bellroy?

The most recent funding round of Bellroy was on June 28 in 2019.

In what space does Bellroy serve?

The company serve in the B2C space.

Is Bellroy a unicorn?

No, the company Bellroy is a Minicorn.

Who are the current founders of Bellroy?

Currently, the company Bellroy’s co-founders are Andrew Fallshaw, andy fallshaw and Lina Calabria.

How to contact Bellroy?

Individuals can reach out to Bellroy by mailing

What social media platforms does Bellroy have?

The company Bellroy is available on Instagram, Meta, youtube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok.

In what market does Bellroy serve?

The company Bellroy serves the retail market.


Bellroy is an Australian accessory business that creates carrying products such as purses, folders, purses, bags, cellphone cases, and key cases. It has been designated as a B Corporation in  2015.

Bellroy was established in 2009 by artists Andrew Fallshaw and Hadrien Monloup, as well as technologists Lina Calabria and Matthew Fallshaw.

Bellroy takes its title after the communities of Bells Beach and Fitzroy, wherein the corporation has headquarters. In August 2010, the company released the first of its purses.

Bellroy’s items are offered through a variety of methods, notably its internet presence, Amazon’s application, and retail locations such as David Jones and Barneys (the US currently makes up more than 30% of sales).

Bellroy proved a top choice on Insider Reviews when the buying advice segment was created in 2014. Bellroy has extended beyond wallets to luggage, backpacks, cases for phones, and other products, and is expanding its availability worldwide.

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